Nyle was venting his anger on everyone and everything that come across him .The thought of just making a small change to his place made his blood boil the thought of someone invading his home is out of his imagination.

When the news of his mom planning to renovate,he hurriedly returned back home. His room was untouched which is a relief to him,he changed his previous passcodes, sent a text to his mom saying ”I know ” with that he switched off his phone.

After the long five hour flight, he reached hotel NEWBORN to take a nap. Waking up he oned the phone within seconds it was filled with security alert now hes anxious, he dialled his mom ”MOM if you dare do something to my place I swear Im not gonna see you in my entire life ” with that he cut the call. His mom who was puzzled by his words suddenly interpreted the situation and called him back.

While driving back to airport his mom called, his first thought was to not pick it but then ”HELLO ”. ”Nyle listen me I asked them to cancel the renovation plan, but you accidentally locked a girl inside ”. ”WHAT ” ”Shes a member of the repair team locked from the morning and they
e breaking the main door thats wh ” ”BREAKING THE DOOR ” roared cutting his mothers words.

”Nyle there is no other option left for them I have called you to ask the codes but you didn answer. Don worry they will handle carefully ,also police is there as well ”

”MOM you know i value that place still you gave permission ” Nyle said with hurt.

”Just for your emotion you can risk someones life ”

”Its enough mom I didn expect this from you ”.

With that nyle headed back to his home

A couple of police guards are putten in the front broken door. He examined the place except for the door nothing is changed or destroyed.

But his anger didn reduced.

His place which he treasure is fragmented for a stupid person.

He wanted to break that idiot who barged inside his home

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