[Life simulation begins.]

[Day 1: You have entered into Wonderland, a place where there are plethora of supernatural powers in addition to you. You discover that you are now in another world, and that you are a smuggler.]

[Late at night, above the sea, the yacht leaks and you fall into the sea, the water fills your lungs, but you swim fast and quickly reach the shore.]

[You are questioned by a police officer passing by on patrol and you are arrested on suspicion of stowaways.]

[You were on your way to be transferred to the Manyo City Police Station when you were mistakenly injured in a gangland firefight.]

[You died.]

[This simulation is over. You have survived for a total of 2.5 hours.]

[Surprise moment! You have obtained the drug ”Neurotoxin Antidote ”, which you can use immediately.]

Yisi didn even feel like thinking about his life this time, he hurriedly opened the panel to confirm: [Antidote (Neurotoxin Related)]

[Antidote (Neurotoxin Related): Not tradable. It cannot completely cure the muscle decay caused by the neurotoxin, but it can help protect you from the neurotoxin for the next 30 days, and your illness will be effectively controlled.]

Yes, thats right, it can extend someones life!

Yisi has been suffering from this damn neuroinflammation for too long, and he is tormented by severe pain late every night. This antidote, even if it was only to relieve the condition!

Just then, a bottle of medicine without any packaging fell on his table and Yisi hurriedly pulled the pills out of it; they looked very ordinary, like vitamin tablets, and the quantity was exactly 30 tablets.

This is what… means by taking one tablet a day?

Yisi didn eat them straight away, he had a hamster as company for his boring high school life and he was going to cut a small portion of the pills first. Let the hamster try them out.

And now that he is fully convinced of the special features of the Life Simulator, he knows very well that there is no technology that allows one to receive a bottle of medicine out of thin air, and as long as his hamster does not show too many adverse reactions, he will eat it.

He uses the simulator, and its giveaways, as a remedy for his miserable life.

[You can adjust your thinking, and after 12 hours, you can simulate again. Good luck with your survival!]

And thats the end of …?

With death as the end?

He only lived for 2.5 hours!

[Do you want to see a replay of the death? (Yes/No)]

Yisi hurriedly pressed the ”Y ” that hovered in the air.

Everything is like a movie of an immersive experience. Yisi suddenly becomes another person, and through someone elses eyes, Yisi sees the scene in wonderland.

Its raining in Manyo City.

The police car is driving on the muddy road, the rain is wetting the windows of the police car, leaving light traces of dust.

Yisi looks down and realises that his hands are firmly bound by silver mechanical handcuffs that read: ”Built-in miniature bomb, do not intentionally break free ”.

Outside the car window are neon shades of deep pink and lilac, and there are countless pedestrians hurrying past: from beatniks with carbon fibre umbrellas, to punk girls with LED coloured light strips around their collarbones, to street thugs with mechanical metal from the chest down …

Suddenly there was a commotion at the end of the road and the police car had to pull over. Yisi watched as the three officers in the car got out of the car and they walked towards the commotion in front of them, then a brilliant flash of light.

There was an explosion, the officers were dead, and Yisi, at that moment, was safe.

It wasn until the officers at the centre of the explosion lost their vital signs that the handcuffs acquiesced to Yisis assault on the police and activated the built-in micro-bomb, setting off the self-destruct sequence.

Yisis life was taken by the mini-bomb inside the handcuffs.

[-The End-]

Yisi was furious: what a way to die! The police officers died in a street fight, not me!

Yisi got up from the bed, pulled a piece of draft paper and wrote down on it the information she had just see:

Not just that, but also cyberpunk and prosthetic body modification.

Yisi is a typical sci-fic fan, and cyberpunk and prosthetic transformation, of course, are not new to him; these are the future concepts favoured by science fiction writers, foreshadowing the day when humanity will gradually be replaced by machinery and artificial intelligence.

Just like in sci-fi movies, mechanical naked women leaping from towers, bionic killers on the run with their AI girlfriends …

So, Wonderland must be a high-dimensional existence beyond the current level of human cognition.

As for this ”plethora of supernatural powers ”, Yisi can help but frown at the thought of it, superpowers that appear in a sci-fi world? Could there really be martial arts or dual cultivation in this world?

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