Her phone rings, Nora sees a strange number

popped on her screen; she reluctantly picks it up ”Hello? Who is this? ” a seductive male voice followed suit ”Its Alfred, I gave you a lift, please save my number, I will chat you up on WhatsApp ” she awkwardly replies ”sure! Thanks for the lift, I.. gotta go now ” as the call trailed off, she goes straight to her WhatsApp to add his number to her blocked list.

She rolls out from her bed and muttered out of

breathe ”ever since that day, this pervert has never stopped calling!! Doesn he get tired? ” she picks up her phone and sees twenty-three missed calls staring boldly at her, ”WTF! Is he mad! ” she unlocks her phone but instead of Alfreds number, she eases a sigh of relief as she sees the missed calls are from her friends, Tade, Susan and Chichi. She dials Tades number first, and she picked up immediately ”Nora! What is wrong? We called you a thousand times, but you didn pick up! We have been worried sick ” Nora sighs ”I am so sorry, my phone was on silent, I just saw the missed calls. Are you girls together? Because I got missed calls from them as well ” Tade announces excitedly ”well! We are at our spot in the mall, Susan has a special announcement, join us in ten minutes ” one look at her wall clock, she knew it wasn going to work ”I will be there in thirty minutes, she better holds it till I get there ” Nora hangs up and dashes to the bathroom.


Susan paces up and down her room anxiously, she sits at the edge of her bed staring straight at her laptop which is on her top dresser. One look at the time on her phone, she stands up to check out how she looks for the hundredth time. Her mother had been talking to her all week about her friends son who was traveling in from the United States, and according to her, he is single and planning to take a wife before he travels back to the States. They had fixed 12:00 pm to talk on video call so they could get to know themselves better and she has equally been dressed and waiting anxiously since 9.00 am

As the clock struck 12:00 pm, Susan sits on her

dressing stool while she opened her laptop,

tapping her foot uncontrollably waiting for his call or message notification, minutes turned several hours, and no call nor message come through ”Did something happen to him? Or am I cursed? Does he hate me? God! Whats happening? ” Earlier that day, she had put a call through her friends to prepare them for the special announcement she was about to share, its starting to look like there won be any announcement at all. Her laptop beeps, she rushes to open it but sees it was a message from Tade ”We are at our spot babe, bring

the juice unspilled ” she disappointedly shuts her


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