”Madam. ” Feng Jie greeted.

”My son seems to like you, ” Madam replied.

”I didn intend on such a thing, also he wishes to become of age before having children. ” Feng Jie remarked.

”That makes sense, your views certainly made him far sane than he was beforehand. ” Madam explained, ”Though I am worried about the possible stunted growth youll have in the future, this should do the trick. ”

”Thank you, Madam. ” Feng Jie grabbed it, ”Fresh blood? ”

”Im not as dull as people imagine, how else would the King gain the throne during the battle of the Princes? ” The Madam inquired.

”I understand that as well. ” Feng Jie replied.

That conversation settled everything, Khan for one didn quite understand what Feng Jie and His mother talked about but assumed, it was rather plain, boring, and without a doubt—subtle as generously.

”Your highness, you smell like a woman. Did you sleep with anyone? ” Feng Jie inquired.

”You act like I would sleep without anyone at such a young age, am I that stupid to you? ” Khan inquired.

”Im not obliged to speak my mind at this time. ” Feng Jie replied, ”Good night your highness. ”

Khan blinked, ”What a rush indeed. ”

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