Lone Star of the Abyss

SEA region strongest dawner

As the cube has now grown at a rapid rate and even pierced the sky, thousands of survivors who were merely killing each other on the outskirts of Tokyo have now turned their attention to a gigantic cube that is as tall as the sky.

On top of the cube is a huge tower spread with tree branches that is progressively extending its hand to engulf the planet. The cube appears to have several stories stacking atop it and was built out of a black liquid that appears to want to escape and have a life of its own.

Even those who were not inside the Tokyo Dome could see the enormous tree branch that was obscured by the mist above the sky.

”This is the Yggdrasil tree from the God sanctuary in the world of dawn, isn it? ” Akira, who was in pain due to his wound, stared up at the sky.

He is thin, has brown hair, and is of ordinary height.. Even though Akira was still a teenager, he served as vice captain of the Red Samurai from the World of Dawn, his accomplishments are enormous.

A women named Nakano, the leader of the Red Samurai, was standing next to Akira. she has a tanned skin and had dyed her pony tail white, despite being a woman, she is taller and much more muscular than Akira.

Both of them have now become aware of a massive text that has appeared all over the place, from the sky to every nook and cranny of the dome.

[Divine judgment: The start of the fifth wave will occur simultaneously around the world.

Failure: The solar systems destruction

Reward: Holy ticket for participating in interstellars war.

Condition: Defeat the five kings of disaster

[High Difficulty]


Nakanos eyes are ajar. ”This is annihilation, not judgment. ” Said Nakano.

When Nakano dropped her sword, it broke into a blue particle. Nakano sat down and took in her surroundings while exhaling heavily. She also appears to have lost all determination to fight.

Then, to help Nakano restore her composure, Akira placed his hand on her shoulder and gave her a firm shake.

”Will you give up, Captain? We may not be heroes, but we still have families to care for ”Akira spoke louder.

”Family? I probably won live my entire life in The World of Dawn if I have a family. ” Nakano spoke while feigning a smile as she took her cigarriate out of the pocket and lit it.

”Captain, I quit the guild. Im no longer want to fight. ” Another men look defeated beside Nakano and Akira.

Nakano just nodded her head to a members who have given up, she declared the guild will be disassembled.

As those around her give up and cease to fight, the smoke from her cigarrate waves in the air, this smoke would extinguish just like these survivor. In the blink of an eye, disaster would follow disaster, and people would lose all motivation to fight.

When she was lost in though, Nakano could observed individuals were still fighting for some reason because they were still killing each other in the distance, there were explosion and blue particle ignite all over the dome. For what reason do these people fight for? She is not the type of person who fight for coins or power, she was simply just want a companion by her side.

Aside from playing The World of Dawn, Nakano has no other reason to live besides getting older as evidenced by her wrinkled skin.

Through her memories, she vanquished many waves of dimensional creatures from the eastern dimension. She quickly gained notoriety as one of the ten strongest dawners in the East Asian region.

A moment later Nakano puts down the cigarette as the ash scatters into the air, leaving her memories behind. She then stops going over her memories, instead, she turned to greet Akira with a smile and decided that perhaps she still needed to protect a senior who required her leadership.

”So you lie about having a wife and kids, right? ” Speaking with a jew dropped, Akira.

”I didn want to be perceived by the guild as a loser, but now it doesn matter ” Nakano smiles broadly and continues to speak ”You said you had a family, didn you? To save them, let go! ”

Akira was patted by Nakano, who later fiddled with his hair and laughed.

Akira nodded, but he still had a lot of questions and felt betrayed in some way. Nevertheless, he realized Nakano wasn a bad person—if anything, she was the most kind-hearted person he knew. She defends the Red Samurai from numerous attacks from other guilds and even contributes her own coins to the development of this guild.

Walking through a street full of corpses with torn clothing, Akira and Nakano realized that the survivor were fighting a moment ago belonged to the group that had just killed these innocent people they had just seen. They reasoned that these corpses had probably experienced something terrible.

It appeared that there were still good people hiding inside some ruined building along this street. Outside the building, In this street, a group of survivor caught Nakanos attention, As a result, she stopped Akira and instructed him to join her inside a building so they could hide from them.

Among the group of survivor camping near the road, is a familiar face to Nakano; he is the vice captain of the Semi Butterfly clan, a subclan of the Black Butterfly guild. The largest guild in the entire world, it is made up of numerous distinct clans. This mans name was Daiki, and he is one of the sadistic characters in the world of dawn.

However, a moment later, another figure appeared on the horizon of this street. This man was walking toward Semi Buttleflys camp and was filled with strength and a demonic aura, which caused Nakano to experience fear for the first time. He had dark hair that resembled an abyss, and he was dressed in a black hoodie.

”I know the girl wants it, but she screams for me to stop. Too bad she committed suicide before I could even finish ”Daiki raised his head and extended his tongue to lick the dead girls corpse.

His companion boasted about him, ”Captain, you were so amazing, defeating all of these low rank in one go! ” which made Daiki feel even more amazing.

Daiki was licking the corpse of a young girl when all of a sudden a figure behind the smoke of destroying buildings appeared on the street. Daiki has a terrified expression on his face as he tries to run over to the man and make an appeal to him. The man had the ability to instill fear in many people just by looking at him.

Daiki gave his companion the go-ahead to look around the street for the young girl he just captured.

”Are you not Rith? the SEA regions strongest Dawner. What brought you to Japan? ” Daikis eyes enlarge.

”Did you kill these people? ” Rith questioned, his eyes was frigid and he simply ignore Daikis question.

”They are indeed weaklings. If youd like, I can bring you a few girls; they
e hiding inside the building, but I can bring them out. ” Daiki persuaded.

Daiki is aware that all powerful Dawners adore money, women, and fame.

In lieu of responding, Rith simply remained motionless for a brief period of time while he awaited a visitor, he knows someone would come. Then two more figures—Nakana and Akira—appeared from behind the smoke and was walking toward him because Nakano won overlook the captured young girl to be a slave.

Daiki understands his plan would be foiled at this point and that he cannot simply fight these three. He therefore tries to persuade Rith to reconsider and join him.

Around 20 members of the semi butterfly clan swarmed toward Akira and Nakano after Daiki once more signaled for them to fight.

”Ill let you join the Black Butterfly guild if you kill the two people behind you. I am Semi Butterflys vice captain. Coin! Women! I will give you all. ” Daiki attempts to persuade Rith while cracking a half-smile..

”Scum like you always adapt to every situation that suit your interest. Unfortunately, your entire guild can even compete with me and my master teach me to be a good men. ”Rith said while grinning wickedly and shaking his head.

Rith demonstrated his prowess by compelling Daiki to get on his knees and then showing him the coins he has possesses.


Avatar: Rith Bora

Coin: 68213213]

Daiki yelled for his underling to killed Nakano quickly, and come to help him or else he would actually die because someone with this many coins could use their skill indefinitely.

”Kill them all and help me quickly. ” To counter Rith, Daiki displayed his skill too.

Black magic, or the capacity to manipulate gravity, was Daikis skill. He used one of his skills, [Counter stun] to escape Riths stunned state and rush toward him. As a result, his hand is now covered in black particles. It was visible how space and time had warped around Daikis arms.

Daiki attempted to punch Rith, but a white screen appeared as the border between him and Rith, then deflected the blow.

”What? ” Daiki was startled and sprinted backward to get away from the blank screen.

The white screen gradually grew larger before gliding in Daikis direction.

”It is not possible! ” Daiki hissed and used all of his strength to get away from the blank screen.

Daiki jumped up to get away. He spent 1000 coins and can now use one of his skills. [Gravity management]

However, he was then greeted by a further airborne screen. He raised his head high and braced his feet against gravity before gathering his strength to punch the white screen. He surprised himself by punching the screen, which didn even scratch the screen, and a text appeared.

[System: Youve been imprisoned]

Turning his head toward the ground and pushing the white screen in the sky with his feet. Daiki arrived to the ground once more while kneeling in a pool of sweat, despite this, he is still unable to flee from another screen that sprinted in his direction with such incredible speed that it threw him into the structure, which then collapsed on top of him.

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