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We meet again...

”You will pay for this.. ” On the ground was a middle-aged man soaking in his blood.

His eyes shone with anger as he gritted his teeth in pain, thinking of so many ways how he would kill me.

”I don think that is possible, sir. No one can defeat me ” I smiled cheerfully as I stood over his body where a bullet was implanted on his chest.

He was heaving heavy breaths hanging on for life as his body became numb.

He was a short and chubby man with slick brown hair.

His eyes were hazel brown, and his suit was now ruined with the colour red that covered his white collared shirt.

This morning I was eating breakfast with my little sister in our vast mansion, and now I am in an office where I had shot the CEO of a company that scammed and bribed people with their money.

”Thats bullshit! You are just a small weak girl who only got lucky ” He cackled like a witch, coughing up blood that splattered on the ground.

I raised the gun from my hand, pointing it directly at his head.

”You better be careful at what you say next. Before you know it, I may accidentally pull the trigger, and your life will be erased from the earth ” I gave him a deadly stare gripping my hold on the gun.

”You wouldn .. ” He grinned from ear to ear, staring directly at my eyes.

I laughed in a cold voice, feeling my blood boil inside.

Sweat trickled down his face, and I enjoyed every last bit.

My head spun in circles, and my legs stuck to the ground like cement.

I kept asking myself this one question this entire time.

”Was it truly worth it? ”.

Life is so short, and no matter what you do, you can never achieve immortality.

It was a dream no one could achieve, and only a fool could say something like that but in front of me was a man who believed in it.

The very man I was about to kill believed that immortality was real, and only pure hearts with a reasonable goal could gain it.

I held in my laughter after hearing those words.

If immortality is real.

Why is it that she didn gain it herself?

”Oh, I would ” I pulled the trigger, and a bullet shot out of the gun right into his forehead.

His body was as still as ice, and blood covered my shoes.

His eyes had no life, and his pulse was forever gone.

The man had lost his life for making a small mistake that will forever carry him to his grave.

He should have never assaulted my best friend, even if it meant it would have gained him something in life.

Whoever came close to hurting my friends or family would lose everything dear to them.

People were shouting and yelling behind the office doors, and I knew someone had heard the gunshots.

I put the gun back into my satchel. I walked towards the windows, slowly opening the lock and pushing them open to reveal the gust of wind that welcomed my freedom.

I looked down and knew this was a twenty-storey building; jumping down could be immediate death.

If I went through the office door, the security officers would see me and know I was the one who killed the CEO.

My only option was to shadow myself once I was near to the ground.

But it was only a 50/50 chance, and shadowing might not work, so I may end up having a short death, but its better than torture, thats for sure.

I tightened my satchel around me.

I used my elastic hair band to put my hair in a ponytail.

Dying now would be a waste of life.

I looked at the dead mans corpse one last time.

”Goodbye, you sick bastard ” I jumped out of the window, falling from the building rapidly.

The wind blew heavily in my face, and my body had difficulty controlling itself.

Everything was moving fast, as if I was travelling in time, and the world was spinning around like dancers on stage.

I could feel the cold air all around me, and my hair was blowing in my face.

I tried to squint my eyes to see how long I had before I needed to use my magic to shadow myself safely.

My legs had no control, and my body wasn even mine anymore.

I hate falling from a twenty-story building and will never do this again.

I positioned myself in a way that I could slow down my fall and that I could get a better look at the ground below.

I counted down the numbers in my head to know when I should shadow.

But all of a sudden, I heard voices coming from above me.

”Hey, look ”! Someone is down here! ” The yelling of the security guard caught my attention, and I knew he had spotted me.

I had to kill him before he could call the others to the window.

I took out the gun and moved, so I was staring directly up at him.

I pointed my gun at the window, hoping it would be enough for my escape, but the gun wasn powerful enough to shoot from a far distance.

I closed my eyes and recited the words in my head.

”Shadow, I call for you. Use your sheer strength to reach for my target. Make sure his blood is seen by sight ”.

I took deep breaths and opened my eyes, waiting for the countdown to end.






I pulled the trigger once more, and the bullet shot out like a lion racing its way to my target with the shadow magic consuming it.

In seconds I could feel the bullet piercing the inside of his skin, telling me that the task had been finished and my target was dead.

I shadowed myself to a nearby alleyway making a precise landing.

Shadowing was like teleportation.

But you could only do it at certain times in certain places.

I was thankful that I wasn dead and that it worked.

No one would know who did it, and it would be marked as an unfinished death.

I felt relieved that my job was done, and I cleaned the gun, making sure no fingerprints were on it.

I threw it in the dumpster getting ready to head back home, until I heard a sound coming from behind me.

I pulled a knife from my pocket, throwing it at the figure in the shadows, but I missed the throw, and it fell to the ground after hitting the wall.

”Goddam Camilla! You could have killed me! ” Coming out of the shadows was my closest friend Ajax.

We have known each other since we were kids, making us childhood friends.

”Maybe you shouldn have been hiding in the shadows, pinhead ”, I groaned in annoyance, walking out of the alleyway.

Ajax followed behind me as we were led into the citys light, where everyone was going to their destination.

School kids, parents, elders, males and females all came together to do whatever business they had to do.

Most people were here to go shopping or go to work as usual.

The city was a crowded area with tall buildings looming over us like giants and food stands that covered every inch of the pavement.

People were calling over taxis, and traffic was common amongst us.

But there was one thing everyone had to adapt to.

That was the magic system which had been ruling over us our entire lives.

Every since I was born, we had been assigned to our magic, but that was only for the ones who were lucky enough to have it.

Some were not gifted with magic and were doomed to get a job and be like the ordinary humans we once were.

Each magic was gifted, and they consisted of only these types.











For years there wasn any other type of magic but these.

Scientists have tried ways to create new magic, but it was simply impossible.

Once gifted, you will have a status that appears in front of you like a screen from a game.

Name: Camilla Hollow

Age: 16

Birth: April 20th 2054

Magic: Shadow & ????

Level: ♾

I had no reason to keep trying to level up since I had obtained my sign.

Because even if I defeated all the high-level monsters, my level would continue to be the same as before.

The company that runs the system said that it was a malfunction and that I should wait until they could fix it.

It was all bullshit.

Nothing was fixed, and for my entire life, I had to endure bullying because of the malfunction I was.

In society today, everyone has formed groups and guilds to take down the monsters and become one of the most powerful guilds in history.

That is why I will do whatever it takes to get into that school to learn to use my magic and form a guild.

”Camilla, wait up! You walk so fast ” Ajax was rushing to my side as I picked up the pace.

”Next time, don eat all the junk food you get at the fast food restaurant. You will become a lazy cow ” I rolled my eyes taking my phone from my satchel and scrolling through my social media page.

”You say that every time and the next thing you know, I see you binge eating while crying your eyes out for some drama you watched ”, He spoke loudly for me to hear.

”At least I don cry for my ex-girlfriend ”, I chuckled, still staring at my screen.

”She is an exception, okay? ”.

”Ajax. We don make exceptions in life. Remember that unless you want another beating by your father, ” The city was a crowded area, and it was hard for us to move without being pushed by the crowd.

Ajax wasn a fan of crowds, especially ones where dunk men were roaming the streets.

”Lucky for me, my father won be back for another two weeks, ” he said proudly.

”Why is that? ” I raised an eyebrow.

The city where we are now isn our real home.

Our real home resides in the kingdom of Atara, where the first system was created when the war ended.

It was surprising to say, but my kingdom was not very modern like other parts of the world.

We had taverns, old houses, stone buildings, castles, and any type of fantasy shit you could think of.

But it was one of the most prominent kingdoms in the world, with so much space that you wouldn have to worry about crowds unless there were riots or squealing girls.

The royal family that rules over the kingdom isn as bad as the other rulers.

They may have kept strict rules, but we still had the freedom to fight for our kingdom and to defeat our enemies, the monsters.

We used teleportation to get to this city which is miles away from home.

If we hadn used teleportation, it would take us five days to get here by ship, and I didn have enough time to be wasting around and killing an old, middle-aged man.

”Camilla, you know exactly where my dad is ” He looked sternly, eyeing me up and down my body.

”If I knew that, I would have dragged you by the ear all the way to him ” I patted his shoulder as I felt a shudder go down his spine.

Sometimes Ajax would be terrified of me, mainly when I talked about his father.

”Anyways, how are we getting back home..? ” He asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

”Teleportation. I have one more portal we can summon until it runs out ” I took out the metal sphere from my satchel, throwing it to Ajax.

He quickly catches the metal ball, sighing in relief.

”Be careful with those. If I had dropped that teleportation device, my ass would have to pay an eight hundred fee ” He put the metal ball in his pocket for safety as we continued our walk.

”Isn your father rich? Why don you ask him to pay for it then? ” I asked in a low tone of voice.

His father owned a business that was worth millions.

Paying an eight hundred fee would mean nothing to him, but Ajax is completely terrified of his own father, and to be honest, I can blame him.

Every time I see his father, he reminds me of those mafia men I read in novel books.

The sad thing was that his dad was attractive as hell, and even my aunties asked if he was single or not, but he already had an idiotic son.

Ajaxs mother died when he was only ten years old, and his father wasn looking for anyone new as he was busy with work most of the time and spent his days overseas.

”My dad may be rich, but I don like communicating with him. Thats why I would rather have him overseas than be in the same household with him ” He stared at the ground as I felt his heart ache slowly and painfully.

”Damn, you have some serious daddy issues ”.

”Says the one whose father is a chief commander of the golden lions. Your dad is a leader of one of the most powerful guilds. Your lucky that you get to break some of the rules at times ” He runs his fingers through his hair, speaking in a low tone of voice.

His eyes dart to my posture, and he analyses me carefully to see if I had any injuries while escaping that building.

”If I ever break one of the rules, he wou

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