Chapter One

mbarrassed by her heels as they broke halfway to the only shop in sight ”No! No! No! This is not supposed to be happening! Tade said this shoe was Zaia ” she bent to pull off the partly ruined heel, hissing and lamenting why she decided to borrow the shoes from her friend in the first place.

With one shoe on and the other foot bare, she

strolled angrily towards the shop, she could feel the gaze of every passerby and every occupant of cars driving past her. She is a lover of attention but not this kind of gross attention; she didn dress gorgeously to be met by this ill fate.

Engrossed in her thought, she didn notice the car that pulled up right in front of her until the driver asked her if he could give her a lift. She gladly hops in not caring if he was a kidnapper, at least less embarrassment. As she settles in the passengers seat, the guy commented on how beautiful she looked which made her look him in the face to thank him only to be met by very ugly pimples invested black face, she swallowed hard and calls for a halt as she approaches the shop she was going. She alights in a rush while he begs her to exchange contact with him, as much as how irritated it sounded to her, standing close and staring back at his face was more irritating. She calls out her digit, gave a fake name, and walks off.

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