After stationing himself at his desk, Bai Chen did not care about any other souls in the classroom. He looked outside the window with eyes full of reminiscing thoughts. Though his memories had faded a little bit, the familiar sight gave him an instant reminder of what he had forgotten.

Time passed until it was 9 in the morning; a middle-aged teacher in a suit walked into the room. His face was quite physically unpleasant, with freckles and sunken eyes, and he had a body that was scrawny to the point of appearing malnourished.

When the head of the class said, ”Everyone, please stand up to greet the teacher, ” everyone in class immediately followed the order.

Bai Chens classroom did not have many students in it. There were only thirty and all were present today.

After everyone had taken their seats once again, the middle-aged teacher with a hollow face gave them a few greetings and started to call out their names in order.

When the last person on the list confirmed their attendance, the teacher then put down the textbook he had carried in onto the teachers desk in front of the classroom. After that, he flipped through the math textbook for a little while.

”Everyone, please turn to page 105. Today, we
e going to go through equations, which happens to be a new lesson from chapter five. ” The middle-aged teacher held the book in his hand while scanning all the faces.

Everyone did as the teacher instructed. This was the middle of the academic year before graduation from the senior year of high school, so everyone paid attention to the lessons. If not, there would be no guarantee of what the future held.

Especially during this period when jobs were hard to find, everyone had to work harder.

Bai Chen also followed the instructions of the hollow-faced middle-aged teacher. He remembered this teacher quite well. His name was Hai Bo, though everyone called him Teacher Hai, due to the fact that the name itself was quite funny.

Bai Chen did not have many friends in his class. Before serving his sentence, his only close friend was Ba Guan. He had also never thought about love because he had been focusing too much on school, although there were many cute 18-year-old girls in his class.

At the desk in front of him, there was an extremely adorable girl with a doll-like face. Her big round eyes were crystal clear like twinkling stars in the night sky.

Her black hair was shoulder length and looked extremely silky, exposing her elegant, long fair neck.

Her name was Li Lin. She was from an extremely wealthy family, the richest family in Xing Zhou City, where they lived. No one knew why she attended this school, but her academic record had always placed her in the top two every year.

In his previous life, Bai Chen had never uttered a word to her. There were rumours though that this Li Lin hated his guts because he was top of the class. The boy did not know how much truth was in it, but he had not cared about it at all in his previous life.

Now that he was given a chance to fix his past, his interest in her was kindled. It was not that he was in love with her—it was more wanting to know if she truly hated his guts.

To be frank, the Bai Chen of now still could not care less about love like in his previous life. His only goal was to avenge himself against Wang Chengye and the Wang family, and also Ba Guan.

While his mind was busy with many thoughts, Teacher Hai picked up a whiteboard marker and turned his back to everyone in class. He walked towards the huge whiteboard hung on the classroom wall and started to scribble down a math problem.

No one uttered a word. Everyones gaze was fixed on Teacher Hai and the whiteboard. Some took out notebooks from the storage space under their desks to jot it down.

Teacher Hai was rather proficient in his writing, though his handwriting was peculiar.

Many minutes later, he stopped and turned around to look at all the faces in class.

”Who can solve this problem? ” he asked in a calm voice. The problem he wrote down was only of medium difficulty; it was not a hard one. With a solid foundation in equations, students could solve it without breaking a sweat.

Many looked confused with what was written on the board. But understanding was also dawning upon many. One of the sharpest minds of all was Li Lin. She was about to raise her hand to volunteer.

But it was too late. Bai Chen, who was sitting behind her, raised his hand first.

”I can do it, Mr. Hai. ”

”Oh, the top of the class for the past two years. Come quickly and solve this problem. ” Teacher Hai nodded with a content look on his face. From freshman to sophomore year, Bai Chen had always ranked number one, making him quite a memorable character. Teacher Hai also knew and admired this boy.

Li Lin halted. She ground her teeth with frustration in secrecy but did not say anything. Li Lin could only blame herself for being one step too late and letting this nasty person steal her limelight again.

Bai Chen left his seat and walked over to the whiteboard. He took the marker from Teacher Hais hand.

With the marker in hand, the boy started solving the problem right away.

The problem written on the board by Teacher Hai was really of medium difficulty. He pressed the tip of the marker onto the board and started solving the problem. In about two minutes, he was done answering the question.

Teacher Hai swept his gaze across the board before nodding with approval. ”Thats correct. You arrived at the right answer, Bai Chen. You did really well. ”

End of Chapter 6

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