Daiki looked at Rith with narrowed eyes as he was covered in debris after being struck by the screen and could see that Rith hadn even moved an inch. Daiki now understood that Rith had only used merely 1% of his stats against him. As a last resort, Daiki used all of his remaining strength to consume his coin, and as a result, his body has grown stronger.

He is now able to break free from the rubble and rush toward Rith while feeling unstoppable. There were sparkling black particles dancing around Daiki, and whenever he moved, the building distorted and fell apart.


Avatar: Daiki Tanjiro

Max ability is gained by consuming 313294 coins.]

”Don you dare treat me like a fool! ” Daiki roared in pain, but something then passed through him, causing him to pondered in regret (But I just spent every coin I had.)

”Ahhhhhhhhh ” Daiki let out a faint voice and coughed blood, his face pale and his body is leaking blood.

A second blank screen slid through his leg as the first one turned vertically and sliced through his arms. In this state, Daiki has neither legs nor arms and is lying on the ground. As tears streamed down his cheeks, he realized that his life was about to end due to his stupidity.

Rith approached Daikis armless body and muttered, ”Pay for your sin by suffering here, you won die an easy death ”

”Before I pass away, could you at least tell me what your archetype is? ” Daiki used his remaining energy to asked.

”I will tell you, when you are burn in hell for eternity. ” said Rith, grinning.

[System: Daiki is currently a prisoner of hell]

Daikis smile vanished, his face turned serious, and he started to cry like a baby ”Fxck, no. I do not want to pass away and enter hell. ”

Another battle between Akira and Nakano and the semi-buttefly clan occurred from not too far away. While another man slashed his sword at Nakano, steel against steel, with the power of blue particle sparkle dancing around their sword, Nakano was still able to deflect the flame that was directed at her.

After kicking the men with the sword away, Nakano swung her swords around caused a sharp storm to appear, and blood was splashed from her surrounding. Those who couldn escape from the storm lost their arms and leg, then she dashed toward magician, Nakanos each step was similar to lightning speed, she stabbed him in the chest, the magician collapsed as blood leaked.

Other members witnessed the battle, causing them to flee as they realized her true strength.

Akira, however, has climbed onto a nearby demolished building. From the roof, he locked his eyes on the semi butterfly who flee, he used his skill to summon a blue bow and shoot the arrow into the air.

The arrow then split into hundred arrows and flew toward the semi-butteflies, killing them instantly. He spends 1500 coins on the skill [Hundred arrows] after he killed every butterfly, Akira leaps from the structure and runs in Nakanos direction.

Nakano was looking at something, and Akira saw it.

”It appears that Daiki has already been taken care of ” Nakano raised her eyebrows as she spoke.

Nakano focused on a man wearing a black hoodie and dark hair. .

”We assist him, but he seems to be a high-ranker ” Akira tightened his grip on his magical bow as his body tensed and said, ”He doesn seem friendly either on second thought. ”

Rith appeared to notice that Akira and Nakano were staring at him, so he turned around and gave them another analytical glance before using one of his skills to make his eyes glow with a golden light.

[System: Sages eyes are being turned on

20000 coins have been spent.]

Rith thought to himself (They are Akira and Nakano, I see. They don seems like a low ranker either in this universe. My mission here is to recruit them while waiting for Hyun Hee to arrive.)

Akira and Nakano were startled to see an upper high ranker approaching them as Rith walked on the path full of blood. The gravity shifted, the air became denser, and they could see a smirk on Riths wide lip.

”Come with me; Ill help you make it through the five waves. ” Rith made a suggestion in a husky voice.

Akira and Nakano exchanged pensive looks after hearing Riths proposal.


_Singapore dome, years 2094

After using the golden triangle, I fell from the building and was sleeping on a hard surface, I don remember everything. But I just realized Lucifer wasn an NPC anymore, which made my spin feel chilly. Except for some descriptions of him left across dimensions, Lucifer was just a being that had never appeared in the world of Dawn

I mistakenly believed that the game was simply based on the myth; however, the myth is now the game.

I made an effort to open my eyes because its difficult to sleep on a hard surface and I don even know what has become of the silver ranker who was caught in the collapse. In addition, I need to find out what happened to Shan and Setsuna, so I must gather my strength here even though I have no more energy.

When I awoke, the building had completely collapsed, and the surface I had been sleeping on was actually made of rubble. Some of the buildings remaining space is still occupied by civilians, giving them a place to hide from other Dawners.

Hyun Hee was wiping her sword with a tissue, as I could see. Its likely that Hyun Hee is defending these defenseless individuals from the other dawners, some of whom are armless and are currently unconscious.

I noticed Shan and Setsuna attempting to rescue people who were trapped under the debris, so I assume they had awakened earlier than me. However, how come no one is attempting to wake me up?

Everyone tried to avoid approaching me, with the exception of Shan and Setnaus, these civilians eyes were trembling at the realization that I had woken up.

As Shan was looking for survivors under the rubble, I yelled for him. Shan turned to face me with a dejected expression after hearing my voice.

”It appears that these survivor are hostile toward us because we destroy the building ” Shan talked as he approached me.

”I see… ” I kept quiet because I am aware that we are to blame for this.

In another area of the ruined building, I could also see a few high ranker gathered with other civilians who are now looking at me with their curiosity. I can also see some people are staring at us with hatred in their eyes.

I had no idea that the skill known as [Golden Traingle] was so potent in reality that it could destroyed an entire building. I must use it cautiously moving forward..

We will no longer experience luck because the [Golden triangle] has a 20-day cooldown period. As a result, moving forward, if we encounter other hostile Dawners, we must rely on our low level skill.

I turn my attention to a young woman approaching Hyun Hee, who was sitting on a rock wiping her sword.

She had stunning, long, black hair that was silky smooth, and her eyes were the color of rubies.

”You may respond now that I have saved the remaining survivor. You must possess precognition, then? ” Setsunas voice filled with irritation.

When Hyun Hee turned and stopped to look at Setsuna, her ash-colored hair was dancing in the air and was slowly coming to rest.

”My ability only predicts a future event that will put me in danger; it is not omniscient. ” Hyun Hee answered with a luscious voice yet carried no emotion.

”So why didn you inform us prior to the start of this apocalypse? Are you mocking peoples lives? ” Setsuna spoke louder.

I approached Setsuna and Hyun Hee as they were conversing because there was a dark aura surrounding them that, if I didn prevent Setsunas agitation, would heighten the tension in the area. Even if the three of us team up to fight Hyun Hee, we wouldn stand a chance of winning.

”Setsuna, stop it. Hyun Hee, I believe, is on our side. ” I spoke in a voice of exhaustion.

In an effort to calm Setsuna down, I extended my arms to rest on her shoulder.

When I said Hyun Hee was on my side, she glared at me with a light in her eyes but quickly turned away and continued to wipe her sword. Hyun Hees sword was a myth-grade item in the world of dawn, I noticed. [The legendary Helhiems sword].

I made the right decision to stop Setsuna from inciting her further. Everyone in the Western dimension in the world of dawn was looking for this sword, the fabled hidden weapon.

The fabled hidden weapon is based on a myth, but it doesn actually exist in the myth. It exists simply because someone from a western dimension created this sword using the fragment fable from the Norse mythology.

”When did you learn to speak so much, Einsamir? ” Setsuna brush my hand off her shoulder.

Now that I think about it, Setsuna and Shan both have families. They must be very concerned about their family, so perhaps our first priority should be saving them. After that, Ill head over to the church to look for any survivors.

I will protect my friends and try to save as many civilians as I can because I have 5 billion coins, therefore I can use unlimited low level skill. There is a good chance that Lucifer donated this coin; did he really consider me one of his children?

I also clearly recall my teacher saying he was a regressor and had memories from other worlds. Does this imply that there are other worlds out there or that its something akin to a multiverse?

Ill uncover the truth about each person one by one and track down the person responsible for this tragedy.

”Our phone signal isn even working, damn! ” Shan fixed his gaze on his holographic tablet, said in a frustrated voice.

I also checked my holographic tablet after hearing Shan speak in an eerie voice. I don see any signal coming from it, so it makes sense that so many people are trapped inside and afraid to leave.

Right now, there must be a lot of death and chaos in the world..

The text [Open arena] is still visible above my head.

I suppose that this text will stay on this page for a while.

Second, Ill find the person who gave my information of golden triangle away; he must be a person I know.

As I looked up at the sky, I stopped and thought about how quickly the night had arrived. There was something enormous that appeared to be a serpent engulfing the sky. I could only see a shadow of the serpent as it moved behind a cloud, and then I could see countless other enormous serpents.

Numerous survivors begin to look up as well; some do so with fear in their eyes, while others do so with curiosity.

Then new texts began to appear all over the Singapore Dome.

[Divine judgment: The start of the fifth wave will occur simultaneously around the world.

Failure: The solar systems destruction

Reward: Holy ticket for participating in interstellars war.

Condition: Defeat the five kings of disaster

[High Difficulty]


Darn it! Gods wrath from the world of dawn has never been mentioned. The fifth wave makes it sound like there will be five waves of disaster as well, which is making my head hurt with this new information. I sincerely hope not a creature from another dimension, as humanity haven developed the means to combat one of these yet.

With the arrival of this new text, I understood that this apocalypse had been planned from the start and that we were caught up in a situation similar to survival game.

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