The day started like usual. Dark clouds, heavy rain, a stormy cloud up in the distance. The rain only stops only handful amounts of minutes or hours before it starts again. The legend says of an inevitable flood that is capable of wiping out anything if crossed its destructive ways. Sir Evan Brooke once spoke of such events that will unfold in hundred years from his time and the werewolves who remembers or read his book, started fearing that outcome long time ago. They do believe him. The man died fighting for the werewolf community and his legends lives on to this very day.

A green van moved slowly along the muddy pathways of the Kingdom of Andrea. The biggest kingdom which formed when three other pack territories are merged together long time ago. Nobody of that time exist today and the origin of Andrea still remains just theories. Her travelling days are cut short and with her friends, Tamara is coming back home. Jaden little sister is coming back and her return is the long waited. A female warrior who somehow is a big dreamer. She just left one day and as far as everyone knows, shes coming back home. Its not like she ran away from her responsibilities. It just a freedom before her mate finds her. Shes coming back because of her 18th birthday.

Andrea never changed except for the darkness of the weather. When she used to run around those green hills, it was always been beautiful blue sky and cotton candy like clouds. But thats the only difference she could pinpoint when looking out of the glass window of the van. She rested her head on the glass window and listened to some music in her brand new buds. Shes picky. Satisfying her is a hard task. Thats why the music is so limited but enjoyable. Same goes for the friends she befriended. They are all weird, just like her. Tamara enjoyed being with them and usually laughed and chatted with them. But somehow shes feeling down. After all, shes going to face Jaden after all those phone calls. Hes sick worried and many times requested her to come back. Never she let him have a serious talk and she always ends call when he tries to reason with her. But now its no longer just phone calls. She no longer could hide from his words, which she knew is the right thing.

”Mara. Hey are you alright? ” Steph sounded concerned.

With the music volume down, she could her them. All four of her friends looks at her worried. Claude, Levi and Addison. They had the same expression as Stephanie. Levi the stood up and walked closer and sat down next to her and threw a hand over her shoulder. ”Its your brother, huh? Dudes always makes you worry. ” He said.

Tamara sighed and gave them a smile. ”Its nothing. Just, been a while Ive been home. Thats all. ” She replied.

”Don lie, princess. Tell me if I should talk with your brother or not. Trust me, hell leave you alone if I reason with him. ” Levi continued.

”Are you sure? I mean you
e talking about the Alpha of her pack. Im sure you won walk out of the room unharmed. ” Addison comments smirking.

Levis eyes twitched in annoyance but he tried his best to pull his hair. ”I didn said anything about being unharmed. Ill be harmed but after I win. ” He said.

They argued and Tamara shook her head. ”Guys, guys. Stop fighting okay? And Lev. Jaden us my brother and I know he has the right to call me and talk. Its me who started all this. Just don blame him. ” She said.

Levi shrugged. ”Fine by me. Anything for you princess ” Levi said and his eyes stayed a bit longer on her lips.

Tamara wasn paying attention though. Levi however eyed her all over and slowly pulled her close to him. Tamara only seen it as a friendly gesture. A way to calm her down. But Levi found her silence as an acceptance of something shes not aware of. Other three already went back to talking again, totally missed the part where Levi moving a step closer to confess his feelings.

The rest of the ride was slow but eventually they crossed the boundaries of the pack. They are in middle of Andrea at Cresent Shine pack. Her home.

The van proceeds forward through the thick treeline and eventually they spotted light from afar. The pack is near and her heartbeats are getting faster and faster as the destination arrived. The van halted as two warriors stopped them. Both of them knew her and she knew them as well. They walked closer and their bodies are soaking wet because of the rain and one of them looks inside of the van through the window and scanned the interior. When his eyes landed on her a small smile appeared on his face and he moved back and nodded at the other warrior.

Soon they both opened the huge gate for them to enter and the van moved forward. The sound of the van attracted a lot attention and the pack members outside and inside of the buildings, curiously looks at the window and Tamara saw many pups who she found so adorable. She can wait spending some time with them. Time flies by when you
e playing with them. It been a while since she last played with pups. Those pups definitely grown up now.

The van was headed towards the bug pack house and it took only five minutes for them to reach the place. The van halted on the car porch connects with the pack house entrance. As the engine went silent, her heartbeat doubled in sound. Others could hear her because of their enhanced senses and they looks at her concerned. ”Calm down, Mara. Its gonna be alright. ” Addison said. Others nodded.

Sighing Tamara nodded as well. All the people inside the pack house gathered around the main hall as If they were expecting them and among them few figures stands out more. Tamara slowly opened the door and climbed off the van and looks at the four figures walking closer to the entrance. Her mother, Jaden, Moon and Dianne. The three people she deeply care about. Well the three of five people she deeply care about. Two of them aren here. One is her father whos always at the islands. And the other on is her little brother. Well, moon goddess loved too much that she took for herself. He never opened his eyes since.

Her mother walked out with a welcoming smile as her friends stood next to her. ”My dear girl. Come here, you.. ” her mother said walking closer and embraced her into a warm and tight and comforting hug. ”I missed you, a lot. You never waited for me you know. ” The former Luna said and tears fell down her cheeks. Her daughter is back and being a loving mother, the Luna didn have any words other than the ones she already spoke.

Tamara hugged back and hid her face on her mothers chest as she cried as well. ”Im sorry. Im so sorry. Please forgive me. ” She pleaded only get a pat on her head.

”Ive never hated you my dear. Don apologise. ” Her mother comforted her and both of them stood there like that until they heard footsteps.

Looking that way, Tamara saw Jaden and Moon. Moon is like a younger version of her mother. Friendly, loving and caring. Unfortunately, Tamara is the reason Moon begged her to don go. She feels bad though. Making Moon and her mother cry is the biggest crime for her. They are wholesome and shes the bitch who ruined their happiness. Moon has golden blonde hair and pale skin and forest green eyes. Shes so beautiful. Just like her the former Luna. And Moon is the current Luna.

Moon didn waste any second and before Tamara knows another pair of hands embraced her. ”Thank god, your back. Ive missed you. Ive been worried about you, you silly. ” Moon sobbed and Tamara felt the weight in her chest grow. Shes the reason they
e crying. She doesn deserve them.

”Ive missed you too. I just don know how to apologise. I messed up everything. ” Tamara said and Moon shook her head.

”Listen to your mother. Don apologise okay. Its all in the past. Im happy you
e back. ” While all thats happening, Jaden looks at his sister and then back at her friends.

”We should let them rest for the day. Well catch up with everything later. ” He said.

Moon nodded and let Tamara go and Tamara took that as a chance to look at his way. ”You guys go ahead. Your luggage will be brought to your rooms immediately. ” Jaden said. ”Show them around if you
e okay, Tamara. Well talk soon enough. ” With that being said he walked back inside.

Tamara watched him go and knew hes mad. Sure they talked all the time. But she never listened to whatever he told her to. Maybe hes gonna punish her with the same treatment. Not listening when shes trying to talk.

”Hey, don worry. Hes just acting all tough, you know. ” Moon said with a smile and looks at her friends. ”Hello, there. Sorry about my mate. Im sure he didn mean to be rude. And one more thing. Welcome to Andrea. ” Moon greeted.


He looks down at his own self and it felt wierd. First time in a long while, hes in his human form more than 8 hours and is in closed walls and top of them all, hes wearing something. Dianne gave him, clothes? He thought she doesn care what or how is he doing. But strangely, the woman came in with a pile of old clothes and just ordered him to wear them with no questions asked. He did as told. Hes now wearing a knee length shorts which long lost it navy green colour and a baggy pale and oversized tshirt. Who owned it before? No Idea. Is he thankful she gave him the clothes? Well, he wouldve stayed as a wolf. But hes not complaining.

However she took his look on the clothes the wrong way. ”Oh you
e not liking how it looks, huh? At least be thankful Ive provide you with something. Jaden would have just tossed you in those cellars to rot and never care about your existence. ” She said folding her hands.

He looks up at her wide eyed and shook his head. ”N…no..I..I.. never w.. wore… clothes…..I..I.. don … remember. ” He fumbled with his words and apologetically looks at her. How long could he voice out his points and stay out of the trouble? Its only a matter of seconds if the wrong word comes out of his mouth. He could barely even explain small stuff. If the Alpha asked more questions, he probably would have died. He could only speak so much. He understands English, but theres a lot of words that sounds exact same.

Dianne raised a brow. ”Are you out of a cave or something? Those hopeless days are long gone you know, the one with lack of technology around. Or you always prefer running around naked? Which one is it? ” Dianne said looking down at him. Shes making fun of him, now? Great. Wasn treating him like an object, enough?

”I…I… don know. ” He replied, sadly. Why didn he wore clothes? He only knows that he never had one. Well as far as he could remember. But hes sure at some point of his life he had them.

”Typical response of yours. Just let me ask one question. Is there anything you know? Or you are worse than being useless? ” Dianne questioned.

Why do their words hurt? Hes used to it, right? But how come the pain is always fresh? He thought.

”I…. ” He started only to cut off when she motioned him to stop with her hand.

”You don know. You don know anything. Why are you breathing? You don know. Why do you still exist? You don know. Who are you? What are you? You don know. ” She said aggressively.

His gaze fell on floor. Shes right, though. Hes a nobody who doesn know why is he a nobody. If only he wasn afraid of dying. Living without knowing yourself is so pointless. Hes helpless. Can help anyone or himself. Whats his purpose? He doesn know.

”I….wish.. .I knew. ” He mumbled. His broken voice filled with sorrow.

Dianne sighed. ”Yeah whatever. It doesn change the fact that Im stuck with you. ” She said and motioned him to follow. But then his stomach grumbled and it was loud. He froze on the spot and saw Dianne slowly looks around and eyed him.

”S… sorry. ” He said said in a low voice.

Dianne groaned. ”I forgot the important part. Look at you. ” She said pointing at him, making him look down at his body. ”You won even stand a chance at the battlefield. My students only get bones if they chew you. ” She said as if its obvious.

He gulped audibly. Is she going to feed him to her students? Will they eat their own kind? He really hope they don .

”What a bother. ” She rubbed her temples and looks at him again. ”Come on. ” She motioned him to follow her once more.

He slowly walked behind her. Shes letting him stay at the basement and he doesn know what to feel. The basement is warm and have some sack to sleep on. And he doesn have to be in rain all the time. Or is this all temporary. Will she tie him up outside? Who knows?

He followed her upstairs and her house ain that big and it is made out of wood. Her house is so clean and amazing. It shows that, it doesn have to be a mansion to be so beautiful.

She led him into a kitchen and she picked up something from the table and tossed it at him. But him being him, flinched and the object hit his head and fell down. His head hurt a bit but when he looks at the object she tossed at him, his eyes widened in shock. Its an apple. Not a rotten one, not a smelly one. No. He saw a pure red and fresh apple and he quickly looks at her in disbelief. He looks at her and then the apple. Dianne raised a brow and he saw shes loosing her temper and immediately crouched down and picked it up.

”You don get to choose, brat. Eat it leave it. I don care. ” She said but she saw something which confused her. A small smile appeared on his face. The smile had no flaws. It was a genuine and priceless one. If he wasn a rouge and their enemy, she probably would have found it cute. Well it still is, but she won admit it. His smile is so innocent looking and then he said the words.

”T..thank.. you. ”

Dianne didn speak anything. She wasn expecting that line from him. And his smile. Why do always the wrong one gets the good things she thought. How can someone smile like that. She can describe how does it look. But it was different than any smiles she seen. Or is it that, they only seen him cowering all the time and his smile only appeared to be different. She shook off the thoughts and saw the boy still is crouching and taking big yet slow bites off the red apple. She can believe his expressions. Hes eating the apple like its his first time having one. A strange little brat indeed. It didn took long. After a minute hes licking his fingers.

”Hey, stand up. I don have time to waste around you. ” She ordered and walked out the kitchen. He did as told, following her.

Dianne walked closer to the entrance and opened the front door. The clouds are still dark. Thankfully no rain to bother them. She walks out and told him to get out as well. Just as he walks outside, most of the pack members looks at his way in pure hatred and disgust. Why do they hate rouges, anyway? Its not like he harmed them anyway.

”You can wait around to find what theyll do to you. Or do as I told and follow me, you brat. ” She said threateningly which made him follow her.

He kept his head low when he followed her. It seemed the wise thing to do. He overheard many exchanging words about him. Some snickering at his weak appearance. Some even shouted threats freaking him out. If they
e Alpha won kill, then they sure will.

Soon enough they
e outside a big door and two pack warriors opened it for Dianne. They nods her way and she nods back. She didn wait for him to move, because shes already dragging inside. When they passed the big doors, they it closed behind them. Dianne just tossed him on the floor when she reached the place shes taking him. He in the other hand only weighed like potato sack for her and he just landed few feet away from her with a umph. He groaned in pain and tried to get on his hands and knees. It took him some time. But when he did, he saw it was a wide green ground. The training grounds.

However they were the only two there at that time. He fearfully looks at her and saw her removing her jacket revealing a black vest on her well build bod. She cracked her knuckles and smirked at him, making him crawl back. Hes sure that, Dianne is planning to do something horrible with him and it will hurt a lot.

”You know, brat. I figured out you won stand a chance against my recruits. So Ill train you enough to take some hits here and there. And your job is to do whatever I ask you to do here. Got it? ” She said.

He gulped and hesitantly nodded. ”. ”.

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