Once upon a time in a small village, in a country full of trees and abundant treasures. The treasure is not what you think,


The alarm sound of an alarm clock.

It was very loud, huuuuh, a boy sighed in his blanket. He heard a loud alarm sound, but tried to ignore it, ”Uhhmhmmm. ” He folded himself into the blanket. ”Karen, come on, wake up! ” A Woman called the name.

Amethyst Karen.

The name of the boy who still ignores his mothers call. ”All right—all right, mom! ” Karen opened his eyes which were still sore, heavy, slanted like a cat. Hes seven years old, and today, ”Your first day of school isn Karen. ” His mother opened the door to the boys room. ”Yeah. ” Karen replied to her mothers words while yawning. ”Don forget to fold your blanket back. ” His mother replied gently.

”I hope to learn something about Seisui today. ” Karen muttered with

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