Life Changing System

Solving the Math Problem

Bai Chen blinked with excitement. He stared at the plain white ring that appeared in front of him before reaching out to take hold of it.

He also read through the details about the low-grade dimension ring at the same time.

[Low-grade Dimension Ring]

Description: This ring contains a dimension within it. Simply think, and the stuff you want will be put into it in an instant. However, this is not of good quality. This ring was made by an artisan who was not so savvy, making the number of dimensions contained within the ring rather limited.

Grades of Special Items: Low, Medium, High, Supreme

”This is the dimension ring! ” Bai Chens lips quivered a little. His eyes widened with excitement. He felt as if he was living in a dream. Who would have thought that the first special item he got would be the dimension ring that he had once read about in fantasy action novels?

The man suppressed his excitement without hesitation. He took a deep breath and put the dimension ring onto his right index finger.

”This really is a dimension ring! ”

He inspected the ring with thoughts and found that there was one dimension in there. The size of the dimension was the same as his bedrooms, which was 4 by 4 square meters. Even though the description said the dimension ring was of low grade, to Bai Chen, it was a priceless item!

”I need to hurry up and complete more missions. I must get myself special items that can be used in combat. Otherwise, there will be no way for me to get rid of Wang Chengye and the Wang family, ” he said to himself with determination.

Right now, he was not very worried about Wang Chengye as he would make his first appearance around half a year after this. He remembered it clear as day that Wang Chengye arrived one month before he graduated from his senior year of high school.

Though Bai Chen was not worried right now, he still could not afford to be careless. He would never waste this chance he was given. He would never, ever let history repeat itself!

Thinking of speeding up his missions, Bai Chen called out the mission window.

[Mission Dashboard]

Mission 2: Feed stray cats at the park (10 points)

Mission 3: Solve a math problem in class (15 points)

Further instruction: The order of mission completion is irrelevant. After you are done with the tasks assigned to you, you will be given a chance to receive special skills or items at random. The skills or items will give you a better life!

Bai Chen stared at the mission window for a while and noticed that a new mission had popped up. It was Mission 3. A while ago he did not notice it because he was too excited over randomising special items and skills.

The boy quickly tapped the third mission to see more details. As for the second mission, he could not complete it just yet because he had to go to class first. Bai Chen planned to complete the second mission after school, which was around 4 oclock today.


[Mission 3: Solve a math problem in class.]

Instruction: Your first class today is math. Your teacher will give the class a math problem of medium difficulty. You have to volunteer to solve this before anyone else in class to create a good impression with your teacher.

Reward for success: Win 15 points

Penalty for failure: None

After checking out the details of Mission 3, Bai Chen could not help but smile. This was because this mission was just as easy as the first one. He closed the window and left the restroom, making his way towards his class.

The classrooms for high school seniors were in the third building of the school. He had to walk up several floors. Bai Chen saw many junior students at different spots inside the building. Some were walking up or down the stairs like him.

Bai Chen reached his classroom within just five minutes. He opened the door and looked inside to see a familiar sight that he had greatly missed. The scene reflected in his eyes was not so different from his memory of 12 years ago.

”Yo, Bro Chen. ” As soon as he opened the door, a familiar greeting struck him. A man in a gangster-like outfit waved slightly at him.

Bai Chen looked at that guy and forced a smile onto his face. He knew this person. His name was Ba Guan, who had then been his closest friend.

But that was then. A few months after the appearance of Wang Chengye, this Ba Guan would turn into a different person. He was the one who placed 200,000 tablets of illegal drugs in Bai Chens bedroom, resulting in his imprisonment with a life sentence of 200 years!

This Ba Guan was one of the people Bai Chen had to take revenge against!

Bai Chen looked at Ba Guan. He had to force a smile while his heart was filled with vengefulness and hatred, Just you wait, Ba Guan. Ill make sure you pay the price for what you did!

”Hey, Bro Guan. Early, aren you? ” Bai Chen said and walked over to his desk, which was in the second row next to a window. He clearly could not care less about Ba Guan right now.

Ba Guan stared at Bai Chen as he walked past. He could not help but curse in his heart, ”Darn it! This wimpy bastard! How dare you greet me with that attitude. If it wasn for the fact that you let me copy every subject, I would have smashed you to a pulp by now! ”

With his nasty attitude, it was clear that he did not consider Bai Chen his good friend at all. The closeness Bai Chen assumed regarding their friendship was completely one-sided.

But that was when Bai Chen was still a kind and pure-hearted boy—not the hardened man who had been through the cruelty of the world that he was now!

End of Chapter 5

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