_Singapore dome, years 2094

The night quickly followed the serpent as it traveled past the Singapore Dome above the sky and cast its shadow upon the world. I could see a variety of strange creatures gliding around the serpent, but upon closer inspection I realized it was actually a very large branch of a tree. There were enormous leaves, and since it resembles the Yggdrasil tree, it makes sense to consider this to be a branch of that tree.

The enormous tree branch amused Setsuna and Shan as well. They tensed up and tightened their grip. I moved toward them, stopping in the middle to assure them that I would fight alongside them no matter what. I stood beside them and Shan and Setsuna gave me a bright smile.

I believe Hyun Hee would be able to provide the answers to this since she stopped polishing her sword and is now approaching me with a serious expression on her face. She must have foreseen a scenario in which her life is already in danger.

Hyun Hee raised her voice in mockery as she drew nearer to us in an effort to lighten the atmosphere.

Hyun Hee said, ”You wet yourself a minute ago and now you are acting like a hero, Ensamir. ”

”Leave if you came here to make fun of my friends. ” Shan had a sour face and a rough voice.

In an effort to calm Shan down, I waved my hand and smiled at him. He gave me a puzzled look but quickly understood what I was saying, so he moved aside to let me speak with Hyun.

”Are you aware that something is about to occur? ” I queried.

Hyun Hee clarified in her silvery voice, ”Yes, the creature from the sky will fly toward the surface in an hour ”

If this is the case, there is no need for us to fight with one another, humanity is at risk here. but why should I put my trust in her? I will put her to the test with my [Absolute question]. She might think Im being ungrateful, but this is best for building our mutual trust going forward.

[System: Activating absolute question skill

You are free to ask another question if someone who is experiencing this effect chose to remain silent.

If the person is silent for longer than 60 seconds, you will receive 50% of their coin.

50% of the persons coin will be transferred to you if they lie.]

”You don believe in me? ” When Hyun Hee noticed the skill screen above my head, her eyes widened.

[Absolute question has an effect on you]

”I just need more information; its not a matter of whether I trust you or not. ” I spoke in a monotone.

”Great, so you use this to pay back someone who save you? Whatever, feel free to query me ”Hyun Hee regained her composure.

Not every question is appropriate in this emergency, so I have to be careful when I ask her. Even though I understand the bigger picture of the circumstance, that does not guarantee my survival in this place. I will ask her the most practical question..

”Can I expect to survive in the future with my friends? ” I enquired.

When Hyun Hee heard my question, she couldn help but smile, and tears could be seen in the corners of her eyes, perhaps this is just my imagination?. However, she said nothing and kept quiet. She makes the decision not to speak? Although I don want her coins either, Ill ask her another question and then push her to the limit.

[System: You may ask another question if the subject of this effect declines to respond.]

”Why do you claim to have crossed over to this universe? ” The question came from me.

She answered calmly, ”I don remember. ”

[System: Your query has been answered]

Damn it! How is this a response? How could she forget when she said it just moments after saving me? She can be lying because neither I nor my friends can see her coins being transferred to us.

”I can recall, but I am aware that I must save you. ” The sincerity in Hyun Hees voice was palpable.

I won ask her why she saved me anymore, because I need to concentrate on surviving the creature above my head right now.

”What is your plan, then? I see. Pay attention to me if you want to save me correctly. ” I prompted her.

”We need to assemble high ranker individuals to fight alongside us. ” Looking at the high ranker from the other area, Hyun Hee remarked.

I nodded in agreement, but I have trouble persuading others to join me. In order for them to persuade the other dawners, I turned my attention to Setsuna and Shan. I am more interested in formulating plan rather than socializing with stranger unless they are interested in talking, and it is also a waste of time to do so since these people still hold grudge against me.

”Can you aid me in finding more dawners? ” I cast a glance at Setsuna.

”Leave it to Shan and I. ” Setsuna nodded in agreement.

”Ill also find a few high ranking individuals from other district. See you in the next ten minutes. ” After speaking in a soothing tone, Hyun Hee turned around and leaped onto another structure.

Im relieved that they recognize my lack of social skills, both cilivians and dawners seem to avoid me and I would much rather spend my time alone than conversing with them. Its best to avoid speaking with them for a while.

Setsuna and Shan quickly leave after Hyun Hee was gone.

I sat in the corner of the crumbling structure and thought ”According to many games, the five waves reveal that there is a tower or dungeon that allows monsters to enter this world somewhere on this planet. I have to destroy the portal in order to clear the condition? ”

After 5 minutes, I noticed three men coming my way as I was thinking.

”The strix was a metamorphosed bird of bad omen that consumed human flesh and blood in classical antiquity mythology. ” Shan looked at the person walking next to him as he spoke.

Shan walked two people over to me as he approached. He appears to have already found two people to join us, according to the conversation I overheard. These creatures up there are known as strix. They do resemble the creature from the western dimension that is found in Tartarus, but the one I am seeing right now is obscured in the sky, making it difficult for me to see clearly.

Now that Shan is here with me, I am grateful for his historical and mythological knowledge.

”So you are familiar with this creature. And who are these —-? ” I paused when I saw a man I was very familiar with standing next to Shan.

How is this man even here? How did he discover me? My palm is currently perspiring.

”Greetings, Ensamir. Your reaction to seeing me, dear friend, seems very startled. ” He had a calming voice.

This man, the bully from my youth, I know. He is consistently diligent, strict, and communicative. Consequently, not many people think he is a bad guy, but he does have a dark side. When it comes to group projects, he only picks on students who are falling behind in their studies. He always accuses me of slowing down the team, and other team members usually agree with him.

He called me one day to arrange for our classmate to practice Judo. I was beaten, he kept saying that I should work out harder, my stomach was upset, I couldn eat for three days straight, and my classmate also blackmailed me. He would tell me it was pitiful of me to be an orphan and that I should follow his advice in order to have a better future. This very man before me is Jesse!

My body is slowly crumbling; why is he still there? He has now located me again after I moved to a different school. In an apparent attempt to calm me down, Shan approached me after noticing my trembling and shock.

”Calm down, dude. ” Shan spoke while expressing confusion and continued ”I talk to almost everyone, but no one agree to join except them. ”

Shan is right; I need to calm down. I must set aside my personal feelings, but the voice didn stop startling me after that.

”Ive known him for four years, hes an old friend. ” Jesse said to Shan, grinned, and then hugged me.

”I see, I had no idea you had an old friend. Ensamir. ” Shan appeared perplexed.

I have 5 billion coins and the skills to fight him now, but I am still helpless in his presence. It appears that social hierarchies stand between us. How on earth was I going to fight him? that he is currently a high ranker as well.

I ignored Jesses question and simply brushed off his hand before turning to leave. I don have time to deal with this psycho, or am I just afraid of him?

When I turned around and saw him, he had followed me while leaving Shan behind. I then flee and hide behind a wall, thinking I had lost him, but he suddenly leaped in front of me while maintaining a blank expression. Now he didn care to put on a mask anymore…

”Good day, Ensamir. Isn Setsuna the name of the lovely friend you appear to have? Is it all right if my friends have her for the evening? ” Jesse seemed serious as he spoke in his dead voice.

”What are you saying? ” With rage rising in my veins, I questioned.

He grinned and stuck out his tongue to lick me. ”I hope my companion enjoys Setsuna company, ” he said.

This motherfxcker? You are dead son of a bxtch

I stopped holding back when I heard him mention Setsuna and punched him in the face. I have been holding onto my anger for longer than I ever have in my entire life, and right now I just want to kill this man.

Jesses gave me a poker face as I filled with rage and was prepared to kill him. My face turned red, and veins could be seen. He wiped the blood come from his lips, and raised his voice.

”You commit errors. ” Jesses said while grinning.

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