ee you soon dearest, I love you! ” she hangs up.

Tade still with her mouth wide open flings the shoes off her thigh and paces up and down her living room ”So this girls take me for granted for all my good deeds? Little wonder what they say behind me.. but all I do is make everywhere lively! Why am I being ridiculed for it? ” she continues dramatically ”boring isn in my dictionary even if it means sharing some valid information about someone, I mean valid because I make sure I don say false things about anyone! I take my time to find out the truth and table it so l and my girls can have something to talk about, l don do these for myself dammit! All I do, I do it for the girls yet I am being seen as the leaking mouth? ” she stops pacing for a moment and then picks up her phone ”Nora better have an explanation to say to me if this is exactly how she feels about me ” she dials severally but Nora didn pick up her phone, she grunts and rolls her eyes ”Hughhh! Nora is always unavailable when needed! Chichi better tell me this is a lie! ” she dials Chichis number which was picked up immediately ”is it true I am the gossip monger

amongst us? ”

”Hello! Lets start with Good day and … Who the hell said that? ” Chichi replies calmly

”Susan called me to gather you girls around by 4 for a time out and according to her, I am the only one good at doing that ” Tade rolls her eyes as she reports

”Common! She didn mean it that way, you are the thread that ties us stronger daily baby! And Hell yes! I am so in for a time out, I will go insane if I stay one more moment in this house ” Chichi replies excitedly

”Ehn Ehn! She said she has a big announcement for us, despite how hard I tried to milk out the news, she insisted on not spilling but I am guessing it has a man involved for it to be tagged H.U.G.E ” Tade chatters absentmindedly while Chichi scoffs over the phone ”Well, Nora isn picking up, try to give her a call so she wouldn be left out, see you by 4 pm ”

Chichi smiles ”Superb! Same spot in the mall? ” ”Yes! ” Tade hangs up.

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