Life Changing System

Sometimes you won\'t get to try your luck

Bai Chen had not been walking for long when he reached his destination. He saw 10 cats hanging out in a group. Some were lying down with carefree attitudes, while some were chasing each other under a big tree.

These stray cats were not at all frightened by people. Even though he had taken several steps closer to them, none moved an inch. They were still relaxing and playing just the same.

The man stopped in front of the group of stray cats, which came in many colours and breeds. He estimated that there were at least three breeds present among the ten cats. Most were of mixed breeds.

He looked at them for a while and saw that there were both small and big cats—though the majority were big ones. There were only three small kitties.

Bai Chen was not a cat person, who would fall heads over heels for these furballs. If he were a cat person, he would have rushed in to pet them already.

The man did not want to wait. He wanted to get this mission over with. He prepared the food for the stray cats, then realised that he did not have a tray to put the food in.

”I would have bought it if I knew, ” he could not help but mumble to himself. His face showed regret from having not thought of this while at the supermarket.

But luck seemed to be on his side when his eyes fell on a tray placed next to a tree trunk behind the group of cats.

”Looks like it belongs to someone who had fed the cats and forgot it. Should be okay if I borrow it. ” Bai Chen did not hesitate. He sidestepped that cats and walked towards the tray at once.

He stopped in front of the tray and saw that it was actually quite big. The tray was in fact one meter long.

The eyes of the cats watching Bai Chen from behind gleamed in an instant. They quickly ran to the tray to wait—all of them.

This scene was surprising to Bai Chen. He lowered his head to look at the stray cats with an odd look in his eyes, never have thought that they would be so smart as to know that he was about to feed them and rush here to wait.

Bai Chen did not give it much thought though. He quickly opened the bag and poured everything out. The man dumped it all out on the tray at once until a small mountain was formed. He used his hands to spread the food evenly onto the tray and stepped several steps to the side, letting the cats have their meal.

When they saw that the human had pulled back, ten stray cats started munching delightfully, not paying any attention to Bai Chen who had brought them food.

Bai Chen looked at them with anticipation in his eyes. He was waiting for a ”Mission accomplished! ” sound to ring out. Barely five minutes later, he heard the sound that was music to his ears.


[Mission Complete!]

Mission 2: Feed stray cats at the park (Success)

Reward: You received 10 points.

Bai Chens eyes widened a little as he stared at the window that had popped up.

”Theres n-none! Theres no randomisation feature to get special skills or items! ” His lips quivered slightly. He gazed at the window that was saying Mission Complete! with a dumbfounded expression.

”Does this mean they
e only available for some missions? ” Bai Chen thought of this possibility. He shook his head to snap himself out of the confusion, then nodded with understanding in his mind. ”Very likely. ”

While he was standing there, two small cats walked in to nuzzle his legs. Bai Chen looked down and smiled slightly. ”So, this is the friendliness that the mission was talking about. ”

Though he was not a cat person, Bai Chen still squatted down to stroke their silky fur. Their reactions to his petting were quite cute.

Bai Chen played with the two cats for a while before walking away in search of a vending machine as he was getting thirsty.

He did not have to spend much time locating it. There was one machine next to a long bench, wide enough for three people to sit on.

The man walked over to the side of the machine and tossed the empty cat food package into the bin next to it. He then walked over to the front and put in 10 yuan to buy a can of ice-cold cola.

With the cola costing 5 yuan, Bai Chen got another five in change. Now 5 yuan was all he had left. He had used almost all of his money today.

He opened the soda can and walked to the long bench, which had a back to rest against. Bai Chen took a seat and drank many gulps of cola. His expression turned livelier right away after being refreshed with the cold drink.

After having drunk quite an amount, Bai Chen opened the system window to check details. He wanted to see new missions and also locate the girl who was about to go blind so that he could get the missions done.

[The Life Changing System]

User: Bai Chen

Age: 18 years old

Level: 1 (40/100)

Description: You still need 60 points to level up.

Instruction: If you wish to change your life to what you have always wanted, proceed with the following missions!

[Mission Dashboard]

Mission 4: Save a genius young lady who is going blind (30 points)

Mission 5: Take a nights rest (5 points)

Further instruction: The order of mission completion is irrelevant. After you are done with the tasks assigned to you, you will be given a chance to receive special skills or items at random. The skills or items will give you a better life!

End of Chapter 10

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