After we had dinner at night my aunt told me about how my mum is sick and is currently in the hospital she sustain injury from a fight with my father,I don even know how long would someone decide to be wicked to his own wife ,he should let her go if he no longer see the need for her,I just bottled up my feelings I didn want to start crying saying I want to go home because I know everything my mum is currently doing it for my sake and our exam I s fast approaching.

Well my aunt dropped another bombshell that she got a job and its a live in job so we have to make necessary preparations to start living in the hostel and I no how it would be like hell there ,rita was concerned about how Ill cope while Julia was even less concerned and happy saying shes been planning to stay at the hostel fully,I guess Ill get used to it I told my aunt and went to bed ,sleep didn even come just kept thinking about my mum,me staying at the school hostel and coping with full time bullying until Julia came inside the room and warned me not to display weakness now that well be living in Same hostel block,anyways I never intended to disturb or get close to her whats my issue with her for the ist time I kinda wished if she was the one being bullied in school well my bad>>

Fast forward

Next day at school I finally packed my things to the Dormitory well we could still go home on weekly basis so I was fine ,on my way to the assembly I saw maria and three girls romancing each other and doing all sort of things as I turned to pass another place maria saw me and came to meet me saying look who is here the prostitute and seducer I just ignored her was walking until she dragged me and told her friends to naked me and checked if I was still a virgin while one of the girls brought out her phone to video me whats with this school and videoing someone ,they forcefully removed my shirt I was wearing and I just started crying what a bad way to start my day until vera came and shouted at them to go to the assembly since vera is their Senior they obeyed and left while she drew me close to herself and i rested my head on her shoulders she pulled her jacket to cover me I felt warmth like never before ,then I remembered how she left my class angrily the other day so I raised my head up wanted to talk with her before she landed her lips on mine and kissed me wow it was different from all the forceful kiss my brother has subjected me to,I was lost when someone cleared their throat hissed and walked away furiously ,immediately vera got up and ran after the person I was shocked and her jacket is still with me so I went to the assembly ,every one around me was whispering so I went to a girl who also sit at the back sit and asked her what ,she said vera is dating the school boss although they broke up last month it seems the school boss as interest in me and vera wants me too its like is causing enemity I was surprised because have only been hearing about this school boss but hasn met her so how does she have interest in me and vera was that why she kissed me those she like me both its wrong for her to kiss me or like me as I am a girl like her I need to go and look for her to return her jacket maybe is best if I also avoid her she is the only one who treats me nicely ,am so confused I think I need to see this school boss for myself a girl lije this terrorizing everyone,it seems she was the one who caught us kissing earlier

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