Life Changing System

Xing Xiang Park

Time passed and the school day was over. Bai Chen did not pay attention to anyone in the classroom. He left hurriedly right after the last class ended. Bai Chen walked to the parking lot and pedaled his bicycle straight to the supermarket.

He was heading there to, of course, buy some cat food. The boy checked out the details of Mission 2, which were actually not very much.

[Mission 2: Feed stray cats at the park.]

Instruction: There are so many stray cats nowadays. It is easier for them to bear offspring as they live more freely than house pets. This means the number of stray cats is increasing. Xing Xiang Park is one of the places where stray cats reside. Your task is to feed them. After you
e done giving them food, some of them will be more friendly towards you.

Reward for success: Win 10 points

Penalty for failure: None

After reading through the details of Mission 2, Bai Chen knew right there and then that it was the same park as the one in Mission 4. He felt lucky that the park for this mission was not one of the other ones that were farther away.

While cycling to the supermarket near Xing Xian School, he thought many things about the points he was going to get for completing Mission 2 and 4.

Mission 2 would award 10 points, while Mission 4 would award 30.

Completing both missions would earn him 40 points. Adding them to the 30 points he already had, the total amount would be 70 points!

After realising this fact, Bai Chen could not help but feel excited. Seventy points were really close to a hundred. When he leveled up, the Life Changing System would improve significantly for sure.

The reason he had to believe this was all the novels with systems similar to this Life Changing System that he had would introduce new interesting features to users when they leveled up. Bai Chen had quite high expectations for this.

The supermarket was not really far away from Xing Xian School. The distance he had to cover was only half a kilometre. He arrived and parked his bicycle in the supermarkets parking lot.

After 4 oclock, the supermarket was quite crowded. Most shoppers were housewives who were buying meat, vegetables, and seasonings to cook for their husbands and children.

There were many vehicles in the parking lot. Cars were the minority, followed by motorbikes. Out of all the vehicles, bicycles were the most abundant. Bai Chen saw as many as ten bicycles parked in the parking lot. Most were ones with baskets in front.

He did not care how crowded the supermarket was. If it was before, when he was still a naïve young man, Bai Chen would have felt a little embarrassed.

But now everything was different. Bai Chen was 30 years old. He had been transformed into a middle-aged man who had spent 12 years in prison. He could not care less about being at the supermarket when it was crowded with people.

This place was called Hu Yang Supermarket. The owner was the Hu family, which was one of the wealthy families of Xing Zhou City. The city itself was quite big.

However, Xing Zhou was nothing compared to Beijing, for it was the capital city of China that covered a great area.

Every school and business district in Xing Zhou all had the word Xing as the first syllable. The reason for that was simple: because the name of the city was Xing Zhou.

Bai Chen walked into the supermarket. An automatic door slid open with a sound as he walked through.

The inside of the supermarket was also quite large. It was by no means an exaggeration to say that Hu Yang Supermarket was the biggest hypermarket in town.

Bai Chen did not spare anything else a glance as soon as he entered. He ignored the swarms of people here and there inside the supermarket and headed straight to the pet food zone.

The pet food zone was in the last aisle nearly at the back wall of the supermarket. He walked over at a moderate pace and soon reached his destination. Bai Chen saw a colourful dangling sign, which was a print advert promoting a type of product.

The wording on the sign said, Marvelous Dog & Cat Food.

Bai Chen thought the advertisement was quite interesting, but he also looked past it without much care. He marched forward and turned to the cat food corner.

Once he made a turn, his eyes fell on an unexpected person. It was the girl, Li Lin. She was quite small with a height of only 158 centimetres, making her look even more like a doll. Li Lin was in a blue dress, looking dazzling and adorable. The dress suited her quite nicely.

She was holding a red basket in her hand—the supermarket basket for customers to store products in before checking out.

”You nasty person! ” Bai Chen saw her at the same time as she saw him. Her big round eyes widened slightly, having never imagined that she would run into this horrible person here.

Bai Chen frowned a little, his face puzzled. He had no memories of doing anything bad to her. Why did she call him a nasty person?

When he remembered the rumour that this girl hated his guts, Bai Chen was suddenly enlightened with the ways of the world.

”What do you mean Im nasty? Have I ever done bad things to you? ” His tone was inquiring. He really wanted to know if that rumour had any truth in it.

If she really did despise him just because she could not beat him in class, that would make her one of the most narrow-minded persons ever.

End of Chapter 8

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