Bingwen stomped his way back to his room. On his way, he nearly ran into a familiar face. ”Wing Shen. ” He said, surprised to see the young disciple and first son of the Wing clan, Wing Shen. ”Yusheng Jin, you look angry. ” Wing Shen said with a cheeky smile. ”What are you doing at the palace so early? ” Bingwen asked, confused as the ceremony didn start until noon. ”Don I get a welcome, young master Wing Shen? Its been years now! ” Wing Shen joked. Bingwen hesitated and bowed to him. ”W-Welcome young master- ” Wing Shen put his arm around Bingwens shoulder whilst Bingwen was still welcoming him. ”Oh, Yusheng Jin. Always so obedient. ” Wing Shen said confidently. ”H-Hey.. ” Bingwen replied, feeling a little embarrassed as Wing Shen was sadly correct. They walked off towards the garden area where Yusheng Min and Lanying once were. Yuming walked their way and bowed to Wing Shen. ”Young master Wing. Welcome. Please accept our hospitality. ” Wing Shen bowed to her, a smile lining his face. He then took her hand and kissed it. ”Lady Yusheng, thank you. ” Yuming blushed. She quickly pulled her hand away and shook her head. ”S-Sly move, young master.. ” Yuming said, stuttering in shock. Yusheng Min came from around the corner with her two maids on either side. She paused when she saw all three of them. Wing Shen stepped in front of Yuming and Bingwen, then bowed to Yusheng Min. ”Madam Yusheng. ” Yusheng Min nodded her head and passed by the three, her maids following behind her. ”Where is madam Wing? ” Yusheng Min asked Wing Shen, whilst passing by. Wing Shen turned around to her. ”Shes in the main hall with master Yusheng and my father. ” Yusheng Min continued walking away. The three were left to wait for the ceremony.

Yusheng Min, followed by her maids, made their way to the main hall. The main hall was where the Yusheng family gathered for meals but it was being used for a living area, occupied by Yusheng Fu and the emperor and empress of the Wing clan. Chattering came from the main hall but as soon as Yusheng Min entered, the room went silent. Wing Chao, emperor of the Wing clan, with a cup of tea in his hand, cleared his throat as she entered. ”My lady- ” Yusheng Min interrupted him. ”Don . ” With a swipe of her dress, the silky fabric rustled as she sat down at a tea table like all the others in the main hall. Madam Wing turned to Yusheng Min and smiled, holding a cup of tea in her hands. ”Im so happy you put this together successfully, ” Madam Wing turned to the two emperors, still smiling. ”If we wouldve waited one more year, my little Jinhai wouldve been 21. Even now some of the disciples are 21 already. ” Madam Wing took a sip of her tea. Yusheng Min was a little annoyed. She never liked women who talked constantly. Every Yusheng disciple is always saying any small thing can piss Madam Yusheng off. Madam Wing put her cup down and turned back to Yusheng Min. ”Shaiming, about your children. How did you manage to raise all three? Especially your eldest, with such etiquette and proper manners too. ” On the other side of the hall, at the two other tables, Yusheng Fu answered. ”Bojing only learned because of Ning Lins son. The two were always together when they were younger. They trained together. But since the tragedy happened to the Ning family line, Bojing hasn seen Ning Longwei in 10 years. Since then, Bojing has been determined to keep training to be as strong as Ning Longwei is. ” Yusheng Min, annoyed, slammed her cup on the table. Emperor Wing stared at Yusheng Min. ”Madam Yusheng, please. Calm yourself. ” Before Yusheng Min could get angry again, Madam Wing spoke up. ”And of course your two wonderful daughters. Mei has turned into a beautiful woman! Her and Ning Lins son will be a wonderful couple! ”

Wing Shen, Yuming, and Bingwen roamed outside on the palace steps. Wing Shen sat in a plum blossom tree, peony flowers growing underneath. Yuming sat on a stone in the middle of the peony patch. Bingwen stood outside of the grassy area the two others were in. Bingwen, again, was unfocused. Something else was on his mind but he couldn quite figure out what it was. A swift breeze blew through the palace, making the peonies, the plum blossoms and the wilting leaves blow through the wind. It was nearly autumn in the Yusheng mountains. The trees would turn a lovely red and orange color, as if they were burning. Yuming gazed at her brother. His hair waved through the wind with the petals and leaves. She always thought he was naturally beautiful for a male. She doubted her beauty though. How could someone ever love her? She hid her hideous away under an eye patch. Yuming kept staring at Bingwen. Behind his hair was a surprised expression. Then she saw what he was looking at. The rest of the clans had arrived at the palace.

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