”This wasn there on the last server, I mean it was a run-down house with a drunken man last time how come its a huge and beautiful dragon gate this time? ”

She pushed the gate open and instead of a run-down house she was met with a huge mansion, but the mansion is deserted except for a man sweeping the compound happily. She walked towards the man and curtsied to which the man smiled happily.

”Hello adventurer, welcome to the shadow mansion, is there anything I can do for you? ” The NPC asked.

”Uhm …is this the dragon masters house? ” She asked and the man looked surprised and at the same time happy.

”Oh my! At last, Ive been blessed with a successor! ” The old man laughed heartily and invited her in.

”Have some tea ” the man offered

”Thank you ”

”Not many know about the dragon master may I know where you got your information? ” He asked

”Ive heard great rumours about the dragon and their masters and thats why Im here, I heard there was an old drunken man who lived here ” Phoenix twisted the truth.

”Yes! Yes! The old drunken man was my predecessor, you see when I took the title from him, this place was worse than a goat pen! ” he laughed heartily as he remembered his predecessor and the state of the mansion.

Yeah, I know that!…. Wait minute! Looking at the NPC, the shadow realise one thing, this old man is the aged version of the Avatar she used on her shadows account and the man had said welcome to the shadow mansion. This time Samantha couldn hold back her laughter in real life.

”hahaha….hahaha….jeez….hahaha ” She laughed loudly which caught the attention of her teammates who looked at her weirdly. Without explaining she apologised and went back to playing.

”Im growing old and I have no heir to pass down the title of the dragon master to, would you like to be my successor? ”

Of course, thats why Im here in the first place, was the first thing in Samanthas head but she swallowed it and gave a polite ”Yes ”

”Good! Good! youve made the right choice! ”

The old man went inside the house and brought out a Red treasure chest.

Starlite, treasure chests are divided into grades with colour, the brown wooden chest is the most common, gold chests are the rear and red chests are legendary. Excitement bubbled inside her as she saw the red chest.

”Treasure two secured! ”

The old man brought out the dragon master emblem and handed it over to her.

”Young lady, this is the emblem that shows you are a dragon master, no matter what you do, do not ever lose it! ” He warned seriously.

”I promise to guard it with my life! ” phoenix replied seriously

”Hahaha…theres no need for that….here have this chest, there are things youll be needing in it ” he handed her the chest

”Thank you, predecessor, I promise not to disappoint you ” Phoenix bowed and took the chest and placed it into her inventory. She said goodbye to the man and left, as she stepped out of the mansion She fist pumped the air and got a system notification.

You have the title emblem of the dragon master, would you like to equip it? ”

”Yes! ”

”Congratulation you obtained the title of the Dragon Master! ”

At the same time, the server-wide system notification was sent.

”Congratulations to player Phoenix on getting the title of the Dragon Master! ”

”Oh oh ” there was never notification the last time! Don screw me over! She grunted as she noticed her teammates eyes on her.

”Wow, its not even up to an hour, you already have a title! ” Liam exclaimed

”You are full of surprises to think youd get the title in the first hour, how envious you are making me feel, ” Noah said he had entered shortly after they started the game

”Maam teach me how you did it! ” Troy said as he dragged his chair close to her to look at her game interface. The attention she got made her a little bit flustered and shy.

”Uhm….. Its a hidden quest or more like a treasure hunt of some kind ” she explained with a flushed cheek

” Where is the location on the map? ”

”Its in the beginners village close to the tower ” Samantha explained.

”Its a one-person title, ” Gary said without looking away from his screen.

”Oh sucks ”

”If you want, you can take the title of the lord of the dragon tower ”

”There is that title too? ” Troy asked

”Yeah, youll get it after clearing the last level of the dragon tower ”

”I didn get it on the last server, ” Dray said

”Uhm its the first-to-kill reward ”

”Oh, thats why! ”

”Theres a skill book I want from the tower though if you get it, please give me Ill trade it with you for something of equal value, ” Samantha said

”Don worry about it, you get the title, ” Troy said.

”Are you sure? Its not just a title, you know? ”

”Huh? ”

”You don even know what the title is for ” Samantha chuckled

”The dragon tower has 10 levels, each level you clear gives you either equipment or crystals and if you
e lucky youll get the two, for the first kill youll get the extra reward of either gold, skill books or runestones, depends on your luck! Now if you successfully clear the dragon tower on a winning streak, you get an extra reward, plus the first kill reward plus the title …..the title lord of the dragon tower makes you the new owner of the tower and after clearing the monster on the tower and you can rent it out players or NPCs, youll get 50% of their earnings automatically, so are you sure you don want the title? ” Samantha explained

”Ahh!…..! Damn it! How did I miss out on that part of the game! ” Liam screamed.

”You also got the title previously? Gary asked

”Yes, once I got the heaven-defining luck and the dragon equipment set I was unstoppable in raids and PVP… Speaking of which I haven opened the chest yet ”

She went back to her game and the other scooted closer to her to see what she was about to do, Dray included.

She went into her inventory and click on the red chest she got from the previous dragon master.

”Dragon chest a chance to get one of these items

Red tier shoes

Red tier shield

Red tier sword

Red tier Armour

Red tier belt

Red tier helmet

Dragon egg

Dragon fury skill book

” The Dragon egg and Dragon fury skill book wasn part of it last time! ” She exclaimed

”Is that the skill book you want from the tower? ”Gary asked

”Yes! ”

”So if you get it here you won be needing it again? ”

”Yup… Although Im not sure what the first kill reward will be if I got the skill book here ” she pondered

”The skill book and the title were the first kill reward for level 10 of the dragon tower on the last server but now that it is included here, I don know what would be the new reward ” she clicked on open and a notification popped up.

”Congratulations, you obtained the full dragon set equipment. Increase your hero stat by 200%. The full potential of the set is realised once your dragon is grown!

You got a dragon egg. Pet available at a player level 50 ”

Her teammates looked shocked upon reading the notification.

”Holy shit! ”

”Dayum! ”

”Whistle! ”

”200% stats increment? You kidding? ” Noah exclaimed when he read the notification.

”This is why you wanted to play Alan right, ” Gary asked.

”Yup… Imagine equipping him with the full set of armour, his stats are going to shoot way up, and hes going to be overpowered and the armour is also upgradeable, I can upgrade it with the crystals from the dragon tower, once the equipment is upgraded the stats can also be upgraded! ”

”Wow, this is so cool! ”

”Good job, you did well! ”

”Our guild is going to be overpowered in this server! ”

”Troy, let Samantha have the dragon tower title and first kill, shell need the resources for her equipment, ” Gary said to Troy.

”No no, he can have it and well trade later ” Samantha argued

”Nah you should have it ”

”Or we can enter as a team, ” Liam said

”A team? ”

”Yes, it has both solo and team ” I am explained

”That sounds good too! ”

”I didn know it had a team phase too, alright then once I reach level ten Ill go clear the solo and well clear the team together ”

They went back to playing their game, and at the same time, the wolves guild announced signing a new player.

Wolves guild :

Official announcement; we hereby announce the signing of @phoenix as the newest member of the Alpha team.

”What!! ”

”So Adams retirement is real? ”

”Fuck! Who is Phoenix? Some newbie? ”

”Never heard of them, maybe a rookie king from the training centres? ”

”@ wolve guild post their picture lets see what they look like! ”

”Does it matter what they look like? Sorry to all girlfriend fans but we want skills not good looks! ”

”They can also have both its not a crime! ”

”Tsk…they shouldn have brought in some rookie into the Alpha team! At least they could have signed someone from the beta team or something! ”

”@ Phoenix, youve got the skills to be in our Alpha team?

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