Khan had heated that Duke Elians son, Elaine Alan is rather straightforward and has no interest in his sister at all—but this was a rather whole new level as well.

”She wouldn be a good caretaker for the spawn. ” Feng Jie remarked, ”They would devour her if she didn provide enough for the spawn. ”

Khan snorted, ”Thats not how humans view things, you know that right? ”

”Why wouldn they? It would make them at least 60% chance of being less of an asshole with their greedy and bastard-like temperament. ” Feng Jie explained, ”Also, It would be amusing seeing her being eaten alive—makes the sleeping less of a struggle. ”

”Coffee makes you more of a blunt person than normal. ” Khan remarked, ”Note to self in the future. ”

”Your highness. ” Elaine Alan spoke, ”I haven a bit of interest in you nor do I desire to have any children with you once we become of age—your rather an annoying brat who doesn have any self-respect for anyone other than yourself and doesn even smell properly without requiring a servant aids, let alone changing clothes every morning. ”

”What are you saying, your grace! ” The princess shouted.

”I wish to end our agreement, and no longer have the potential to marry—as for you see, Im gay. ” Elaine Alan spoke, ”And much rather would marry the fourth prince than your highness. ”

The Queen coughed up blood upon hearing this, ”Where in the world did you learn such a term of phrase? ”

”I overheard His highness and his servant speaking about it, and learned it was a proper phrase for what I am and desire as well. ” Elaine Alan explained, ”Your majesty, good day Your highness. ”

”Your grace! Your grace! ” The Princess shouted.

That is how the princess suffered her first breakup, and is forever ashamed over this matter. Feng Jie was sleeping on Khans shoulders after a while as well.

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