Life Simulator in Dual World

Mine Three Superpowers 1

Because of his broken family and perverse and eccentric personality, Yisi had little social life outside school. Even with his terminal illness, he had nowhere else to go and might as well have continued to go to school.

And now, he might have a chance to try his luck at Cyberworld.

Yisis fingers flicked across, and the text in front of him lit up again, turning back to its original greyish red color.

[Welcome back to Life Simulator!]

[You can change your mind and rerun the simulation immediately.]

[Do you want to start the Life Simulator?]

”Of course. ”

The Life Simulator has started.

Life Simulator is not an RPG with real-time feedback on the players choices. Yisi can only make one change in the course of his life, i.e., change his thinking about the simulation, and cannot control which fork in the road his life will subsequently take.

”Tell the police that there will be an explosion in downtown Manyo, the source of the explosion is a gangland firefight, the exact location … is in the Hakuba District, ” Yisi said with certainty, a simulated thought that came to him after much deliberation.

He remembered that when he was checking the replay of the death, the giant electronic billboard on the side of the road read, Hakuba District.


[Late at night, at sea, the yacht leaks, you swim fast and quickly reach the shore.]

[You are questioned by a police officer passing by on patrol and tell them about a gang fight, but you are still arrested. You were interrogated by multiple agencies on suspicion of gangland fighting, bomb plotting, and smuggling.]

[You used all your savings to get bail, but you were under constant surveillance, making it difficult to find a proper job and a place to live. You had to make ends meet by doing repairs on the underground streets.]

[At the end of two days, you returned from Wonderland to Anye City.]

[Your condition worsened, and you didn even make it to the next time you entered Wonderland.]

[You died.]

[At the end of this simulation, you have survived for 3 days and 10 hours. You have gained the unique ability of ”The Eye of Truth. ” You can activate it when you enter Wonderland.]

[Bonus moment! You have gained the item ”Right Direction, ” which can only be used once but will help you eliminate a 100% possibility of death.

[Do you want to see a replay of your death? (Yes/No)]

Yisi presses the button Y.

Suddenly, a tidal wave of memories flooded into Yisis brain.

It was Yisis home, and Yisi saw herself sitting in front of her computer, browsing through a forum full of ”deals! ”, ”Is there anyone who can protect me ” and ”Guidance to Stayin Alive in ISEKAI. ”

And above this mysterious forum, in big red and black letters, was a vast ”Current Survivors: 8,867/10,000 ”

Is this the forum where Wonderland is discussed … Only 8,867 players are alive?

1,133 players dead in just two days?

Yisi knew, of course, that this was never a virtual game and that all the deaths were confirmed.

As Yisi checked for more details, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest. Unable to control it, he collapsed crookedly in front of the table.

[-The End-]

As expected, the death was caused by an attack. Only this time, Yisi was not blessed by the gods of luck; he was defeated by a terminal illness.

Yisi recalled the neurotoxin antidote given by the Simulator earlier. Sure enough, Yisis previous suspicion materialized: the Earth world is the main world.

He is the patient, and the Simulators reward could cure his primary world self. Well, not a complete cure, but enough to keep himself away from the scythe of the Death God.

The life simulator likewise gave him a new prop: The right Direction.

He feels that Wonderland is still a fog with no boundaries, just like the Red-and-Black Mist that appears so often in the social news, even though the experts have said many times that ”it is not poisonous, it is a natural phenomenon. ”But it hovers calmly over all the Pacific coast, like a dormant beast.

Just then, Yisi saw a few news items pop up on his phones notification bar.

”The Red-and-Black Mist spreads again, a real-life version of The Southern Reach Trilogy? ”

”Multiple countries have announced they will be blocking the game WONDERLAND for no reason! ”

Yes, thats right! Theres definitely something wrong with this all-platform launch of the wonderland game.

Yisi knew all these things long ago, and the bigwigs are too slow to learn as much as a high school student.

Luckily, Yisi already had the life simulator, and he could peek a little bit at what the other world looked like from each life simulation.

Yisi took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. His terminal illness made him more tolerant than most people during the months of being ravaged.

In these two simulations, he understood the correct use of the Simulator.

The life simulator is by no means omniscient; it can only perform a limited degree of precognition. But it is the best channel for providing information for oneself.

The death in the Simulator was actually a hint to him – there was great danger ahead! Get out of the way!

Late at night, Yisis home.

He had already fed the hamster the medicine earlier. He had recorded the hamsters state at that moment to prepare enough food for it to last for two days, enough for him to return to the real world from the game. He had made plans earlier that he would definitely take this antidote as long as the hamster had no apparent adverse reaction.

Then he began to think about his upcoming entry into Wonderland: as the Simulator said, he, oh no, 10,000 players, had 48 hours to experience Wonderland. They would then return to the main world and exchange information on the forums.

Luckily for Yisi, he has the life simulator and can now not only predict what will happen next, but he already anticipates the possible reactions of the remaining players.

Excitement? Panic? Or extreme fear about the survival rules?

Just then, a string of text appeared in Wonderlands game interface.

[Wonderland Hint].

[Firstly, this is a real-life survival challenge, not a typical game. Play your part and don trust anyone.]

[Secondly, to prevent you from dying too quickly, a friendly reminder: ”Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. ”]

[Finally, superpowers are a blessing, a gift, but they can also be a curse.]

Yisi looked at himself in the mirror, his hand cupped with a fruit knife, sharp but not sharp enough to cut the skin.

Meanwhile, the high school student in the mirror gently slashed his upper right arm.

He had a suspicion that could only be verified by entering Wonderland.

Yisi looked at the alarm clock beside him; how time flies, it was already 11:59pm.

3, 2, 1, 0!

The sudden Red-and-Black Mist full of moist vapor, which seemed to have an autonomous consciousness, slowly enveloped Yisi in it as if a mother was embracing her child.

Yisi loses all consciousness.

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