Ah finally teaching has closed for the day,I went back to the hostel well rita stays in separate place for the senior secondary school and julia didn even want to stay in same place as me and she already warned me at home so I just took a top bend at the extreme end of our Dormitory ,later in the evening where I went to take my food I saw vera and some girls a girl was sitting on her lap while she caress the girls hair the way she smiled at her I felt somehow well am not even her friend as shes a senior I was about to walk pass when she saw me got up and came to meet me and said sorry for the kiss this morning I just couldn stop myself and then I said it was nice have never felt something like that I didn want to say that but ended up saying it so we talked we she escorted me and eventually ended up at my dorm so I invited her in and return her jacket I also offered her some snacks my aunt bought for me and Julia who refused her own so I took all, we chatted and she fell asleep in my bed I couldn bring my self to wake her up just kept staring at her face so I lay beside her and that same girl who talked to me at the assembly came to tell me that the school boss is coming I should wake vera to leave my bed to avoid any trouble wanted to wake her but saw no point in doing that like this is my bed,I wanted to see who the school boss is stayed awaked but ended up falling asleep only to wake up next day covered with blankets and my arms wrapped around Veras body hmm I snuggled closely but wanted to get up until the school bell rang,so I had to wake her up she went back to her hostel to prepare while I had went to take my bath ,after bathing i found out the hostel was so quiet immediately fear crept into my body I tried opening the door but found out I was locked inside started knocking and shouting who did I offend now have been minding my business after knocking and even shouting for thirty minutes the door finally opened I came out.to see girls gathered at the door was s they started pouring me things and the girl I saw sitting at Veras lap came forward and was telling everyone how am a prostitute I seduced vera,i was so confused because i have no idea how I seduced her she went ahead and warned me to stay away from her girlfriend I was so weak I started shivering from cold since I had been out of the bathroom for a while someone even brought the picture of me and vera snuggling this school is like another nightmare first me everybody was having their share f embarrassing me when a girl in hoodie entered and I blacked out>>

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