The restaurant is scanty than usual, the attendants walk around cleaning off lefts out off the table while the waitresses have all the time in their hands to gossip and laugh around. Few customers are sitting quietly at their tables. In a corner, Chichi and Susan chatter like they haven seen one other in decades while Tade sits fiddling with her phone and munching the chips arranged in a fancy dish on the table. All attention was directed to Nora as she walks in ”Here comes the lady of the hour! Who has been keeping us from hearing the breaking news ” Tade who is sitting opposite the entrance rolls her eyes as she announces Nora who just walked in, Chichi and Susan stand to hug Nora as she kept apologizing for keeping them waiting ”I am so sorry girls, I got here as fast I could ” they kissed each other hi while Tade remains seated waiting to be greeted specialy ”Tade love! Are you still going to give me attitude? ” Nora calls out to Tade while Susan quickly chips in ”you definitely aren the only one getting an attitude from Tade, she is pissed at us ” ”and are you not the cause of it? ” Chichi asked before she calls out to the waitress who responded promptly with a menu at hand. Tade who has successfully proven her position as the youngest amongst them and needs to be treated as so, reminds them of the major reason for the gathering but Nora persists in knowing whats going on with her attitude ”are you still angry because I didn pick up your calls Tade? I was avoiding one crazy pervert who hasn stopped calling since he got my number, you shouldn be so angry about it.. ” Tade cuts Nora who was explaining ”He? Nora, Did you just say he? Today is gonna be littie lit! See Im no longer angry, Susan said Im the gossip monger here and potential gists are loaking around! My ears are itching, give me my meal. Susan lets start with you. Waiter!!! Bring champagne ” Susan swallows uncomfortably; she holds her glass out for the waiter to pour her champagne which she gulps down in an instant then clears her throat ”well! It looks like your girl here already has a man in her life ” Susan announces, the girls pause and exchange looks before screaming ”What??? Oh my goodness! Congratulations! ” Chichi excitedly asked ”How? When? Where? Baby fill us in don keep us waiting! ”

Susan narrates in full detail about how her mother was the one behind the matchmaking, what country he is and how he would be traveling down for an introduction. She shows them the pictures of the guy while they all adore and gush over his cuteness. Susan who was enjoying the positivity around leaves out the part that she hasn for a fact had a conversation with the guy nor have they agreed to even settle for a relationship, she calls for champagne while Chichi complains about her mother ”Mama must not hear Susan is off the market! She will make that house a living hell than it already is ” Tade advises ”then emphasize the part that it is Susans mom that did the matchmaking ” Chichi chokes on her champagne ”you want her to match make me with one of her village elders? ” the girls burst out in laughter. Susan looks proudly at herself yet feels lost, she just lied to the people that mean a lot to her. Tade calls Noras attention ”seems last week had love in the air, Nora how is Mr. HE? ” Nora shoves irritably ”Who? oh! That he? He is nothing to write home about, he is too ugly for my liking and he is such a pest ” Chichi prays out loud ”Anyone should just say hi to me, Ehn chineke! Im not selective chimo, even if na dwarf so my mama go allow me rest ” Nora objects quickly ”Abeg its God when, not God anyhow ” They all burst out in laughter while the waitress walks towards their table with a bowl of catfish pepper soup, ”THATS MINE! ” Tade calls out excitedly as she creates space for her meal to be placed in front of her.

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