Kissed by another girl.

” I will tell everyone that you are a female, why did you have to lie? He said.

Siya suddenly stiffed, her heart pounding like it was going to burst out of her chest, her secret was out now, what will she do?

Omer raised his eyebrows when he saw Siya lost in her own world. What was she even thinking about that made her face white like a shit of paper? ” Hy! Where are you lost?…. Im asking you about your secret.

What! Am I imagining things ….. Oh, thank God he did not see my real face . Siya mused when she saw Omer still standing where he was.

” Uh! What did…you say. Siya asked, completely lost in her own world.

Omers heart was beating fast as he watched her face hidden by the cap, even if she was trying to hide it, she had failed to hide her beauty.

He knew that he was right. But he wanted to prove it first. ” Oh, forget it. By the way, Im Omer, what is your name? ” Omer asked as he sauntered towards Siya.

Siya rubbed her chin, why did he have to ask her name, she hoped for an interruption to delay her answer. But her luck was not by her side today, before she could say anything an idea flashed in her mind. ” I did introduce myself in the morning, and as far as I remember you were here the whole time. ” Siya said.

Omer could not help but smirk offering a bemused smile, she was still playing him for a fool even if he knew the truth about her. He decided to play along with her. ” Come on buddy, we are all guys here its not as if I will ask you out, I just want to be your friend. ” Omer said with a hidden smirk.

Telling him my name won bring me any harm, I will just have to stay away from him thats all . Siya mused.

” My name is Siya. ” She said.

Omer smiled. ” Siya, you have such a beautiful name, but Isn Siya for girls? ” Omer asked.

Siya could not help but narrow her eyes. Did he want to know her name or investigate her? He asked her name and she told him, did it matter whether it was a female name or a male. ” Hello! Do you want to know my name or what? You asked for my name and I told you then. I mean aren you behaving like a girl? Siya asked.

Omer raised his hands in acquiescence, he did not have the energy to keep on arguing. ” Okay, lets go together to the compartment. I also live there, ” he said.

Oh thank God he won make things hard for me Siya mused.

” Okay, lets go

Both Siya and Omer walked out of the heading to their compartment.

” So, how old are you? ” Omer asked, trying to strike up a conversation.

Siya clenched her jaws, she wished she had gone home sooner before she met this guy, he was asking her many questions, making her imagine impossible things. Why did she have to meet him in the first place? He was so annoying and nothing else. ” I will be 20 on the 8th of May. ” Siya said.

Omer swallowed his laughter, he could see clearly how annoyed Siya was, did she think that she could fool him? Even if she was able to fool him but for how long? ” Oh, it was nice to meet you, dude. ” Omer said.

Siya forced a smile and nodded her head.

They reached the gate, they were about to go their way to the compartment when they saw a group of 3 girls waiting for them.

Omer could only hold his laughter, he wanted to burst but not wanting to be caught he controlled himself.

” Well! Well! … what do we have here? ” She asked as she and her group blocked Omer and Siya, not letting them pass.

” Oh girl, we have a pretty-faced newcomer guy…. What do we do with him? ” The other girl inquired

” I want to taste their pink sweet lips, they look tasty. ” The other girl said, walking sexy towards Siya.

Siya grabbed Omers arms and hid behind him, her eyes bulging like they were going to come out of her socket. ” Please tell them to stop. ” Siya with a shrilling tone.

Omer was at his limits, he wanted to burst into laughter, watching her dreadful expression. He wanted to see if his guess was right. But now he was sure that she was a female.

Before he could do anything, one of the aggressive girls grabbed Siya by her arm and captured her lips.

Siya tried to free herself from the girl who was kissing her, but she was too strong, and she did not stop kissing her, Siya felt heaviness in her stomach, and she wanted to throw up. Never in her life had she imagined a girl kissing her so deeply, Siya gathered all her strength and pushed the girl away from her.

Other girls were busy laughing, praising their friends.

Siya ran away from them, she felt a sour tang in her mouth, and heavens filled her stomach. She ran to the corner and started puking.

Omer left the three girls and ran toward Siya who was puking. He regretted doing such a prank on her. All he wanted to do was to show her that he could see through her lies. ” Siya, are you okay? ” He asked as he started patting her back.

Siya kept on puking, the girls mouth who kissed her was stinking, and all the smell was left in her mouth, she regretted faking her gender. She has been faking it for years, and nothing of sort happened to her.

Omer took out a bottle of water from his bag, ” Here Siya, have the some water. ” He said, handing the bottle of water to Siya.

Siya took the bottle of water and gulped it all in one goal, Omer took a fresh sprayer and gave it to her.

Siya took it and sprayed her mouth.

” Umh. ” Siya let out a sigh of relief, the smell was gone now, only God knows what more she was going to face in the future. All she had to do was to bear with everything till the year was over.

” Thank you, ” Siya said.

Pain squeezed Omers ribs, and he clamped his lips together stopping himself from laughing, he wanted to expose her, but he did not want to end the amusement right now, he wanted to keep it going by adding another. For the first time he saw her in the class his heart started beating fast for some reason, something which never happened to him, he knew for sure that it was love at first but he got confused when the teacher said that she was a guy. So he wanted to confirm if he was right or not, now that he found the truth he wanted to make her his.

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