The room was dark and it made Ann feel like she was going in for judgement. The walls were made of glass but they were tinted. There were three chairs at the far side of the room in line with the door. The seats were turned the other side while the table was infront. There was a single chair just a few steps into the room in front of the table and it was labeled interviewee Ann quickly walked in further and sat in the chair nervously.

”My name… ”

” We know your name is Ann White. ” said a man in a deep voice.

”Yes ” answered Ann.

”It says here that your middle name is Violet. Why don you add in your professional documents? ” said another deeper voiced man.

”Its not my birth certificate. ”

The man who had asked second hummed in response. From the sound of his voice, Ann could tell her answer wasn satisfactory.

”I thought it would cause problems pertaining to my identity if I started adding it all of the sudden. ” said Ann trying to convince the man.

”So miss Ann, it says her that you were pregnant earlier. Wheres your baby? ” said the man with the deepest voice.

Ann was quiet for a while. She could tell the man suspected her and she needed to clear his doubts if she wanted the job. She remembered how she felt when she was told that she had lost the child. She remembered the pain, loneliness…..

”Miss Ann? ” a less deep voice said.

Ann had looked down subconsciously so she looked up when her name was called. The man who had called her had turned in his chair. It was ”the pervert ”. She frowned a little when she saw how he was smiling at her.

” Wheres the baby? ” the man asked.

”I lost it. A miscarriage, I mean. ” she answered and anyone could tell she was sad.

Another chair turned and the man looked at her sympathetically.

”My condolences, Miss Ann. ” he said apologetically.

She noted that he wasn the one with the very deep voice and of all the three, he made her a bit comfortable. The last chair turned and she noted, the worded of them was the most handsome. Compared to the others, his features were gentler but it made him look a certain rare type of handsome; not the feminine type of handsome. She stayed alert and hoped her face didn give off anything because he was staring at her like he looking at a despicable…book.

”Something doesn add up, Violet. The hospital report says you were eighteen when you were pregnant. I don think you could have aged six years faster than the earth, could you? ” he said.

Violet. No one ever called her by that name because she hated it but she felt if it was him, her feelings toward the name could be ignored. She blinked when she realised he was waiting for her answer.

”Hows that possible? ” she said laughing to hid her nervousness, ” It must have been an error. I was twenty three. ”

She watched as a wide smile graced his face. Did she reveal herself? She gulped down the ball of unrest that had risen to her throat and a stream of sweat rolled down her back.

”Sorry, I meant twenty two. ” she said correcting her mistake quickly, ”I guess I did a good job forgetting about last year. ” she laughed.

”Ohhh? ” the man replied to her claim with a wider smile.

”Yes. My birthdays early and I had the miscarriage in late November, so yes. ”

There was a momentary deafening silence that heightened the tension between Ann and the beautiful stranger.

”Are you satisfied now, Will? You
e making her uncomfortable and this dark venue isn making this easier for her. ” the pervert said picking up a bottle of water, ”Don mind him Miss White. ”

He got up from his seat and walked towards her and he handed her the bottle. She took it with trembling hands. She didn know what made her tremble; the perverts touch it Will looking at her?

His name suited him well. He really did take your will away and his face could make an old woman fall in love again. His eyes looked black from where she sat but they also looked greenish; a sexy green.

Will had his hands raised in front of him and he used them to support his head from his chin.

”Ann, I think you are the best candidate for the position of a secretary. I just have one question for you, if you
e done… drinking your water. ” said the other man whom her mind hadn assigned a name.

”Ask away. ” she said.

”How do I phrase this….are…. ”

”Did you receive your degree on merit or did your mother have to go behind doors with the principal? ” asked Will completely ignoring his collegue.

”William Brown! I was in the middle of a question! ”

”An irrelevant question. ” Will answered calmly.

As Ann watched the scene before her, her mind assigned the man the name aby. His face was entirely of a man but his demeanor was like that of a child. Pervert and baby had chiseled faces like they exercised a lot compared to Will. She closed her eyes to stop relating everything to Will and when she opened them, he was still staring at her. His gaze was intense and it nearly made her shiver but she kept herself composed and remembered his question. How could those words effortlessly roll off his tongue about her mother? She knew her mother wasn a saint bit she wouldn go that far, would she? Somehow her thoughts hurt more than his words.

”What are you driving at Mr Brown? ” she asked sounding offended, ”Do you think my mother is.. ” she chocked on her saliva and coughed, ” characterless. ”

”Are you suggesting she is, Violet? ” he said twisting her words, ”It is a normal question in interviews I conduct. ”

”And how many have you conducted so far? ” she asked.

”I must say you might find my next words baffling. ”

”Im sure they can be that many. ” she urged him on.

”This is my… ” he stopped to count on a sheet of paper on the table, ”..first. ”

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