Jinghua opened his eyes, around him were endless grassy fields and mountains filled with flowers and flowing rivers. The wind blew strong through many types of trees. Ginkgo, Plum blossom, cherry blossom, Golden Larch, Cathaya, Maple, Goldenrain, Dove, Pagoda, Dawn Redwood, and so many more. It was like heaven, which made Jinghua worry. In Front of him was a pond. An almost transparent Dire animal spirit was drinking from that pond. But this one was different. It was a white fox spirit. It looked up at Jinghua and walked over to him. Jinghua bent down to touch the fox. But once he touched it, the fox immediately transformed into hundreds of Luna Moths and dragonflies. So this is what All-Grown-Up Bingwen dreams of. Jinghua thought. It was indeed the dream of a child.

Jinghua continued walking through the field of many flowers. Until he spotted Bingwen. Bingwen sat on a rock at the edge of a lotus filled swamp, swarmed with multicolored dragonflies. He watched frogs dance from lilypad to lilypad. Jinghua approached him. Bingwen heard him and jumped. ”N-Ning Cheng? ” He stuttered. Jinhua smiled. ”W-what are you doing here?! ” He asked as Jinghua took a seat next to him. ”I can transfer my soul into dreams. Its a hybrid thing. ” Jinghua answered. ”Im in….a dream? ” Bingwen said, confused as he has never experienced this. ”Yes. ” Jinghua answered. There were a few moments of awkward silence but then Bingwen perked up. ”Am I alive? ” He asked desperately. Jinghua was silent, staring at the swamp and swarming dragonflies. ”Ning Cheng! Am I still alive? ” Bingwen asked again, his eyes filling with tears. But he couldn cry, not in front of Jinghua. All his life, Bingwen trained to be stronger than Jinghua. ”Jinghua! ” Bingwen yelled. Jinghua perked up and was surprised. This whole time, Bingwen hadn called Jinghua, Jinghua. It had just been Ning Cheng. Jinghua turned to Bingwen. Bingwen collected himself with a sigh. ”You know, ” Jinghua said. ”In dreams like this, you can think of anything and you could have it. ” Jinghua smiled. Bingwens face lit up. Bingwen hid his face, but he smiled. ”W-Well, Ive always wanted to go back to when we were younger. ” In Front of the two, on the water, transparent figures began to appear. They were showing memories of Bingwens past. It was an exact replay of the past.

”Bingwen, when we get older, lets always be together! ” The younger version of Jinghua had said to the young Bingwen. ”But what will happen when you have to marry my sister? ” The little Bingwen replied. ”Well… I won ! Id rather spend my life with you than her anyway!! ” The memory had stopped there. Wasn the younger Jinghua supposed to promise little Bingwen something? ”Wait, why did it end there? There was still more. ” Bingwen said disappointed. Jinghua adjusted his sleeves. ”It just means you forgot that part of the memory. You might remember that there was more to the memory but you forgot the rest. ” He said. The transparent figures appeared againbut this time the two were older looking. In the first memory, Bingwen was 10 and Jinghua was 11. In this one, Jinghua and Bingwen were the same age as last memory. They were training together. ”Come on, Bingwen! Is that really all you have? ” Jinghua had said in the memory. ”Im sorry! Im trying! Really, I am! ” The younger Bingwen replied. The two had been sword fighting against each other. The swords kept clinking. Then young Jinghua pushed young Bingwen over with his sword. Young Jinghua laughed and held out his hand towards young Bingwen. ”You really are all etiquette and manners! ” He said, helping up young Bingwen. ”Im sure youll be stronger someday! ” The memory ended again. But the figures appeared once again on the water. They were the same age as the last memory. But this was the goodbye of Jinghua. ”Im leaving, ” Young Jinghua told Young Bingwen. ”And I won be back for a while. Goodbye Bingwen. ” Young Jinghua turned his back and started walking away.Young Bingwen clenched his fists. ”I ”ll be stronger! ” Young Bingwen yelled. Young Jinghua stopped. ”W-When your gone, I will train really hard. Harder than before. And when you come back, Ill be stronger! ” Young Bingwen said. Young Jinghua smiled and turned around, walking back over to Young Bingwen and patting him on the head. ”Then Ill just have to train even harder than you! ” He said as the memory faded and ended.

Bingwen sighed with a smile. He looked at Jinghua. ”Well, Im happy to see you after all these years, Ning Cheng. ” But with that, Jinghua had been sent back to reality. But why? What happened to Bingwens dream?

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