Khan looked at the King, and then at this young girl, ”Is she a stalker? Are you beheading her? ”

The Kings laughter bellowed, ”Khan, shes the daughter of Duke Aster, Australia Aster, she wants to ask for your hand in marriage. ”

”Oh. ” Khan spoke, ”Now Im serenely disappointed, I was expecting a proper watching of a beheading soon. ”

Australia Aster couldn help but feel like Khan and the King are kin, crazy and not that well—normal.

”No. ” The King spoke, ”Your mother complains about the fact that the execution stage needs to be cleaned after last time in accords its been withheld for the next six weeks. ”

”Makes sense, she never liked beheadings that aren clean either. ” Khan remarked, ”Also I reject, I refused to entangled in a possible marriage relationship that has been pre-determined, also, Im waiting until Im eighteen before having any children, women aren supposed to be having children until their twenty-five, its possible if they have children too early it will lessen their possible chances and decrease their sex appeal as well. Feng Jie was muttering a book about it in his sleep earlier, about six to twenty minutes ago I mean. ”

”Don ever tell your mother that. ” The King spoke, ”Ever. ”

”Thats fully noted, ” Khan remarked.

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