Ann arrived at the bus stop and her feet where already aching. The bench by the road was occupied so she had to stand while waiting for the bus along with fifteen other people. She hoped her interview went well unlike her morning. She didn want to be late for it and being late might jeopordise her chances.When the bus came, Ann pushed herself in front of the small crowd to get in. She was lucky and was able to even get a seat. She was about to even take her shoes off when she noticed a heavily pregnant woman enter the bus. She cursed her lick but beconed for the woman to take her seat.

She stood up and still took her shoes off. She stretched her toes and felt some relief. The bus ride was slow and entirely irritating because of the man who kept looking at her. When she got off the bus the man followed her.

”Hey sweetie! Whats your name? ” he said to her in a seductive voice.

She kept walking and tried ignoring him as he made smooching sounds. He kept on asking her what her name was and she slowly started getting annoyed with him. She stopped walking and swang her bag at him. The bag landed straight on his face and he groaned in displeasure. She continued walking after cursing at him and he cursed back at her.

Ann looked at the tall building from afar. If she could get a job here then maybe her mother would be proud of her. She wanted to say a prayer but realised she had been swearing a few minutes ago. She felt it would hurt Gods feelings so she just went on.

Tigers Investment Company was one of the most successful investment companies. They invested in large businesses and if the business was successful, they owned thirty percent of the shares. If the business was a flop then whatever capital was put in was repossessed with a ten percent interest. Ann personally thought it was an unfair trade but who was she to say anything about it. The company was established fifty years ago by a mister Tiger Brown. The man was already rich when he founded the company with his sister, Emily Brown. Emilys husband wanted to create a company of his own after the Tigers Company was established but it didn work out. Emily gave up her shares because she felt her brother had betrayed her then later on she committed suicide along with her husband.

Ann didn know the whole story but it was interesting. She had heard Tigers grandson was fighting for the position of CEO with his cousins, Neil and Daniel Brown. Her mother had told her to get with one of the men if she got the job so she could have benefits but she didn want to get involved in their business. Ann was just nineteen with a fake degree and birth certificate so she didn want to put herself in the lime light for no reason. If she got the job maybe she would target

a fellow workers who had a better salary.

Ann entered the building and was given a tag that read:

Interviewee: Ann White

Age and date of birth: 24, 27/02/1998

Qualifications: Degree holder( Accounts and Financing), Business Administration.

Height: 53.

Intervieee no: 2000

She found it strange that they needed her height as well but she didn ask much. She just prayed she wouldn say her actual birthday and she. Of the ten thousand people who had applied for the vacant positions of secretary and accountant, only two thousand had been called for the interviews. Most of the people were above twenty eight and they all looked experienced. Maybe she should use her mothers advice after all.

She took a seat on the bench where a man was previously sitting but he had been called in to be interviewed. A few minutes later the man came out looking drained for some reason. Next was a woman who was wearing a shirt black dress. She walked confidently like she was already employed almost made Ann laugh. If the interviewers were perverts maybe she stood a chance. After two minutes, the woman walked out looking angry. She ushered herself to the bathroom and shut the door like she owned the place. Ann was curious to know what had gone so wrong. She stood from her seat and followed the woman to the bathroom.

”Those bastards! How dare they do that to me! ” Ann heard the woman shout.

The woman was standing in front of a mirror and she had splashed water in her face. Her make-up was still intact and Ann was grateful for that. Ann walked closer to the woman and thought of how to approach the lady.

”Why are you so upset? ” she asked pretending to be fixing her make-up.

”They dug into my past and even before I could introduce myself, they started… ” the woman stopped herself when she realised she didn know who she was talking to.

Ann noticed how the woman was looking at her so she packed her things and walked out of the bathroom.

This isn good. What happens if they find out about the fake degree and my age? I hope mum did a good job.

Hours went by and the people kept on decreasing in numbers. Soon it was lunch time and they were told to wait for another hour. There were roughly eighty people remaining at that time. Ann didn want to call her mother right then so she still hadn noticed that she didn have her phone. She made small talk with a woman called Sera who already worked at the company.

”Of the three men, I think Niel should be made CEO. Daniel is friendly but he looks like a psyco at times, you know. Will is cold and cruel and ruthless and all those other bad stuff. He only has one friend. If he becomes the CEO then we will all suffer. ” Sera said as she unpacked the food she had got for herself and Ann.

Sera was talkative and loved gossip. Ann wandered if she should ask about how interviews were usually conducted but the woman seemed to love talking about conflicts.

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