Susan wonders for the umpteenth time why a man would just bail out on her without having to hear or see her first. ”Has it finally gotten to this? Won I go for deliverance like this? Maybe my fathers family has finally caught up with me after several years of my mothers trial to keep me away from them since his death ” Her mother knocks on her door softly, she wipes away the tiny tear off her cheek and calls out to her

”come in ”

Her mother walks in grinning from ear to ear ”so how did it go? Do you like him ” Susan lets out a teary no and her mom rushes to her to hold her in a firm embrace ”what happened? Is he not good looking? Does he have an attitude? Tell me baby, you don have to like him, someone else will come by ” Susan is forever grateful for the kind of mother God has gifted her, she holds her up when she is about to break down which happens almost every hour as she is just an extremely emotional person ”No mom, he didn even call at all ” her mother let out a fuss that instant ”you locked yourself in your room crying because he didn call you? Susie you are unimaginable! Did you for once think he got busy with work or meetings? ” Susan snorted ”a prior notice from him should have informed me ahead and not leave me to wander in thoughts ” her mom interrupts her ”what if he didn get a prior notice

himself? What if it was an emergency schedule,

make excuses for anyone you don hear from

before getting angry or creating a fuss about it ”. At that instant, Susan realized she was wrong to have jumped into conclusion without any consideration, she wipes her tears off and gave her mom a tight hug ”I never thought about it for one second, you know you are the best mom ever right? ” Her mom looks down at her proudly and holds her chin ”yes I do, and I know you can do without me ” they both chuckled.

”you know I was almost about to give in to Bodes taunt about me needing a spiritual deliverance every time my date gets cancelled ” Her mother looks astonished ”you mean Bode at your office taunt you regularly? ” Susan absently chatters on ”At every chance he gets! He says this annoying thing every time! That I better take him my spiritual husband seriously else he wouldn allow any man come close to me. Every time my date gets cancelled, I catch him looking at me with the I-told-you-so face ” she looks at her wall clock ”I need to go and see the girls, I promised to give them the biggest news of the season but it looks like I don have any news yet ” Susan disappointedly stutter. Her mother comes to her rescue ”you have the biggest gist ready Susie, tell them how the matchmaking went, Im sure its enough to laugh and drink wine over ” Susan laughs ”now I will become an object of

ridicule! Mom! That dude better make up for it! ” she gets up, touch up her partly tear ruined makeup, picks up her bag, kiss her mother bye and drives off.

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