Today is a strange day. While I was awakening I felt weakness in my arms, I couldn´t move them, a whole side of my simple felt numb, then an excruciating pain in my head appeared and intensified until I felt nothing at all.

The next thing I know a blank space and a floating sphere of light were all I saw, and I know instinctively that sphere is me, my soul, an object like no other.

From nothing a being had appeared, formed from a dark matter and filled with galaxies, taller than anything I have ever seen, this entity, no.. this God, sent a wave of power towards me, he bestowed upon me powers and a second chance.

I get to choose a type of world to get reincarnated, a species to be that is not human and needs to be monstrous and at the same level of danger as a goblin, in exchange, I got four special abilities

[Comsuptive Assimilation]:1x per week can gain one chosen ability from a creature that the user killed and was eaten and add to the monstrous form, similar abilities can fuse and grow in a stronger form, can activate or deactivate gained abilities at will

*Needs to eat a significant piece of the creature, such as a piece of the arm, heart, brain, a great amount of blood, etc.

[Planeswalker]: Can open and close one portal to any world desired but only one portal at the time, portal size cannot be bigger than 10 meters, and can only create a portal 1x per year.

[Ressurection]: If die in monstrous form and resurrects 1 day later in a near safe location, also don age anymore.

[Dark Patron]: The user can enter into a profound sleep where hear and see every creature that called for its name in a ritual, through this can if desired

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