​ Ding!

[Mission Complete!]

Mission 3: Solve a math problem in class (Success)

Reward: You have received 15 points and the opportunity to receive special skills or items at random!

Bai Chen heard a sound in his head. He looked at the pop-up window with satisfaction, then tapped to close it before walking back to his desk.

It was obvious that he was the only one who could see the Life Changing System.

All the students in the class did not find Bai Chens ability to easily solve the math problems from Teacher Hai out of place. This was because he was already known to be quite a brain, as he ranked first every year.

Bai Chen took a seat and reopened the Life Changing System to see new missions and use the randomise feature he had just gotten.

[The Life Changing System]

User: Bai Chen

Age: 18 years old

Level: 1 (30/100)

Description: You still need 70 points to level up.

Instruction: If you wish to change your life into what you have always wanted, proceed with the following missions!

[Mission Dashboard]

Mission 2: Feed stray cats at the park (10 points)

Mission 4: Save a genius young lady who is going blind (30 points)

Further instruction: The order of mission completion is irrelevant. After you are done with the tasks assigned to you, you will be given a chance to receive special skills or items at random. The skills or items will give you a better life!

[You have 1 opportunity to receive special skills or items at random.]

Bai Chen looked at the window with excitement. It had been barely a day and he had already gained himself 30 points. Seventy more and he would move to level two, along with getting new skills and items through randomisation.

However, his excitement soon vanished when he saw the new mission. Mission 4, which had just popped up, seemed rather strange, though the number of points it gave was as high as 30!

With curiosity, Bai Chen chose not to use the randomise feature yet, but selected Mission 4 instead, in order to see its details.

[Mission 4: Save a genius young lady who is going blind.]

Instruction: A young woman, who is a computer science genius, is going blind. Her temperament is very gloomy right now. Vision is her life. If she loses her ability to see, the woman will have suicidal thoughts. If you go to Xing Xiang Park and give her magic glasses, she will be very grateful.

Reward for success: Win 30 points

Penalty for failure: Lose 30 points

As soon as he finished reading the details for the fourth mission, Bai Chens eyes widened in panic. It seemed like a difficult mission had surfaced.

Magic glasses? What are they? He thought long and hard about the mission. He clearly did not have the magic glasses that the mission required, let alone know what they were. The mission also had a penalty of a 30-point deduction. If he failed, he would lose all 30 points he had obtained so far.

Bai Chens expression turned solemn. He pondered the fourth mission seriously for a while before letting out a sigh. The boy then remembered that he had one chance of randomising special skills and items.

Though the chance is slim, I might happen to get this magic whatever from the random feature by chance! he thought to himself before deciding to try it out. He pressed his finger onto the randomise window without hesitation.

A roulette wheel with alternating pockets of red and black appeared. Each colour in front of him was labeled with either the word skill or item.

”I hope it gives me magic glasses, he wished yearningly for the item from the bottom of his heart—even more yearningly than the first time he had made his wish. He then pressed the button in the middle of the roulette wheel with a shaky finger.

The roulette wheel spun at great speed. After a while, it began to slow down and came to a complete halt at the pocket called…special item!


[Congratulations, you have received low-grade magic glasses!]

Bai Chen blinked with incredulity when he saw especially beautiful transparent glasses with gold frames appear in front of him.

He stared at them for a while, almost forgetting to breathe. He did not imagine that he would really get magic glasses. His heart was beating fast in his chest with overwhelming excitement.

The Life Changing System was clearly highly proficient as it had camouflaged the glasses, making them transparent and invisible to everyone elses eyes but his.

M-magic glasses! These are magic glasses!

If he had not been in class at the moment, Bai Chen would have let out a loud whoop. He tried to suppress his excitement and slowly reached out to grab the transparent magic glasses. At the same, he inspected their features.

[Low-grade Magic Glasses]

Description: These magic glasses were invented by a mad scientist, who was crazy about futuristic gadgets and technology from ten thousand years ahead in the future. He was a genius far ahead of his time, but sadly he made these glasses when he was gravely ill, which is why the quality is of a low level. Nevertheless, the glasses characteristics are absolutely extraordinary. If normal people put them on, they will have super vision several thousand times better than ordinary vision. If blind people put them on, they will gain back their sights as if they were not blind. After some time of usage, their vision will revert to normal.

Grades of Special Items: Low, Medium, High, Supreme

No wonder why the system wants me to give her these magic glasses.

Understanding about Mission 4 dawned on Bai Chen more. He also thought that he was born with luck. Otherwise, he would have never gotten magic glasses at random like this!

End of Chapter 7

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