Lone Star of the Abyss

Prologue: Lone star

We live our lives without considering what exists outside of our reality in this constantly expanding universe. We ask ourselves why we are here, but we never consider the paradox of life. In life, it is a contradiction for people to act rationally, ostensibly act in the interests of the greater good, act as the victim, or act as though they have power.

Chaos and order, meaning and meaninglessness, creation and destruction, love and hatred are just a few of lifes paradoxes. In the opinion of a wise man, one cannot exist without the other.

The paradox of life, however, is just life being contrived itself; there is no meaning to it.

When you acquire true knowledge of this existence, you realize how insignificant and small you are in comparison to the rest of the universe. There are also concepts that defy human imagination and language.

In this enlightened time of 1543912394023829 regression, during which every universe will eventually end, I have witnessed everything. In this multiverse, I have been known as the lone star that burns brightly at the end of each creation.

I was the first regressor to represent humanity; I played the roles of a mad scientist, king, demon, worm, dog, and cat throughout my countless life.

[Divine system: You have become the first regressor in the history of mankind.]

[Divine system: You have become a reincarnator.]

[Divine system: You have become a celestial.]

[Divine system: You have become the supreme lord.]

I travel through time in search of lifes objective solution, but I eventually realize there is no definitive solution to this paradox.

But there is one objective fact that I must learn. What is the purpose of Gods creation? Why are we forced to suffer in this cycle of rebirth and life that never ends?

Im the person who is about to learn the truth about my reality, and my name is (???????).

[Divine system: Youve found the Nirvana fragment.

In order to see (Braham), the ultimate or absolute reality, you must obtain one of the five keys.]

A huge pixelated door is in front of me, and the universe is completely dark behind me—no more light is visible. My allies, lover, adversary, and humanity have disappeared inside of this darkness.

There is no such thing as time or space; I keep moving but remain in the same location as I make my way toward the enormous pixelated door that seems to have stretched out for all of eternity. I will eventually be able to touch this pixelated door within this eternity.

[To open the door between your universe and the ”data dimension, ” you require the divine key.]

So, in order to get the divine key, I recreate my entire universe as a new god. I betrayed humanity by killing all life forms that disagreed with me, including my own comrades.

[Divine system: Youve acquired (divine key)]

In the end, I was able to unlock this pixilated door using the divine keys. I perceived infinite words floating in space behind this door, constantly morphing into the things they stand in for before returning to their original form.

I spend a centuries reading my story, only to discover that it is the tale of my allies and me. I keep moving forward in this world of words. Is this my memory, or does our story is merely a novel?

I had to give up my emotions in order to remain sane. Only my consciousness will endure in this world of words. The date dimension is a repository for all of the tales in my multiverse, and it would take me an eternity to read them all.

[Divine system: Youve abandon your emotion.]

Since I eventually lost track of time while reading other stories, I was only left reading my own story to find out how it ended. Everything in my story accurately reflects the life I have lived up to this point, and I can recall every little aspect of it.

Then I encounter a massive full stop. The world I am familiar with and the world beyond this are separated by an impenetrable barrier, which prevents me from going any further.

[Divine system: To proceed, you must allow the (divine wall) to transform you into pure energy.]

In order to locate the owner of this divine wall and steal it from them, I recreate the entire universe using the same plot that I read about in the data dimension.

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