Jinghua, following the two maids, carried Bingwen to his room. He was barely conscious. Yuming carried Baiyu and followed them too. Once they got to the room, Jinghua carefully set Bingwen onto his bed. The maids brought in a charcoal cream to put on Bingwens wound as well as a wet cloth for his head for he had developed a fever. The maids left to help the other injured disciples. Yuming and Jinghua sat in front of Bingwens body. ”What are the symptoms of the poison? ” Jinghua asked Yuming. Yuming wasn really paying attention. She was instead thinking of Jinghua and her in a relationship. She was a little red. ”Yusheng Mei? ” Jinghua said once again, trying to get Yumings attention. She perked up. ”The symptoms? Oh, uhm, yes, ” She said. ” blurred vision, a rash, headaches, slurred speech, hallucinations, convulsions and eventually… ” She paused and gulped. ”D-Death.. ” She finished, clenching her dress. Jinghua wanted to reach for Bingwens hand so he could make sure Bingwen was fine and was still warm and alive. Yuming got up and walked towards the door. ”I have to check on my mother and father. ” She said and then left.

Yuming made her way into the main hall. Commotion came from every corner. Hybrid bandits were tied up in the palace by reinforcements who caught them. There were about 30 bandits tied up in the room. One looked over at Yuming and smiled creepily. ”Hey, princess, come over here and untie me so we can have some fun! ” The bandit called to Yuming. She felt disgusted. Hung Meifeng came over and kicked the bandit in his head. ”Shut the hell up and stay still! Or youll be punished even more! ” Hung Meifeng yelled. Yusheng Min steppeddown from the platform, walking in between the bandits. ”Now that this is taken care of, Id like them to be punished. ” She said, Madam Wing stepped in. ”Shaiming, don you think it would be a little har- ” Yusheng Fu interrupted her. ”Yes, punishment shall do. ” He said, looking at his wife. She huffed and turned away from him. She glanced at the Ning leader, Ning Lin, who was drinking tea at his assigned table. She didn care that his wife or family members were gone. She did care about his son though. Jinghua had always been part of the Yusheng family in some way. But Jinghuas father was different. He always seemed suspicious and in this case, to Yusheng Min, he was very suspicious. As if he had something to do with the attack.

Yusheng Min watched as Ning Lin got up and walked up to the edge of the platform. He then bowed. ”Thank you for your hospitality. I will get my son and we will take our leave. ” He said, then leaving to the room Bingwen had been taken too. Yuming tended to the injured disciples.

Jinghua, still sitting by Bingwen, stared at him. Yes, it had been 20 years since they both had seen each other, but Jinghua couldn stop staring at how different Bingwen looked. He really had grown up but Jinghua didn expect Bingwen to look so feminine. Jinghua was about to touch Bingwens face when the door opened. ”Father? ” Jinghua said. ”We
e leaving. What are you doing playing with that silly boy. ” His father said, in a deep and scary tone. Jinghua clenched his fists. ”Father, Bingw- Yusheng Jin isn a child anymore. Im not a child! You were never like this when.. ” Jinghua paused. ”Like this when what? When your mother was alive? ” Ning Lin continued. Jinghua stamped his foot. ”Im not leaving Bingwen until I know hes okay. ” Jinghua said in a desperate tone. Ning Lin growled. ”These humans are nothing but pawns, boy. Use your skills. ” Ning Lin said. Jinghuas father had always been able to manipulate people. Making them think things that were just lies.

Jinghua realized what his father was saying. ”It was you! ” Jinghua exclaimed. ”You were the one who sent the attacks! You
e the one who hurt the disciples! You hurt Bingwen! ” Jinghua clenched his teeth as he talked. His father had a wicked smile on his face. ”Well talk when you decide to come back home. In the meantime, think about your race. Hybrids WILL one day rule everything. ” With that his father left. Ever since his mother had passed away, Jinghua had grown to hate his father. His father had become abusive and strict. Ning Lin would wip and punish his son at the slightest mistake. To the point where Jinghua could no longer feel pain while being punished, but could feel hatred towards everyone. Yet only the thought of his mother left him with a smile. So Jinhua thought of her. His father had grown to hate humans. Since the Ning clan is the top of all clans, His father wanted to take over everything, letting only hybrids rule and all humans to parish.

Yuming entered back into the room a little while after Jinghuas father left. She smiled even though she really wanted to cry for her brother. She took a seat next to Jinghua. Bingwen was still unconscious. ”I wonder if hes dreaming. You
e a hybrid, use your dream transferring ability! Go see what hes doing! ” Yuming said. Jinghua knew that she was trying to make the situation happy and better. Jinghua gave a small smile and nodded his head. He put his two fingers next to his chest, aura and chi energy surrounding them. He then transferred himself into Bingwens mind.

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