At the time, Yuming, Bingwens sister, was only eight and his youngest sister, Lanying, was two. Bingwen was the first born son of the Yusheng clan, next in line to become leader of the clan. He was only ten when He met him. Ning Longwei, the only son of the Ning clan. Bingwen called Ning Longwei, Jinghua. And Jinghua called Yusheng Bojing, Bingwen. Jinghua was only one year older than Bingwen. Both of their fathers introduced them to each other. The two clans were supposed to be friends.

”Bojing, this is Ning Longwei. Hes the son of the Ning clan. ”

Bingwen was different from other boys when he was younger. He wasn all about finding a girl or princess to marry. He had a secret. And when he first met Jinghua, that secret was going to be hard to keep.

”Im Ning Longwei! But when I turn into a man, Ill get my courtesy name! Thatll be Ning Cheng! Ill be emperor one day too! ”

In this world there were two main types of species. Humans and hybrids. Hybrids were elf-like people with pointed ears and demonic abilities. Summoning skills, spiritual power, everything that humans don have besides Chi and soul energy. And the Ning clan was one of them. Jinghua and Bingwen were together almost all the time. Training, adventures, meals. But as they grew older, they grew apart. Jinghuas mother, Ning Yan, got sick and passed away when he was 16. His uncle went mad and committed suicide. His aunt died from an illness followed by her unborn child. After all of that, Bingwen didn see Jinghua again. Until their coming of age ceremony. All the clans had to show up. The ceremony was held at the Yusheng temple, Bingwens home. The Mei clan, the Ning clan, the Wing clan,the Hung clan and the Yusheng clan. Each coming-of-age ceremony usually had a competitive game or activity the youths had to participate in to earn their title as an official adult. Bingwens mother, Yusheng Min, set the whole thing up whilst Bingwens father led the ceremony. This years ceremony would be a hunting tournament. Dire animal spirits roam a forest near the Yusheng mountains. Thats where the hunt would be held. Bingwen remembered the last time that Jinghua and him were together, they had made a promise.

”Bingwen, when we get older, lets always be together! ” Young Jinghua told Bingwen, locking their pinky fingers together. ”But what will happen when you have to marry my sister? ” Bingwen replied with a sad look in his eyes, his cheeks partially red. ”Well… I won ! Id rather spend my life with you than her anyway!! ” At that time, Jinghua had no idea how much Bingwen liked him. But did he remember that promise?

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