”Hes falling asleep again, the third time, in no less than six minutes apart. He sleeps at night as well. ” Khan spoke, ”He eats, goes to the bathroom, and even follows me around all day long. ”

The Imperial physician sighed, ”Your Highness, I doubt theres anything I can do. Let alone find any members of the family—likely left no traces of him, to begin with. ”

”I expected as much. ” Khan remarked, ”I don even know his name. ”

”Feng Jie. ” Feng Jie muttered.

Khan sighed, ”Even sleep talking, how interesting. ”

”Your highness. ” Maxine spoke, ”Her high— ”

”Who dares stop this Princess! ” A voice interjected, ”Do you know who this Princess is? ”

Khan felt his sister is rather spoiled, by the Queen. The Queen prides on her only daughter, but doesn discipline her well—which makes Khan wonder if the Dukes son is going to agree to marry her, in the future.

”Sister, your rather annoying aren you? ” Khan inquired.

She didn take it well, fainting more then anything as well, Khan found that out, ten minutes later.

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