Chapter 2: The spy


I kept quiet as the tension in the house swallowed I and Kirsten whole.

Kirsten was mad but I was furious . She had used the toilet and not flushed her poo. I mean how can someone be comfortable with others looking at their poo in the WC and even inhale the horrible odor.

Im at least thankful that she didn seem to had left a blooded pad in there today although theres no guarantee she won do something like that another day.

Thats the height of wickedness and stupidity but the former is her name so she won bulge neither would she feel bad that someone called her wicked. As for the latter, its who she is so it doesn matter.

Id confronted her about it and she had insulted me, that which i don mind, but she went ahead and also insulted my parents which was a great turn off for me.

I had told her to repeat the nonsense she said previously.

”I said ” she started counting her words like a ticking time bomb ready to explode soon. Her eyes sparkled brightly with a glint expressing that she was very much enjoying herself. ”Your shit of a parents ” she continued with an evil smirk on her face which I wished to oh so wipe off her face. ”Can even train their teenage daughter into doing the right thing. ” Shes insinuating that my parents can bring up a child properly. I slapped her without any hesitation. She returned with two slaps of her own. Per usual she don back down.

Before I could regain my stance she threw her fist at my abdomen and I hunched over. I use one of my hands to protect my hair since I knew it was quite vulnerable to her next attack which I already knew due to several scuffle with Kirsten. I used my other hand to hold my stomach as the blow has left quite an impact. Even with the supposed partial protection I offered my hair, Kirsten still saw some strands of my hair which she held in a fist. She kept dragging and raining curses.

I kept quiet and as still as possible because I knew any attempt of me to free my hair from her tight grip will lead to my hair pulling off from their scalp. No matter how I yawned to cry, I always kept it in. The thought of shedding tears before my tormentors is unacceptable. I won cry because of my past mistake. Neither would I cry because the bane of my existence is out to torment me. I certainly won cry because of something as petty as my hair, ok, its not really that petty to me. Since Ive lived through the torture before I can redo it. Even if I ever would shed tears not in front of my tormentors, can give them the impression that the torture is getting through my hide.

Finally, after Kirsten was satisfied with dragging and swearing profanities, she made the mistake of pulling me up so she could look me in the eye, like eyeball to eyeball. This my chance I whispered to myself as I kicked Kirsten in the stomach making her hunch over and hiss in pain.

”You! You!! You miserable… ” She screamed as she tired to stand up straight. I kicked her at the knee making her knee down because I know the cuss word that would accompany the word miserable just as always. She screamed and tried to stand up straight again but I know better than to allow her come wound me again, I kicked her numerous times at her stomach, so much she vomited blood.

I stopped as realization dawned on me and I immediately ran to my room locking the door. I was scared, what if I had damaged something in her stomach or worst still killed her. I could care less if she died but I don think I want that…well not yet.

Remembering how Kirsten and Dylan have wronged me is enough for me to wish them dead but yet here I am afraid that I might have gone too far with the little scuffle I had with Kirsten, I must be sick or something!

Dylan was my boyfriend…yes was…he hasn say anything about breaking up with me but its obvious its over between us, its all a long story to start with.

*Flashback begins*

I can still remember the day Dylan helped me fight off some gangsters that attacked me when I was going to school from home.

I had offended Dad and he had punished me by stopping my chauffeur from driving me to school. He even seized the car keys but that wasn a major problem since I couldn drive a car yet because I was underage and haven learned the act of driving.

Hed been caring enough to had given me extra pocket money so I could take a cab to and from school. Id decided to walk to school since my school was a trekkable distance from my home.

Half way into my journey some gangsters attacked me and started bullying me. They wanted to take my money and other valuables with me- yes valuables, I go to school with my golden necklace and anklet although I hide it from the school authorities since they aren allowed in school.

Id refused to let the gangsters take my properties which earned me a stinging slap. The slap made my vision hazy and I could no longer see clearly.

After the first slap, numerous punches and hits had come from all directions. Theyd me cornered.

Someone shouted out something I can seem to hear. Soon I was carried to somewhere secluded. Lord jesus…I need help.

What if these people want to **** me to teach me a lesson of better giving up my things than fighting?

Call for help. My conscience reasoned but I shook the idea off my head. It was a quiet road and people barely noticed this road not to talk of passing through it.

why did I even pass here in the first place? I lamented

yes, you wanted to play stingy so you decided to walk to school, passing a shorter road. I criticized myself as if I wasn me but someone else. Simply put, the beating was affecting my brain already. Aiye!

More hits came, when I feel one on my cheeks before I can get over the pain another would land somewhere else in my body.

I was hopeless but… suddenly the hits I was receiving significantly reduced. Finally a savior has come to save me. It felt like my breathing wasn normal, not as if am expecting it to be. I tried hard to open my eyes and saw red thick water everywhere. Red thick water?

It later occurred to me that the red thick water was my blood.

My uniform probably would be a mess now. So I decided to go home rather than go to school. Its funny how school is what was on my mind now other than the physical pain am feeling.

My whole body felt hot inside out. I tried to stand but my feet felt like jelly and gave up on my weight. I started to fall, I looked for a wall or anything for support so I could avoid falling but it was too late…or was it?

Someone, probably my savior caught me before I hit the floor.

”You are safe. ” Was the only thing I heard from the person carrying me before my eyelids flutter closed into a dark abyss.

*Flashback ends*

I jolted from my memories as my mobile phone rang. I answered the call without checking the ID of the caller.

”Hello ”

”Hello, am I speaking with Barbara Darren? ” The caller asked quickly which unsettled me because apart from Jackies school where I filled my name with Barbara Darren all my official documents still carry Barbara Williams.

”Yes you are ” I answered hastened, feeling a little bit anxious of what the stranger has to say.

”Ma, Jayceline suddenly started shaking chills while also sweating profusely here at school, weve called an ambulance and weve administered first aid treatment… ”

”Im on my way. ” I interrupted his long talk and quickly walk to my wardrobe to pick an easy to wear dress and walked out of the house.


So this is the first chapter, please comment what you think about the story and our female protagonist (Barbara) and our female antagonist (Kirsten). And why is Jayceline shaking chills and sweating profusely?

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