Chapter One


Its a calm breezy day that Saturday evening, one

which every lady always dreams of having a date

with their loved ones or just anyone; no one should sit alone in bed wallowing in thoughts on a weekend, not after having a stressful week. Noras phone rings interjecting the quiet space, one look at the caller ID, she puts the phone on silent and shoves it aside. She regrets partying that fateful day, which turned out to be a sore one within twelve hours into it, she met this pervert of a caller. That day, her Uber had arrived and she walked out of her house gorgeously dressed! She looked so enticing that all through the trip even the driver kept catching glances at her through his rear mirror. She arrived at the venue only to meet an empty hall, she had decided to get to the reception early enough to get a good seat, where else can ladies in their 30s desperately meet the love of their lives if not at a wedding? That she totally forgot about African time. She searched for her handkerchief to dab the sweat already streaming down her neck only to realize she left it in the Uber. ”Oh! Shit ” she had exclaimed, thinking of how terrible her fully baked face might end up with this scorching sun. With her six inches heels, she walked down the scanty road looking for where she could buy one only to be e

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