Light And Darkness

Chapter-1:A Lovely Family

Thousands of years ago in the world of Ophanim,a huge war was fought between the Forces of Light and Darkness

This war have lasted for ages and one side was equally as strong and powerful as the other making the war balanced where there can be no winner.Both sides have their own Kings,exactly ten each,and these Kings were embedded with great powers given by their respective gods,The emissary of Light and The emissary of Darkness.

But this balance was disrupted when The emissary of Darkness gave one of his Kings,Orcus,a forbidden power,the power to transform the mana of the dead into his own demons.This greatly affect the war because now when the soldiers of light were killed,they would become one of the demons while they still have the same appearance and the same powers they once had,only that now they looked a bit darker,weaker and they no longer have their souls which also means they have no emotions.

And what more is terrifying than an army with no souls,no fear and with an appearance they are familiar with,faces that were once so close to them now the forces of Light has to fight them.

With the powers Orcus has now received the war was on the side of the Dark Forces,these changes also started affecting the other residents of Orphanim,one of the races that was greatly affected was the Human race.

The Human race were once powerless but intelligent beings,but now that the war has reached their land mana began spreading all over the continents and humans started to awaken.

But the Humans were still too weak to defend themselves from this war.While the Light tried their best to protect the Humans,the demons used them as slaves or sacrifices to replenish their hunger.

And now with the war reaching other lands and Darkness slowly consuming other races,this was no longer a war the Light alone can win.The war that was once balanced as planned by the God of Ophanim was in ruined and other life forms started getting massacred.

All this difference in balance and unnecessary bloodshed of Other races angered The God of Ophanim.

The war was about to end with the Forces of Darkness winning, but the Forces of Light refused to give up hoping that they may eventually turned the tides.They were now fighting on the heart of the continent,the light being surrounded,their only option now was to either fight to their last or they can escape in the space between dimensions where they once reside.But escaping would mean the complete conquest of Human kind and their lands by the Dark Forces.

Left with no choice the Forces of Light decide that it would be best to abandon this land and build their forces again in the Dimensional rifts.

Just when they tried to escape a great light descend on the battlefield and all the soldiers,even the Kings felt an Aura so strong that it rivals or may even be greater than the Emissaries themselves.And there they saw a person between the light of the clouds,his light was blinding and at that moment they all felt fear,a fear so great that render them motionless.

As they were contemplating their next actions,the glorified being in the sky slowly came down.All the forces immediately ready themselves.But suddenly all the forces in the battlefield were lifted up and with them the land they stood on was raised.

Everything was beginning to float and just when this being raised his right arm they could no longer move except for the Kings,but they too were floating.

Now they were at a certain height,but they all know what was about to happen.Just when this being lower his hand all the things and living creatures that were floating were now thrown to the ground that were not yet lifted up.The fall itself was not fatal but the mana which control them to float was pushing them down.

Even the Kings were affected by this action,they were dazed on how such being could have so much force to even affect them.

Now that they regain their posture,they were ready to fight back.

But then they felt nauseous,was it because of the fall?But somthing like that would not happen all at once,even the some of the Kings were feeling dizzy.

Then they look at where that mysterious being was floating and they saw it.

This mysterious being was collecting the mana from the surroundings and was creating a spell.They all felt terror seeing him create such majestic Magic Circles.Then he suddenly spoke.

”You defilers of the land,the disruptors of the balance of this world…..You have angered the God of Ophanim and he wants your presence gone from his sight immediately. ”

His voice was like thunder,which can be heard across the continent,and just when he finishes his words,he was complete with creating the magic circle,and from the circle came out a dark sphere which seems to be a black hole,but it wasn sucking them in.He dropped the black sphere and it falls slowly to the ground.

Just when the black sphere reach the ground,it suddenly expands covering everything,they all knew if this black sphere reach them something bad is gonna happen.

So all the forces in the field started escaping to the Dimensional rifts,the Dark forces which contains millions of forces were cut down to a mere hundred thousands as they were in the middle of the Sphere.

The light however does not suffer such great loss like the Dark Forces,but the number of casualties was high.

After they all escape in the Rifts,the mysterious being creates seven stones each filled with elemental powers blessed by the elemental Gods.

The stones consist of Fire, Water,Ice, Lightning,Earth,Nature and Wind.

He then scattered the stones across the world and if any living creatures in this world is accepted by the stones,he would be blessed by that stone elemental God.

Due to the war demons who stray from the dimensions started frequently arrive on the World,coming out from portals, dungeons or Rifts.The world was now constantly fighting against these demons.

While this may seem like a problem,it was also a blessing and an advantage for the Humans,because now they are able to use magical powers.And now that there is no war,they can learn how to use these powers on the demons that came from the portal.

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