”Why isn there any word from him yet? ”

One of Donkeys minions stationed in the hospital is waiting for further orders from Drew.


The spectacled girls slender hand punched him in the chin from the side, knocking that bombing accomplice down.

”Six down, one floor left to go. Ravyns reinforcements have arrived.~ ”

Yu sang before walking towards the ladder to the top floor of this building. All of a sudden, she heard a voice cry out in fear from above her.

”Gah! ”

That was followed by someone falling down the stairs, flying past her, and wretchedly falling to the floor.


Looking closely at the man who had fallen, Yu found a name tag hanging around his neck.

”Hes the head director of this hospital? ”

”Do you know how many lives have suffered because of your greed? ”

A handsome figure in a dark brown leather jacket slowly walked down the stairs.

”Hm?.. Oh, its Ms. Yu. ”

The walking figure greeted the girl with glasses when he caught sight of her.

”Oh, aren you the smart drunk kid? What brings you here?~ ”

She asked Jae.

”Airburst still had to secure the Assistants building while they fixed it, so Ms. Eugene sent me here instead. But with our Yu being here, I guess that everything downstairs must be taken care of. ”

Jae spoke as he felt like he came here for nothing.

e flattering me.~ By the way, whats going to happen to him? ”

Yu asked about the director guy laying on the floor.

”Well, Ive already entrusted the Miscellaneous department to find a new job for him. ”

”Alright, I will take him with me after I finish clearing the explosives up there. Can you go see Ravyn, who is staying with the target for me?~ ”

Yu walked past Jae up the stairs.

”As you command, big sis. ”

”Thanks!~ Lets go have a drink after this, my treat.~ ”

”Ive given up drinking. ”

”Really, when? ”

The spectacled girl yelled back as they both ran in opposite directions.

”Half a month ago ”

”Liar!~ ”

”Im serious! ”


”That look in the eyes of those who are willing to sacrifice everything for their revenge.. We are the same. ”

Drew, who was buried in the cement floor, looked up at Ravyn.


Ravyn fired a gun into the ground beside him.

”Im not a murderer like you… Quit talking nonsense and answer me. Do you know the white-haired man with the Donkey tattoo on the back of his hand? ”

Not knowing his name, the girl described the characteristics of Undre.

”I don know anyone like that. ”

”What are you guys up to? ”

”Huh, kid, Im not a Donkey member. Our deal will end after I kill those bastards in there. ”

”Then whatever. Just tell me anything you know about the gang. ”

”My time is up. ”

”Say what…? ”


Ravyn spoke before she had to stop and defend the kick from the ground that sent her high into the sky.

…This is crazy! Does he still have this much strength left in him?…

In an instant, a strange sound rang out.

*Slice!* *Slice!*

*Slice!* *Slice!*

Countless small scythes erupted from Drews body, creating a sight that looked like terrifying blood fireworks.

*Slice!* *Slice!*

…So, this is the end for a sinner like me…

The man shredded by the blades pondered.


”What is that? ”

Ravyn, floating in the sky, was shocked by the sight below her and the fact that she had survived because of the kick she received a moment ago.

*Slice!* *Slice!*

The sickles continued to burst out of nowhere and continued to cut into the body of the big man. In the face of death, the tears of a man named Drew unknowingly flowed from his eyes. Seeing the faint shadow of the woman who raised him to grow up in the sky made him admit that he had failed in his revenge. But it surprisingly made him let go of the grudge.

*Slice!* *Slice!*

When the shadow of her back disappeared from the view of the burly man, he met a purple-haired girl who was desperately using medicinal herbs to mend his hollow-body even though she had just suffered a fall from a great height.

…Is it because now that I am free? I can see it clearly… This young girl, you are still in the shackles of burning wrath that will only scorch and burn until death stops it. And even if you succeed, all that is left is emptiness waiting for you. How sad… But from the bottom of my heart, thank you for stopping me, kid…

At this point, his body couldn feel anything. But one last thought popped into Drews head.


…Im sorry, mom…

”You are immortal, aren you?… Come on! ”

Ravyn clenched her fists, unable to capture the vital signs of the person in front of her. At this moment, she was struck by a wave of sympathy towards the deceased that made her feel pity for him. Since the person who sees the world in the same color as she, passed away tragically. A man who is unable to get revenge and dies in vain.


Not far away from there…

”Dang! That was close. Well done, biting the hand that feeds you until the end, Drew. ”

The unkempt man who owned the sickles had failed to get rid of Ravyn in one fell swoop. He was preparing his weapons for the next attack but had to stop when he saw the man walking towards the targeted girl.

…This man!.. Since when did that guy show up at Themeise?! Did the higher-ups know about that?…

Fowler sweated with anxiety. The closer the man got, the more his pressure made the messy-haired man restless. Finally, he slowly lowered his sickle and disappeared.


”Hey, it looks like we had a good destiny together, Ms. Ravyn. ”

The girl turned around and saw Jae, dressed in the same old jacket, greeting her with a smile.

”If the AB Intels in Themeise were showing off their skills like this, Airburst here might really lose his job… !!! ”

Jae stopped his joking as his eyes glanced at the gun Ravyn was holding in her hand.

”First Kiss!… How did you get the First Kiss?! ”

His expression changed. The dignified face was distorted from resisting his anger.

”What? ”

Ravyn is confused.

”Give it to me… Now! ”

Jae rushes in to take from her the gun that is Ravyns memento of Pim.

”What the hell are you doing? ”

Ravyn pulled a hand covering her injured ribcage up and raised her guard again. Jae immediately grabbed the wrist where Ravyn was holding the pistol. The purple-haired girl knew that she couldn directly defeat this man even in her perfect condition, but she would definitely not allow anyone to touch her important keepsake. Ravyn struck the guy with her head, but the jacketed man managed to dodge. And because he refused to let go of the First Kiss, Ravyn seized the opportunity and threw her body forward. Jae clearly saw the gap to drop the girl off and snatch the gun from her hand. But when he saw blood seeping from her rib area, he changed his mind.

…How reckless is this? If you fall down like this, you will be seriously injured…

The man in the jacket twisted his posture slightly and used his other hand to support the girls body and arrange her alignment to fall on him with her uninjured side. Ravyn, who found the flaw in Jaes movement and thought she was lucky, swiftly seized the golden opportunity.

…Oh no, am I going to end up like last time?…

Jae was a bit downhearted when he realized what he was going to face.


Ravyn kneed in between Jaes legs at full force, as hard as she cherished her gun.

”Aside from being a pickpocket, are you also a pervert? ”


At Mr.Cs office…

Yu came to report to Charles about Ravyn.

”…Having thoughtfully handled and de-escalated abnormal and risky situations, she has been trained so hard that I can even imagine it. ”

”Aah, thats bad… I planned to have her experience the real thing and hoped it would make her think twice before running out of here. ”

e so mean!~ Hazing her like that, do you want her to die, Old Goat Charles? ”

”Theres also you and that heavy-drinking boy. Not to mention that our new member has closed the case by herself. Very interesting, indeed. Hehahah. ”


At a hospital…

”Im surprised. You might be frisky, but aren you the one who never slips because of that? ”

A mature woman with stunning brown eyes and a mole under her lip, a red-haired low bun, and clad in a white long dress came into the room with a fruit basket. Her sweet, calm voice is the same one that was heard on Jaes communication device the other day.

”I didn expect a busy bee like you to come. Whats up, Eugene? ”

Jae, in a patient dress, greeted her.

”Well, its not often for someone of your level to be admitted to a hospital wasted like this. I wouldn miss it. ”

Jae, with a slightly pale face, glanced at his crotch briefly.

…Who would have guessed Ravyn wouldn be hesitant to go all out with the one on her same side? It was the most shameful day of my life!…

”But its the real thing, right? ”

Eugene asked about the weapon in the recorded video of Drews defeat from the CCTV playing in front of the TV.

”The appearance and the pattern are unmistakably the First Kiss. ”

The woman hiccupped a little in shock.

…The trusty weapon of the founder of AB, weve looked everywhere searching for it. How did it get into the hands of this girl?…

”A..Are you going to leave it with her like that, Mr. Jae? ”

… That time I was too hasty. The First Kiss is not something that one can use just because it is in their hands…

Jae got up as he ruminated.

”Just keep an eye on her first. Anyway, this girl is at our mercy here in AB. Also, shifted the priority of investigating this Intel member to the Chevalier (C*) level as well. ”

”You got it. ”

Eugene grinned with excitement.

…Its been a while…Missions of Knight (C) difficulty, but equally important as King (K) level…

”Say hi to Airburst of Claretam for me. ”

”Of course, Erios will be delighted to hear that. ”

After the conversation, the slender young man opened a window in the room around ten floors high in the hospital and stepped out.


In a second, the sound of a large balloon bursting sounded as red balloon fragments scattered around and slowly dissipated into the air. In no time, a male figure in a patient dress wearing a leather jacket floated past the window view up onto the roof of the building.

”I would never get tired of seeing that. ”

Even after the show ended, Eugene was still looking out the window for some time.

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