Yusheng Min sent her maids in to get Bingwen and Yuming prepared for todays ceremony. It was the first time the two would get to wear the Yushengs symbol on their clothing. Once the maids finished dressing Bingwen, he stepped out of the room and made his way to the gardens. Lanying was playing in the garden. Yusheng Min was sitting at the garden table with cups of tea. ”Wheres father? ” Bingwen asked Yusheng Min. She gave Bingwen a stern look. ”Why should I care where that bastard is? ” She said angrily. Lanying, who was sitting near her mother, making a flower chain, gave off a sad look. Bingwens mother and father never had the best relationship. Yuming came out of her room and into the garden. She was also wearing her ceremonial dress. She looked stunning. ”Goodmorning, mother. ” Yuming said as she bowed to Yusheng Min. Yusheng Min smiled at Yuming. Lanying ran up to Yuming, jumping up and down. ”Jiejie! You look lovely! ” Lanying said. Yuming smiled and giggled. She always had a sweet smile on her face that you would remember. She then turned to Bingwen, giving him a signal to follow her. ”Where are you two going? ” Their mother asked sternly, the smile on her face quickly disappearing. ”Just down to the village. ” Yuming replied. She waved to her mother. Bingwen quickly grabbed his sword, Baiyu. The one his father gave him during training. He told Bingwen to give it a name so it answers to Bingwens command. Once the two left Yusheng palace, Yumings smile changed to a serious expression. ”You don seem too happy for your big day, ” She said, putting her hands behind her back. ”What do you mean my big day? ” Bingwen answered, with a straight face. He seemed to be unfocused. ”Oh shut up, you know what I mean. Plus, youll get to see some old friends. All the guys from each clan? ” Yuming continued, slightly punching him on the shoulder. ”They
e not my friends! ” Bingwen said, frustrated, clenching Baiyu. ”What about Ning Longwei? ” Yuming asked. Bingwen had forgotten about Jinghua. Its been too long since hes seen him last. Bingwen smiled but that smile quickly went away as he remembered that Jinghua was going to have to marry Yuming. ”Why should I worry about him? You
e his future wife. Youll get a chance today to see him. ” Bingwen said, turning away from Yuming, after a long pause. Yuming rolled her eyes and laughed a little. ”Youve known him longer than I have. ” Bingwen watched as she walked off into the village. Her dress flowed as she walked. Even though Yuming was two years younger than Bingwen, she always seemed like she was older than him. Everybody loved her. She was perfect. Yuming, ahead of Bingwen, turned to him. ”What are you doing just standing there, come on! ” She yelled. Bingwen shook his head, and ran up to her. ”Going back to what I was saying. You should be excited to see Ning Longwei, ” Yuming continued. ”I mean after what hes been through, he probably needs some good company. ” Bingwen looked at her as they continued walking. ”What do you mean? ” Yuming sighed, but kept the same sweet smile on her face. ”Well, the reason you two stopped seeing eachother was because his uncle committed suicide. No one figured out why. After that, Ning Longweis aunt, who was currently pregnant, died from an illness, going around in a village nearby. And when Ning Longwei was 16, his mother sadly died. She had always been ill. You know how strict Ning Longweis father is. He must have it rough. ” Yuming said. Now that I think about it, I haven seen him since we were kids. I don even know what he looks like. Bingwen thought. ”Now that I remember it, didn you two make some kind of promise or whatever? ” Bingwen stopped walking, processing the words she had asked him. ”Yes. But that was a long time ago. Plus, we were kids so it was probably something childish. ” He answered. ”Oh, Bojing, you
e too proper! All that etiquette is messing with your head! ” Bingwen thought to himself. What did Jinghua promise me? Its been too long but it would be silly to ask him about it. Especially now that we
e adults. After randomly following Yuming as she walked around, she turned to Bingwen and told him that they should head back, as their father Yusheng Fu, would be home soon from his hunt with the other disciples of their clan. Bingwens father never really took him on hunts with the other clan disciples since he had improved with Jinghua. The two made their way back to the palace. Yusheng Fu had just come home. ”Bojing, Mei. ” He said, smiling at them both. Yuming and Bingwen both bowed to him. ”Welcome home father. How was your hunt? ” Yuming asked. Yusheng Fu smiled but then frowned as his wife walked in. ”Your back. ” She said, frowning at her husband. Yusheng Fu bowed to her. ”My lady. ” He said. With a swish of her dress, Yusheng Min puffed and turned her back to him. Yumings sweet smile had disappeared once again. Bingwens family was falling apart. He watched his mother walk away. ”Bojing, ” His father said. Bingwen quickly turned to his father. ”Yes? ”

”I have a message from the Hung clan about the daughter of the leader. ” Yusheng Fu continued. Bingwens face turned sour. ”I want nothing to do with marrying her! ” He said angrily. He turned and walked away from his father. ”Bojing! ” Yuming yelled as Bingwen ignored them and walked away. ”Leave him, Mei. Let him be. ” Yusheng Fu told her.

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