Feng Jies eyes darted, ”A half breed? ”

Sephardi sneered, ”As I would answer to a weakling who doesn even feed on blood and has a human as a master— ”

Khan stabbed her, ”Half breeds? You smell like rotten fish. ”

Sephardi cried, ”How can a child kill me? ”

”Funny, how you think Im human—let alone a child. ” Khan remarked, ”Your eyes are rather useless, middle-aged lady. ”

Stabbed furthermore. Until all of her heart was broken and chopped into pieces and couldn heal herself at all.

”Now the carpet has been ruined. ” Feng Jie remarked, ”And your sword smells like rotten fish. ”

Khan smiled, ”Thats all you care about? Not the fact I admitted Im not human. ”

”I already knew that. ” Feng Jie replied, ”Didn you ever notice? ”

Khan suddenly felt a shiver up his spine, ”But your highness, I never said I was human either. ”

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