Life Changing System

My Best Friend, Ba Guan


[Mission Complete!]

Mission 1: Feed a mysterious man sitting next to a garbage pile (Success)

Reward: You have received 15 points and the opportunity to receive special skills or items at random!

Bai Chens eyes glimmered with radiant light, like a fervent fire. His heart skipped a slight beat. The first mission was a piece of cake for him, and he still got himself a chance to receive special skills or items randomly.

”Ill take my leave then. ” He smiled at the mysterious beggar-like man, turned around, and walked towards his bicycle. The boy sped away with excitement from completing his first mission.

Even though he did not quite understand why the Life Changing System had given him such a mission, he did not spare it much thought as he felt deeply grateful towards the system.

Actually, Bai Chen wanted to use the system to randomise the skills or items as soon as he finished the mission, but he held it all in. He still had time to do that at school.

The mysterious beggar-like man looked at the bag of warm steamed buns in his hand for a while before turning to where Bai Chen left on his bicycle. The corners of his mouth lifted into a faint smile.

”This boy is quite considerate. Ive pretended to be a beggar at this place for a month, and no one has given me any food, ” he mumbled to himself. The man slowly rose up to his feet, looked left and right for a bit, and walked towards a certain direction.

He marched forward for about ten minutes before reaching a luxurious black limousine parked on the roadside. A middle-aged man in a butlers uniform with a stern face opened the car door from the drivers side.

The butler looked at the mysterious man before bowing his head slightly. ”Welcome back, Master. ”

”Open the door. ” The mysterious man did not say much. He did not want to waste any time because if anyone saw him with his beggar-like appearance stepping into a luxurious limousine like this, it would definitely stir up big news.

”Of course. ” The butler nodded. He opened the limousine door for the mysterious man to enter.

If Bai Chen had witnessed this with his own eyes, his mouth would have been agape with a dumb expression. The mysterious man, who appeared to be a beggar that he gave his steamed buns to, was being treated like this by a butler and driver of this magnificent limousine.

The mysterious man took a seat inside the car before taking a steamed bun out of the bag. He smiled faintly and pulled off his messy hair, which was actually a wig.

Once it was removed, the handsome face of a middle-aged man appeared. His eyes were deep and prudent, making it very obvious that he was anything but ordinary. He took a bite of the bun in his hand and muttered, ”Not bad. ”

The butler, who had now resumed the drivers position, looked at his master in the rear-view mirror with a confused expression. He did not understand why this person would have to pretend to be a beggar for the past month.

”Tang Kong, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and drive back home. ” After finishing the two buns, the mysterious man stared at his middle-aged butler with a cross face.

”Yes, Master. ” The middle-aged butler Tang Kong nodded, appearing to be a little bit nervous. He started the engine and sped away at once.

The mysterious man did not think about the butler any further. He stroked his chin for a bit, eyes gleaming with strange light when he thought of the boy who had given him Chinese steamed buns.

”This boy is not bad at all. He has what it takes to become…, ” he mumbled to himself. His thoughts remained unknown to the rest of the world.


Bai Chen arrived at the school; it was named Xing Xian. The school itself was a mid-tier school with not much space, unlike other famous top-tier schools.

Xing Xian School taught pupils from kindergarten to senior year of high school. It was the most appropriate choice for working class to middle class students. Those from rich families would never care to enter such a school. And if there were any, the number would be extremely negligible.

As soon as he arrived, the first thing Bai Chen did was to park his bicycle in the parking lot and run to the bathroom. He locked the door and opened the Life Changing System at once.

[The Life Changing System]

User: Bai Chen

Age: 18 years old

Level: 1 (15/100)

Description: You still need 85 points to level up.

Instruction: If you wish to change your life into what you have always wanted, proceed with the following missions!

[Mission Dashboard]

Mission 2: Feed stray cats at the park (10 points)

Mission 3: Solve a math problem in class (15 points)

Further instruction: The order of mission completion is irrelevant. After you are done with the tasks assigned to you, you will be given a chance to receive special skills or items at random. The skills or items will give you a better life!

[You have 1 opportunity to receive special skills or items at random.]

Bai Chen was beside himself with excitement. The more familiar he got with how the Life Changing System worked, the more he felt that the system was just like the novels he had read.

That meant the skills and items that hed get would surely be extraordinary!

He tried to calm down and decided to choose the randomise option. He pressed his finger onto the randomise feature window.

Suddenly, the window transformed into a circle—like a roulette wheel with alternating red and black pockets. On those pockets were the names of skills and items.

”Please give me a special item! ” Bai Chen made a wish in his heart before pressing the button in the middle of the roulette wheel.

The roulette wheel started spinning at great speed. After a while, it began to slow down and stopped at the pocket of…a special item!


[Congratulations, you have received a low-grade dimension ring!]


End of Chapter 4

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