Love And Vile

Chapter #2: Met Her Again

Once upon a time, there was a person with glamorous looks, and a most charming person with unique features, a person who looked deadly handsome amongst all the other men, a person every girl wanted and died for, with perfect face cuts plus his perfect body, who was just a perfectionist and paucity of no deportment or alacrity, though he was a rich prince charming man who just played in millions or billions with hundreds of bodyguards around his surroundings lived in a bungalow with a huge profit in his business as well as known as a famous business man across the world.

He was a young handsome and rich man so why won girls fall for his face and for his money, he usually spent his nights relaxing out with girls and also spent his holidays with girls, sleeping with them or even for a whole day just with them, luckily if he found any girl more attractive so he can spent a week with her but not more then that, he got bored of girls very quick, he also pay a girl with enough amount that she could spent her further life without even performing any of the jobs. He was a total play boy who used girls to date but when he got sick of them he left them just like a kid tired of playing with the same toy, he would definitely ask for another toy, same goes with him he used girls as his toy.

However he was the Mafia King, his father was the Mafia King but after his death his son became the Mafia who ran the whole Mafia world also faced all the enemies of his and his fathers too, he fought alone as he never had any of the siblings. He was a valorous ad valiant man ready for anything, he knew how to shot guns as told before that he was a perfectionist, specially his favourite work was to kill people on the spot he was unendurable who do never ever i his life had control over his own anger, kinda he had anger issues. He was the greatest of all Mafias and was known to be as Ricardo Carter.

Once morning a tall heighted well built body came out of the bathroom, snatched the towel from the towel stand covered his torso with it when the droplets of water were constantly drizzling of his body and his hair were showering the left over water on the polished shining floor, when the tall body walked towards the mirror and started to admire his own body, fidgeted his black silky long hair which made the water trickle off his forehead then nose to lips, crossed his neck and heavy chest towards his well toned abs.

He was a really attractive and a macho man, he combed his hair with his hands which made his full face revealed with a smirk on his face. He immediately got a call and picked it up just got to know that he had to join a meeting later on with someone, of course he was a famous business man, who would not like to share there business with him. He cut off the call and got ready for the meeting and left in his black hoodie.

It was raining when a man in black hoodie was gory and sanguinary was managing to hasten beside the pavement without calculating his terminus. After rushing a while the gory and sanguinary man realized that he did lost his track, he looked here and there but nothing could be seen through this heavy rain. He ran so far that he didn even recognized any of his surroundings or paths.

He ran miles away and was out of breath and thought to rest somewhere near. Sooner or later a sparkle got across his eyes, when he managed to saw a luster of a girls pendent who rushed to some where, God knows where, so without thinking twice or thrice he followed her slowly from a distance as he was already wounded and bruised so he avoided to rush, and due to his ego he never asked anyone for help.

He was following her but what she did next made the blooded man astonished, what she did was that the pendent girl hopped inside the casement of a huge house. He was kinda amazed through her actions cause it was such a big house so why needed any casement to enter in there, he was confused when a sudden view came to his mind, that :

What if this girl was identical to my execuations ? {scoffs} But i am the only King and no one can be compared to me {smirks}

The blooded man noticed all her actions, when the girl finally hopped inside the casement. He thought to do the same but he said to himself :

Man you don had to follow all the actions of that girl you are on a safe side now so don need her anymore {smirk}

He walked inside a small street where cats were fighting and that place was so stingy that it was hard for any person to even breath.

What a disgusting shit, he exclaimed to himself, and made a disgusted face.

He stood in that street and laid his back and head on the wall and put one of his hands in the pocket and with the other hand he was massaging his temples to relax himself. After sometime only rain showers happened when he smelled some cigarette and saw a man smoking, he was so addicted to that smell that he couldn stopped himself to go to that man, snatched his cigarette and started to smoke which made him pleasured, out of sudden the smoking man got angry and tried to punch the blooded man, but the blooded man holded his punch and protected himself from getting more injured, he was smoking from one hand and from the other he was protecting himself. The blooded man let the smoking man punch him until the cigarette ended when the blooded man looked at the smoking man without any mercy and said to him:

Your times up dude now my time is started you should had better watched that to whom you were hitting {smirk} [punch} You caused yourself in big danger, how dare you hit me, huh… {punch} You called your death yourself {punch} {smoking man fainted} Better watch out next time well I did never knew it would be a piece of cake to make a fat ass fainted {devilish laugh}

Again he went inside the same street and stood in the exact position in which he was standing. After sometime later, out of no where he heard some familiar car noises, he was sure that those noises were of the same persons car who was currently searching for him, he was none other then his own antagonist, he was not weak to fight with him but he had many defenders with him and to him he was alone a person as his protectors were not there at the current situation.


Body guard 1: Sir let us go with you to protect you.

Sir: No !! {he refused}

Body guard 2: But Sir…

Sir: No more arguments

Body guards {1 & 2}: Yes Sir !! {stood straight}

Sir: Start the car !!

Driver: Yes Sir !!


Driver: Sir its dark in here. {terrified}

Sir: hmmmm…you leave.

Driver: Sir !!

He stepped inside and went further no one was there to be seen so he thought to go back but as he turned back, someone hit hard on his head, which made his vision blurry and then blacked-out.

Slowly he woke up and founded himself tied with ropes, sitted on a chair, and was quite badly wounded and injured, also fully covered with blood, his body was hurted so badly that it took some time for him to move as well, he also saw the defenders drinking and gambling. That was when an idea popped up in his mind and later he remembered a pocket knife which he did hid in one of his outfits cuffs, without wasting anytime he started to untie his ropes as all the defenders were fully drunk and were dizzy which made it easy for him to escape in front of them, so without wasting anytime he untied his ropes and carefully started to run. While he was busy in escaping the security alarms started to rang, which made him fastened his pace and ran far away while panting.


After he came out of his thoughts he suddenly heard some car noises, he couldn processed further so without misspending any second he hopped inside the same casement because he had none of the options left but to hop inside the same casement to hid himself. He was out of breath because much of his blood flowed out of his body and felt dizzy but he managed and tried to stood straight. He was so dizzy that he didn realized the place where he was, at that moment to his knowing he was present in a very small but tidy room where barely a bed could fit. He strode across the room but nothing was luxurious as per his needs so he thought to himself:

What a pathetic and annoying place, though its tidy still I wish I could have my own belongings, hush….

That was when he realized that he had a smartphone so why not to call his protectors with a limo, a tuxedo, and some drinks, he was so into his luxurious life that he couldn wait to full fill his wants and needs but then he thought about the place where he kept his smartphone, but he couldn search for it, that was when he searched for it in his pockets and luckily he founded it. As soon as he founded it, he took his smartphone out, not got happy but instead he was hella angry :

Aghh… what the hell. {yelped}

They all had to pay for this, you bastards !!! {anger}

He was so angry just to saw his broken smartphone, he was so done with everything that again he thought to himself that:

Aish….. it would be better to spend the night here, then early in the morning I would go back to my place.{cold tone}

He was peeking outside the casement when he heard some moaning voices, he was distracted by admiring such a fantastic view, as he heard a girl was pleading to stop but as he already is a cold and merciless person so that didn mattered him at all, soon the noises stopped. When later heard some footsteps which came from the entrance of the door that was when instantaneously the door unlatched and divulged the corresponding pendent girl but she had tears in her eyes and her skin was as pale as a sheet of paper.

He was not amazed through the view in front of him cause this condition was normal for him. When she saw the tall blooded man she was so afraid and terrified that she couldn process further. She was petrified to saw a man in her room and not just a normal man but a man who was fully injured. She was dumbfounded through that mans behaviour as he was acting normally even he did
t seem to be in a very good condition. She gathered all her guts and asked him:

Pendent girl: Wh-who a-are you ?

Blooded man: Quite stuttered huh…? well someone seem to be more interested to know me {he said while looking outside the window}

Pendent Girl: Se-ee I-I w-would be a-asking you f-for the o-one l-last time, {gulp} who-who the h-hell a-are you ??

Blooded Man: Better watch your mouth girl, you don know who am I

Pendent Girl: {flinched} Yes !! I-I am a-asking the same th-thing or else …. {suddenly grabbed a broom beside her}

Blooded Man: Or else what baby girl…huh ?? {got closer to her, placed her dangled hair behind her ear and came closer to it and said in husky deep voice } would you kiss me ??

Pendent Girl: P-please don come closer, I-I am s-sorry {gulp}

The girl was so afraid where as the blooded man felt dominant as she was out of words and her eyes were popped out. The girl tried to go backwards and maintain some distance but the more she got back the more he came closer and she failed as the man never stopped from coming more closer to her, and that was the end point when the girl hit the wall, none of the options were left for her to escape, that time the blooded man slowly took out the stick from her hand and her condition was so miserable that she stood still without moving as if she was unable to even breath.

To make her felt more uncomfortable the man put one of his hands on the wall and the other hand on her waist to avoid maintaining any distance, where as on the other hand the girl was so anxious that she couldn move an inch. The girl was so terrified that she said:

P-please d-do
t d-do a-anything w-wrong with me{sobbed}

He looked at her vulnerable condition and then he stared at her lips like a hungry beast and inch by inch his own lips came closer to her lips, just a gap of inch was left between there lips when one of his hands which was resting on the wall came to her neck and massaged it and that was when he holded her neck tightly and…..

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