”Ning Cheng, let go! You
e hurting my wrist! ”

”Ive waited long enough, Bingwen! ”

I didn understand what he was doing. Why does he still call me by that silly nickname? We
e not kids anymore, we
e two grown men. Jinghua slams open two doors that lead into a master bedroom. Red curtains draped a bed meant for a couple. Jinghua let go of Bingwens wrist, sending him tripping over and landing onto the bed. Jinghua slams the door shut and locks it. For the first time in a while, Bingwen was afraid of Jinghua. He was confused and afraid.

”I thought you wouldve noticed by now. ” Jinghua moved closer to Bingwen, who backed away farther up the bed in fear. ”N-Noticed what? ” Jinghua had a dark grin on his face.

”It doesn matter. My father is finally dead. Im emperor now. Im the leader of the Ning clan. And do you know what that makes you, Bingwen? ” Jinghua got onto the bed, quickly grabbed Bingwen, and slammed his wrists down so he couldn move. ”Ning Cheng! This is ridiculous! We
e not children anymore so stop playing around! ” Bingwen had so many questions. Why is Ning Cheng so happy even though his father is dead? And what the hell is Ning Cheng even doing? ”Bingwen… Call me Jinghua. ” Jinghua said, seductively.

”W-What? ” Jinghua pushed his knee in between Bingwens legs. Bingwen turned as red as a strawberry, biting his lip so he wouldn make any weird noises. Jinghua smiled. ”Don you enjoy this, Bingwen? ” Bingwen then realized what Jinghua was doing. When they were younger, Bingwen had feelings for Jinghua, but he knew that he would never be allowed to love or even be with another man. Bingwen didn know that Jinghua had returned those feelings. But for Bingwen, those feelings had been gone for a long time.

Jinghua leaned in and whispered in Bingwens ear. ”What if I make you my wife? ” Bingwen was shocked. Wife?! What the hell is he doing? Wasn he supposed to marry Yuming? But before Bingwen could think, a soft, warm touch hit his lips. Bingwen then realized that Jinghua had kissed him. Their lips were locked and sealed no matter how hard Bingwen tried to pull away.

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