hen she was done she went to the till to pay for her things.

” Hello, ” Siya greeted a counter lady.

” Hello, Sir… is your name Siya? ” The counter lady inquired politely.

” Yeah, ”Siya replied with raised eyebrows.

The seller lady smiled, ” Don worry you did nothing wrong, its just that your bill has been paid so I will just scan them on the machine.

Siya frowned hearing what the seller lady said, not as if she cared she was actually short of money she was grateful to whoever paid her bill. ” Oh okay. Please thank that person for me. ” Siya told her, taking the paper bag she left the shop.

” Milly, Im home. I hope you laughed to your hearts content in my absence.

Siya announced as she puts all the bags on the table. She left the kitchen and sauntered to the cage where Milly was.

” Who said I was laughing, I didn laugh at all. I was actually missing you, I actually get bored here all alone. ” Milly said

Siya could not help but roll her eyes, early in the morning she was laughing at her and now she missing her, surely things changed in a minute. ” Okay let me go and take a bath. I will make you something to eat when Im done. ” Siya said heading to the bathroom.

After 10 minutes, Siya came out of the bathroom. She wore white shorts and a pink crop top. With her golden blonde hair hanging on her back, there were no words to explain how beautiful she was, her beauty was just natural.

” Wow you look beautiful, ” Milly exclaimed as soon as her eyes fall on Siya who was coming out of her room.

Siya flashed a smile. ” I know okay, you don have to tell me that, ” Siya said as she made her way to the kitchen.

Siya came back to the dining room after 30 minutes holding a plate and the bowl that contains Millys food. She place her plate of fish on the small table and sauntered to Millys cage opening it, she place the food in the cage and closed it. Milly started eating her food Parrot food.

Siya was about to start eating her food when she heard a knock on her door.

” Did you expect any visitors? ” Milly asked.

”No, I don know who is there, ” Siya said she was about to open the door when Milly stooped her.

” Siya, did you forget that you are a male, what if its someone from your school. ” Miley reminded her.

Siya widened her eyes as she run to her bedroom to change her clothes. She had almost forgotten about her male appearance, It all because of that fool. He is already distracting me, I wish I never met him. It is all because of him that I forgot about my male appearance. Siya mused angrily. She quickly changed her clothes, hid her hair in her cap and whore her glasses, and walked out of the room. Reaching the kitchen she went straight to the door and opened it. Only to find Omer standing there with a smirk on his face, she wished she could wipe that smirk off his face.

” What do you want? ” Siya inquired.

Omer smiled as he invited himself into Zoyas house. Siya could only close the door. ”What do you want? ” Siya inquired as she crossed her arms on her chest throwing a deadly glare at Omer who was busy smiling like a fool surely he was not a fool but he was trying to be one

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