The entire planet is covered in a crimson sky of flame, and soldiers have been dispatched all over the planet to restore order. I can feel earthquakes from the impact of the SEA continent as countless skyscrapers crumble into dust, including a floating island that the government boasted would never fall.

After the third world war, it tooks humanity 50 years to rebuild everything and even advance technology toward a Utopia society. As a result, we have expanding our civilization into space. We have come to the conclusion that there is no other life form in the Milky Way galaxy besides mankind.

With this knowledge, humanity started to colonize other planets like Mars, Saturn, a floating city on Neptune, and even started to rebuild a planet close to Pluto.

Many scientists believe that the end of humanity would be a natural catastrophe or even a galactic war. However the end of the world could come from this text alone! who could predict this?

[Open arena]

The good news is that some high rankers even defend defenseless individuals, so for what is Hyun Hee fighting? She turned her back on me after saving me from death and hurried back into a battle to engage in combat with three high ranker.

I have so many more questions I would like to ask her, but this is not the appropriate time. Even though Im not the strong main character, I try to gather myself because I absolutely must live and save my friends.

I now understand why Hyun Hee hurried into the fight with some High rankers, they were hastily killing students and civilians who got caught up in the fight in order to amass more coins.

All that matters is that she is currently battling these high ranking individuals to defend people, and to know that Hyun Hee is on the side of goodness.

I paused my though and concentrate on my body, I can force my body to stand up right away due to my shoulder is bleeding and my chest must be suffering internal damage. I cough up some blood and wipe it off, I can still feel the moisture on my pan. It is embarrassing, but I have to admit that I was anxious about this novel circumstance a moment ago.

In order to clear my head and resume thinking logically. The best thing to do is I must acknowledge this reality before my eyes.

Once I realized what was going on, I turned away from Hyun Hee to look for Setsuna. She was looking at something in her hand as she sat on one of the old mens dead corpse. I am aware that the screen is probably what is showing her avatars stats. Damn? Doesn even care to look for me, this girl? When one of her friends was about to pass away, she didn even bat an eye at me.

I only noticed something when she stopped scrolling.

Setsuna muttered to herself, ”Found it, ” and moved toward me.


Potion attribute: Healing

Level of item: Mystic

Discription: At a cost of 50k coins, a priest on the verge of death asks the mystic dragon for assistance and receives the gift of complete healing.]

She created a potion of the Mystic level out of thin air, leaving a blue sparkle all around it.

”You idiot, open your mouth. You must consume the entire potion because I spent 50,000 coins on it. ” Setsuna scowled

She lifted up my chin and forced me to drink, I couldn even breath at this point I might be dead from suffocation instead.

I can feel the repair of my body cells after consuming this potion. I now understand that this is the mystic potion from the world of dawn, which can be used to heal even severe damage so long as your body is still intact. It is also obvious to me now, that the world of dawns skill, item, and ability could be applied in the real world!

For a person with delusions, that would be a wonderful experience because you could use every skill you possess in the real world, but for someone with reason, this would be a catastrophe.

I spoke to her while my lip was covered in blood and Setsuna had a bewildered expression on her face when she heard my statement.

”You adapt so fast to this apocalypse, ” I said.

After pausing for a moment, Setsuna pushed me back to the ground and stood up to look at Hyun Hee, only then did she reply to me. I could only see the shade of her warped face as it appeared to me that the Setsuna I know might be no longer here.

”Perhaps this is the real me ” Setsuna spoke while looking up at the sky, she might be crying a little bit right now even she hides her emotion, I know she is the most sensitive amongst my friends.

Because it seems like there is currently a barrier between us, I just stood up and brushed mud off of my clothes because I couldn even comfort her. I could, however, do one thing right now to save her and Shan.

I try to distract myself from being emotional, therefore I put on the AR glasses with a built-in high end CPU. Immediately, a flash of innumerable stars traveling at the speed of light could be seen, I normally need a few seconds to log into the server and summon the VR version of the world of dawn before synthesising my avatar skill into the AR version, but this time I was unable to do so and was instead greeted by a huge screen.


Emergency announcement:

You can access your avatars skill to use it in your world however the World of Dawn no longer allows outsiders.]

Outsiders? There are beings like cosmic entities, dimensional creatures, and outer gods in The World of Dawn, but as an outsider, it seems as though I am being treated more like an exile. I had never heard of this modification before.

In any case, I believe that average users without authorization are no longer able to log into the World of Dawn. The server might be undergoing maintenance. Even if they succeed in fix the bug, the world has already been destroyed, and they will be held responsible.

Moreover, how can Setsuna buy the potion from the item shop if the world of dawn doesn exist anymore? I detest how many questions there are at this time, for the love of God.

[System: You can now use your skill without a console chip.

Please wait while your item and skill are being transformed.]

I can now understand why many people without AR glasses could still use their skill after reading this text. Right now, people were summoning sword and spear out of thin air, fighting against each others. Magic has completely change our society, from now on a new, ominious world awaiting us.

While waiting for the loading screen, for some reason, I feel as though my head and vision are clearer than they have ever been. I am certain of what I must do in order to defeat the remaining opponents—or, at the very least, to force them to surrender.

This is strange, I was confused in a moment ago. Perhaps I am no longer me? just like what Setsuna had said, we might not be ourselves anymore.

Let not think much about it, Einsamir. I know what I must do, so I should reach out to Shan who was still fighting among the crowd.

”Shan, if you want to survive. You must listen to me for now. ” I dashed into the battle field while Setsuna used her dark magic to manipulate gravity and exert pressure on those nearby me.

Setsuna smiled and said, ”Now, this is Einsamir I know. ” Her eyes glistened with fire once again.

”I believed you to be dead. The sword pierces your body! ” While deflecting a flame that was being thrown at Shan, he turned to face me with puzzled face.

”Hey, I may be frail, but Im not stupid. It was merely a component of my plan. ” I made an effort to sound cool, and hopefully that is convincing enough.

”I was crying for nothing, damn it! If we do survive, at least buy me a meal to make up for my tears. ” Said Shan.

As Shan ran to protect me from another flame, he could barely suppress a smile. Perhaps he knows I was lying but he was glad to know that I was still alive.

A part of me understand, It is either kill or be killed in this situation, regardless of who is at fault. Even a whiny a moment ago has the potential to turn violent. I must not blame the world or myself, it is the ways it is and I will do my best to survive to find out the truth of this mess.

”Lets use our formation A, skip the emotional part! ” Setsuna spoke to notify us, we nodded our head to her

”You are aware of my plan! ” I smiled at Setsuna.

Setsuna then sprints to me as Shan and I are now standing back to back as more dawners rush toward us from all directions.. One man could be heard shouting as if he knew who we were.

”They are the golden triangle! Kill them, they are in possession of many coins! ” Unknown man shouted from among the crowd.

He was leaking my formation A true skill which is known as [Golden triangle]! We once enjoyed popularity in the world of dawn, as golden triangle are amongst the early players to defeat dimensional creature.

However this is not the case in reality; everyone I know is unaware of who we really are and I don want to get into trouble with other high ranker in the AR world, this is why we kept it as secret for many years.

So he is the cause of the dawners sudden shift their focus to us?

”What? The dimensional creature-slayer from the world of dawn, Golden Traingle! ” Another woman of middle age shouted, her eyes glistening with desire of lust.

”So they
e a group of teenagers rather than one individual? now, let us adults demonstrate our true strength. ” Another man of middle age ran toward us while screaming.

Damn, it makes sense that every silver rank dawner, with the exception of ordinary civilians, rushed to defeat us when they heard about us in the dawn universe. Fortunately, formation A is exactly the golden triangle skill, which is one of my collections most potent combo moves. Rush in like a fool, and Ill show you what upper rank can accomplish. Ill track down the person who knows my identity once Ive defeated these noobies.

”Einsamer! Get the skill going quickly or well lose to this silver rank. ” Setsuna informed me, and her face now appears to be getting darker.

”What is the urgency about? You were courageous just now, hehe ” Shan appears to be making light of the circumstance.

”Wait a second! ” I spoke with a pale expression

I was waiting for something, and it was this thing that prevented me from using the skill. Oh, my God, the loading screen is taking forever. There are some abilities I have right now, but they are not as strong as formation A, at this point I am going to die because of this loading screen.

[System: 87%—– Loading]

Is it naive of me to believe that I can save my friends here?

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