Love Destiny.

Don\'t be heart broken

”Thanks Mel, Yo. ” I say thank you to a couple of lovers who have brought me and my mother to the house.

e welcome, ” both replied. After that, Ryo and Amel said goodbye, leaving me and my mother in our slum house.

now its just me and mom and the mess that has happened. A house full of messy items, including chairs that are no longer in position. I don know what happened to my mother and Ragil when I was still at school, and this made me very curious. What problems did you face, so that you dared to borrow money from loan sharks like Bang Ragil. whatever problem your mother is facing, I have to find a solution, so that I can solve my mothers problem, because I don want anything bad to happen to her.

”Mom, just rest in the room, okaylet me clean up this mess, ” I led my mother into her room, don forget to go to the kitchen to get water along with a cloth to compress the bruises on my mothers face.

”Ssshhh, au.., slowly La, ” my mother winced in pain, as I put pressure on her bruises. Ragil is really vile, who has the heart to hurt my mother.

”Yes, Mom, Im sorry. Ela is really slow. ” I feel sorry and can bear to see my mothers pain. I will repay Ragils actions, if he dares to hurt my mother again.

”Mama lay down first, rest here. Lets clean up first, Ill let you cook for mom later, okay? ”

”Thank you, son, Im so lucky to have a child as good as you, ”

”Thats how it should be, isn it, mother, its my job to also serve my mother, ”

I left my mother in her own room and now Im starting to struggle with brooms and other combat gear. I can understand why Ragil can be this rude to a woman, doesn he think that he was also born from a womans womb.

greedy man, usually only oppresses the weak, its his turn to be threatened by officers, his guts immediately shrink. Like a chick seeking its mother for protection under its wings.

”Are you calm over there, huhI promise, I won let mom experience something like this again. ” I stroked my fathers face on a figure lying on the floor, with the glass already splattered on the floor. Even so, the shards of glass didn damage my fathers photo in the slightestI put the father figure back on the table. clean the rest of the glass that is still scattered. Unknowingly, the clear beads were already running down my cheeks, of course I immediately wiped them.

”I miss Bah, I promise I will be a good child and carry out Abahs mandate to continue to take care of MotherYou don have to worry about Mommy, because we
e fine here Bah. ” I wiped my tears as I continued to look at the photo of my father smiling at me.

After finishing with the room so destroyed as if it had been hit by a tsunami, now Im in the kitchen. Along with my cooking fighter. I cooked my mothers favorite fried egg, because the ingredients are available in the kitchen. So I can easily process it right away.

”Mom, lets get up. Lets eat together, Ive cooked for you, ” I woke my mother by lightly tapping her shoulder.

”Yes La, ” Sella got up and sat on the edge of the bed, trying to gather her energy, even though her head was a little sore. As much as possible Sella hid it from her son. doesn want to make Ela feel worried about her situation, so far she has had enough of giving Ela a difficult life, so Sella doesn want to keep making her difficult.

I walked, and held my mothers shoulders, leading her to the dining table, I cooked food with makeshift ingredients in the kitchen. Don forget to make porridge for my mother, so she can chew it more easily. I love mother so much, even after father died, my affection immediately increased, I will not let mother be sad, especially until someone intentionally hurts her, I make sure that person will deal with me.

The next day, as usual I woke up at dawn, carrying out my obligations as a Muslim. After that I went straight to the kitchen. Make breakfast for mom, after that I have to get ready to go to school.

I heard the sound of a car horn, as usual Amel always picked me up by riding his motorbike. But this time it was different, Amel came with his lover Ryo, who was canceled as an ex. I then said goodbye to my mother, if I have to be honest, I don want to leave my mother even for a second, I don want what happened last night to happen again because I want to protect my mother.

”Take care of yourself at home okaylock the door and don receive guests before Ela comes home, if you
e bored at home, I can take you to your aunts house, what do you want? ”

”You don have to, Mom, stay home. You go to school, youll be late. Its not good, your friend is waiting outside, ”

”Are you sure youll be fine at home? ”

”Yeah, don worry too much, okay? ”

”Yes, Mom, Ela is leaving, please tell Ela if something happens to Mom, ”

”Yes, ”

Then I went to school with a furious heart, worried about the mother I left alone at home. I want to take my mom out, but I don have enough money to get her out of our shabby apartment.

”Lo why La? why are you daydreaming? ” Amel asked when he saw that I was not as cheerful as usual.

”Its okay, Mel, ”

”Are you sureTell me, who knows I can help. ”

Maybe if I tell Amel my intentions, she will definitely help me right away, but I don want to bother Amel because of my problem, its enough for me and my mother to feel difficult, so I don want Amel to get into my problems.

”Im okay Mel, I don have anything to tell you either, so stop thinking that Im okay, okay .., ”

”Okay, if I see you daydreaming again, that means you have to tell me about your problem, otherwise Ill be cranky, ” threatened Amel.

”Ready bosque ”

I really can hide anything from Amel, and he will always know if Im not okay, and vice versa. .Amels problem is my problem too and my problem is Amels problem too, our friendship is so close, so that if Amel is sad, I will also feel his sadness.

”Where can I get money? While Ive only been living with Mother, ” I thought to myself.

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