One more reason to why the battle beginning here, the holographic text above my head is the reason. It said [Open arena] now I realized this place just turned into a battleground for every dawner.

”What are you doing Setsuna? We should run away, this is too dangerous for us. It could kill us! ” Shan warned Setsuna as she sprinted into the battlefield.

”What is the fun without risking? I always dream about this day. The world is too peaceful, don you think? if we won, we could become the richest person in SEA region! ” Setsuna chuckled before charging in.

”Stop it, Setsuna. we should observe the situation first. ” I said as she was rushing into the battle, she didn even listen to me.

I understood her thinking pattern, but still, this is unexpected. Setsuna is an opportunistic person. However, I am different. I am neither a coward nor a hero. I am the type of person who tries to think of the best solution first in order to engage in the battle.

Everything could be fine as it is if I fled at this time. I will lose if I fight right now. I am not the kind of person who would desert my friends, either.

I didn run away from my friends, however, flee or engage in combat; instead, my mind simply examined every pattern of the ICE QUUEN, trying to figure out how someone could leap so far and move so quickly like lightning.

Now that I think about it, the majority of the people here are capable of using their virtual skills in the real world, such as summoning a blue particle sword, casting spells, and using magic to increase their strength.

Is this a bug from the system? Even a high ranker can only use super strength in reality. However, currently the blue particles engulfing this body are proof that magic from the world of dawn allows everyone to use it in real life.

I was observing Hyun Hee as well as the situation when countless flames flew toward me out of nowhere, distracting me from thinking. I evaded them, however, when I tried to use my skill like everyone else, I couldn use any of it.

Why am I the only one who couldn use skills in real life while these people murder people using their magic? These people don wear AR glasses either, yet they can still use their skills.

Meanwhile, the flame being thrown at me burns one part of my shirt, and I quickly try to snuff it off by ripping the sleeves of my shirt apart while kneeling down in sweat. Shit! At this point, I can only use my human strength to flee away like a coward first, as I know Setsuna and Shans abilities will help them survive, but I have no ability right now.

”Damn it, why the ** am I the only one who can use the skill? ” I mumbled as I rolled backward to evade another incoming flame ball.

As I lay down on the grass in a sweat, the magician who had thrown a flame at me was being cut down in half by my teacher. Their organs splashed out, and blood painted the grass around their corpses in red.

My teacher said with a smirk as he stepped on the magicians corpse, ”Seems like your avatar information might take a while to transfer to this universe, haha, you are running out of luck kid. ”

He is approaching me as other dawners try to slash their swords at him. He deflects their swords with ease and in a second, he draws a line through their neck and blood splashes out from their headless body. He licks the blood stained on his sword and keeps strolling toward me.

My teacher is a true psychopath, I must run away now. I won talk to this bastard as I am not a hero who questions everything the villain does. Some people you just can reason with, and my teacher has always been this kind of person.

I quickly stood up and turned away from him, using all my strength to push my legs running toward the escalator as he killed other dawners like an onion.

The majority of the buildings residents and students have congregated atop these domes to take part in the battle; now, in addition to the ICE Queen, other high-ranking players are also present. Therefore, if I took this escalator and hid in a building, I would be fine. Forget about helping Setsuna and Shan, I can survive without my ability.

While I was running away from my teacher, I turned around to look at the artificial garden. It quickly turned into a river of blood as the crimson sunlight shone upon us, going from 100 to 1000 people in a matter of seconds.

As I was sprinting with all my strength, my teacher suddenly appeared before me and jumped to kick my stomach just as I was about to reach the escalator . Ive never experienced genuine pain before when fighting against dawners, but our bodys defense system has failed! No wonder these people could inflict pain on each other.

”Where are you going, Einsamer? This planet makes me think of a joke. Is it possible to have eternal peace? when my entire world must vanish into thin air. ” It was my teacher, and he is now giving me a hateful look.

”What are you talking about? ” I asked him and continued with a hesitant smile to cope with this situation ”And how can you be able to move like a super human? ”

”Oh my dear student, I am a regressor. I have a memory from… how come I don remember anything now, but it doesn matter anymore haha. ” After he stopped speaking, he then summoned another blue dagger, hovering beside him, and pierced me in the shoulder.

I gritted my teeth in pain as the dagger disappeared into my shoulder, and blood was streaming down my shoulder to the ground.

”Ahhhh! ” I screamed in pain.

A moment please? A real dagger appears out of thin air! He could use real magic in reality. I saw a blue particle fading around the dagger. That is the magic particle from the virtual reality version of [Dawn].

”I would be the savior of humanity in the world of dawn, so give me your archetype once your avatar skill is successfully transferred to you. ” He then put his foot on my chest and prepared to kill me by raising the blue particle sword in his hands.

Only then did I notice a pixelated text above my head that said, ”System: Your avatars skill is being transferred. ” Now I know why these people could use the ability from the game version of [Dawn World] even though they don wear AR glasses. This is just a theory, but this is the only explanation I can think of.

Right now, the game has become our reality!

My eyes grew wide as I saw this pixelated text above my head, causing my teacher to question me.

”So you saw the system screen now? then die!!! I only need 20% of your avatars stat. ” My teacher laughed loudly as he thrust his sword toward me.

In my memories, he was someone who I didn try to talk to. He would let students bully the weak kids and overlook the bully, which is why I thought he was just a typical selfish person. But it turns out, he is a real monster!

Everything happened so fast. I didn know how to react as the sword got closer to me. All I could do was scream, but then a thick water exploded everywhere above me. The blood splashed all over my face.

Perhaps this is in my blood? But it isn ; my teachers head flew above the clouds. I could still spot a surprised face on his flying head, and behind him was probably the coldest person on this battlefield.

My heart froze at the sight of her! Her eyes seemed dead and no more light came from them. I no longer screamed as I looked at her with a surprised expression. I simply don know where the ** this is going anymore.

Hyun Hee said, while wiping the blood of my teacher from her cheek. ”I forgot there are more than two regressors in this world line. I must be cautious from now on. ”

However, Regressor? What the fxck is she on about? I only know this thing exists on a webnovels. Are they trying to sound cool by claiming to be a regressor? I must reach out to her and ask her, but I still don know if she is on my side yet.

”Are you a regressor? ” I asked, while I put my hand to cover the blood leaking from my shoulder.

”….. ” No words came from her.

As expected, she didn respond and just fixed her cold eyes directly at me as she stood before me while I lay down with a wound on my shoulder that my teacher inflicted.

I turned my attention from her gaze and began searching everywhere for my friends. Then, from a far distance, I noticed Setsuna had just brutally beat a group of girls, and blood dripped from her ripped shirt… She wasn crying or grinning; her face was simply expressionless.

While in another location of this artificial garden, Shans face was distorted, I could still tell he was crying as his sword pierced another male student in the stomach.

Everywhere I heard an approaching scream of agony.

”All the coins is mine!!!! ” One student shouted

”Die, I don care anymore. I want to be rich. ” Another old men screamed, he is also the security guard.

”Please don kill me!!! ” One girl raised her voice as she was about to get stab by a dagger.

There was a huge text all over the place when Hyun Hee and I both glanced up at the sky. The text appear on every building that I could see, not just in the sky! Therefore, the entire Singapore dome must already have turned into a battlefield.

The beginning of Gods impending judgment is found in these texts.

[Open Arena!!!!!!!!!!

Your prohibition against using magic has been lifted, so you can now utilize all of your skills in the real world.

If you kill someone, there will be no restrictions on your punishment]

I was shocked as I read the text and thought, ”What the fxck? ” People who have access to Dawns ability will start rioting, killing, and raping at this point because the situation has gotten worse than World War 3. Why does something that seems like a nightmare like this just happen?

When the text appeared all over the sky, Hyun Hee suddenly decided to raise her forceful voice.

”You look like a naive boy, to think I would cross my universe to save you. Hey Einsamer, get up. If you keep in mind everything you saw today, you alone could save everyone here. ” I received a slap from Hyun Hee, who then fixed her eyes on mine.

”Hehh? ” I let out a silly voice while rubbed my wound, and now I realize how cowardly I am.

Forget about saving everyone, I have no ability to even save myself.

I used to rationalize my cowardice by hiding behind a screen, but now that reality has sunk in, I can even picture myself as the overpower main character of the webnovel I read!



A large number of divine eyes can be seen on the rim of a transparent, golden spacecraft that is shaped like a wheel stacking upon a wheel and is moving slowly through space. Archangel travels in this spacecraft, which is called an Ophanim.

Not even a highly developed civilization could compete with this ship in terms of combat power after it destroyed many planets space defense systems. Ophanim are capable of instantly destroying an entire planet.

Two golden, rusted seats with furry creatures hovering next to them are found inside the spaceship. Two archangel tasked with delivering the divine judgment to the solar system were sitting on one of the seats.

From a birds eye view inside Ophanim, a man with long, curly golden hair, golden eyes, and white wings that appeared to be able to embrace a person observed everything that occurred on earth. He was an archangel, Gabriel.

Gabriel looked at a huge blue sphere made of blue particles. It is a magic ball that displays the current state of affairs on Earth and has the power to see through any region of the planet it is focused on.

{Interesting, the planet earth is full of sinners haha} Gabriel let out an evil laugh.

A woman sitting next to Gabriel, her legs crossed as she gazed at the blue sphere, had long, golden hair that was as smooth as silk. She had a slimming sword in her right hand and was dressed in a golden armor. She is an archangel, Jophiel.

{I had no idea that humanity had already developed a method for producing true magic. Now we can judge them without using our magic. Did you modify their world system?} Jophiel spoke while looking dejected.

{I only use 1% of my brain, but even that is enough to turn their system against them. See now! They begin killing one another.!} Gabriel chuckled.

Josephil believed that most planets had already experienced the judgment of God, but this is the first planet where people began killing one another even before the judgment had begun.

Maybe this planets inhabitant is the embodiment of evil itself? Or perhaps Gabriel was the beginning of all of this, and these people simply got involved. In any case, she just hopes that these people make it through the five apocalyptic waves.

Jophiel used one of her powers to affect the entire world; as a result, her eyes began to glow with golden light as she observed the worlds pure magic. One of the people she could recognize with the eyes of sage was Rith, one of the strongest dawners.

Jophiel pondered by herself (Its interesting to see a human with pure magic comparable to Gabriel, I am waiting to see your potential.)

A rapid riot was breaking out everywhere on earth, airplanes were falling all over the places, and criminal activity was suddenly on the rise. However, when faced with chaos, even the government can collapse, proving that the pursuit of freedom comes before all else. On this days, People are starting to understand that the dawn of the Regressor is the beginning of the apocalypse.

High rankers enlisted low ranker to join them and invaded numerous military installations around the world. Since there is no longer any evidence of a government, dawner now rules the new world. The world as a whole is currently experiencing this nightmare, not just the Singapore dome.

[Divine System:

Earths population of sinners is 90%.

Countdown of the first judgement: 2 hours]

{Earthling, your tutorial lesson in life has come to an end. You must now demonstrate your value in this universe.} Gabriel grins menacingly.

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