Susan scrolled through her Instagram feed severally but no new update showed on her timeline, she had followed Henry on Instagram two days back but he hasn followed her back nor spoken to her since their last conversation. She is starting to become worried, is this what he is like, or is he just NOT into her? He never apologized for ghosting her on their supposed first video call, all he did was gave her a call a day later and caught up with the conversation like nothing happened and she was quick to forget because he really is very good at conversing. Just as the thought of their conversation crossed her mind, her face grew wider with a big smile ”I think I like him already but he needs to stop making me feel casual like we aren planning to start something serious together ”. Her office door flew open which startled her, Bode her colleague walks in majestically like he owns the whole building, Susan shakes her head and warns him ”you really need to start knocking before you come into my office, you can just barge in anytime you like as if you are my boss ” Bode, on the other hand, ignores her complaint and drags her laptop towards him ”stop! You can just take my laptop! ”

Bode looks at her suspiciously ”why? It isn like

you have anything exclusive on it that I can see… or are your nude videos on it now? ” Susan sighs irritably ”See, I know you are too boring for such kind of fun thats why you will end up alooooooonnneee! ” he says sarcastically as he

chews on his gum ”I hate you, get out of my office ” Susan pushes his hands off her laptop and she shuts it down ”so you shut it down because you think I can unlock your laptop? Basically bitch, everyone in this company can unlock your laptop and even your work system because you are too basic and predictable! If you don believe me, dare me to call in six random workers and give them three trials each to unlock your laptop ” Bode stares into her eyes sternly as he dares her ”just because you are trying to prove what exactly? ” Susan questions disgustingly ”to

prove that if you were a character in a play, you would be a flat character! You don grow nor allow evolvement in you! You are the same ever since I met you, and thats very bad for a young lady. Bitch change a little, spice up your life, stop being extremely boring ” Bode supplies in detail, these words got to Susan deeply, she covers her face with her two hands and thought if truly what she needs in her life is a little spice up. She has been a good girl all her life, never has she sneaked out to a boys house nor sneaked a boy into her own house when she was a teenager. In fact, her first relationship was in the tertiary institution which ended two months after it began because she was too shy to even kiss her then-boyfriend. Maybe she has been too good thats why she hasn gotten anyone to marry her yet, its time to be a bad bitch, she looks at Bode who in turn returns the gaze like it was a competition ”why exactly are you in my office? ” Bode scratches the back of his head as he replies ”to ask if you would be attending Lindas birthday party ”

”Oh! Its Lindas birthday today? ”

”Yeeaaah ” He replies knowing fully well that she never remembers anyones birthday then she looked at him in a confused manner ”and why are you the one asking me? Why not Linda herself? ” Bode chuckles ”Because she knows you wouldn attend ” Susan is taken aback ”why on earth will she think so? ” Bode rolls his eyes ”its a club and its overnight ”

”overnight? But we need to be at the office tomorrow ” Susan reminds him, Bode chuckles again ”exactly why she didn ask you because you take your job too seriously, you apparently gonna win the best staff of the year again for the fifth time girl! No one is even competing ” Susan is too stunned to speak, so this is what her colleague sees her as? No wonder they whisper anytime she walks pass ”Dammit! Whats the time and location? ” if she wants to spice up this boring lifestyle of hers, it has to be now

”For real? ” Bode is taken aback ”yeah! For real! Just that I need to buy some club outfits, never mind, my friend Tade will come through in that aspect, again! Whats the location? ” Susan stares intensely like she was going to change her mind any moment if he doesn respond quick.

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