CHAPTER 3: I want to go home

”Wheres my daughter? ” I asked panicked when I got to Jackies school and couldn find her nor any ambulance in sight.

”Madam please follow me to the head teachers office. ” A man dressed up in a security attire told me gently. I assumed hes the security guard in charge so I inhaled and exhaled to calm down before giving him a signal to lead the way.

I walked through a wide corridor, I could see different teachers in different classes either giving lectures or sitting down on a chair probably scoring the children based on the drill given to them.

I walked into a wall or so I thought until the block caught me saying Madam.

”Im sorry. ” I apologized

”Are you okay? ” The security guard asked me.

”Yeah, yeah, am fine. ”

”I was saying that the door over there ” he pointed his index finger at a direction I couldn see because I was muddle headed at the moment. ”Is the head teachers office. ” He finished.

He turned again and sighed, maybe he noticed I was too worried to pay attention to what hes saying. I heard what he said but my brain can process that into something reasonable.

He continued walking to where I think should be the head teachers office he was talking about.

e here. ” He said plainly.

My mind wasn with me but I can hear everything been spoken to me. I remembered that I haven spoken a word of appreciation to him after his last statement. What can I possibly say?

”Ah…sorry I was deep in thoughts, thanks for helping me. ” I say unsure of what I was doing.

Jackies cute pudgy face covered in baby fat formed in my head.

How could you have forgotten about your daughter? I scold myself as I ran straight into the head teachers office. I walked in without knocking. Is that even a norm? Focus! miss.

”Wheres my daughter? ” I asked skipping greetings and pleasantries, going straight to the point. She looked at me as if I were a psychopath but I could care less, I certainly look like one anyway. She sighed.

”Shes at the hospital. ” She finally said after keeping me in suspense for a few seconds. Like seriously?!

”Which hospital? ” I asked impatient. Why can she just give me a complete and proper information! Im in serious need of it.

”The central hospital ” I need not be told before rushing out of her office.

I ran-walked through the corridor I used earlier. I could see some curious eyes—pupils and teachers alike, staring at me. I just moved on considering the fact that my baby girl is in a hospital-all alone. I came out of the school to stop a cab when a car suddenly drove to my front.

”Hop in. ” The driver of the car said as he wound down the window.

”Im going to the Central hospital. ” I said as I entered the car. I took a look at the driver and froze. It was him. One of my numerous spies. I tried to open the door to get down but it was too late as hed locked the door and sped off.

Yes I have a spy—scratch that I have spies. I never noticed until Val informed me of strange people following me. At first I thought or more rightly wished that my parents sent them to look out for me but no, that wasn the case at all. I and Val made up a plan to catch and question these spies individually. Although we didn get any information we were able to make a deal with them. The deal was for them to stop following me about.

At the end of the day, there was this really stubborn spy amongst them, he didn leak any information neither could we make a deal with him. I threatened to involve the cobs but unfortunately, this guy was good in his work. he knows a lot about me and knew calling the cobs was never really my thing. With the amount of information he had on me, I was lucky he hadn blackmailed me then.

Unfortunately, I just hopped in to that same spys car. Yeah I know Im pretty careless-and Im sorry for it-can be the death of me.

What was I thinking? Hopping into a strangers car—a man at that! I bashed my head on the window of the car. I felt dizzy but I continued nonetheless until I felt/imagined the speed of the car pick up. Soon the car came to a halt.

”You owe me. ” He simply said and unlocked the car.

”Say what?! ” I blew up.

”I came to help you, you needed a ride to meet your daughter but you won see a cab back in that busy street. ” He said staring intently at me. His looks made me chicken out in my heart but I dare not show it physically.

”I never asked for your help ” I retorted.

”Yes, You never asked for my help with your words. Id prefer you to be more direct next time ” He said. I opened the car door to my side and alighted. Too shocked and stupefied by his vane words.

”What a rude piece of punk. ” I heard him say just before the door closed and he zoomed off. So let me get something straight he isn just arrogant but also psychopathic! I feel so sorry for him.

Me a piece of punk? impossible! I made a reflect of his words as I stared daggers at the fast disappearing car for a while before I came back to my senses.

I looked at my surroundings and the place I was quickly registered in my head. I was standing just outside the Central hospital.

I rushed in and walked to the receptionist.

”Im looking for a Jayceline Darren. ” I said.

”Am sorry, who? ” The female receptionist present asked, after typing away on the keyboard in front of her, giving me a weird look.

What does she mean by ”Am sorry, who? ”

Did I not hear the teacher well? But the head teacher told me Jackies at the central hospital.

I looked around me to be sure I was at the right place and I was. I knew through the blue wall and white ceiling interior deco it has. The only difference between the now central hospital and the previous one Ive seen is that the painting now, looks new and clean.

”Excuse me please. ” I heard someone with quite the arrogant voice say from behind me. I turned around to see a Middle aged woman looking elegant, had it been Val hadn come into my life I probably would be wondering why someone would dress up so nicely to come see a person at the hospital.

”Hello? ” I heard the same voice speak again. I slowly moved out of the way.

I walked into someone in the process.

”Sorry. ” I whispered before walking to sit on a chair at the corner to think.

Someone followed me from behind probably the person I walked into but I didn raise my head to take a look at the person. I already apologised.

The person sat quietly beside me while I recollect my thoughts.

I don know the name used in checking Jackie in, I could only imagine its her full name since her school is the one who rushed her here.

Could it be she was checked-in using her pet name? Thats right, I should check with her pet name or just describe Jackie for the receptionist.

I was about to stand up when the person sitting beside me held my hand.

”Madam. ” I heard a familiar voice call out to me which prompted me to look at the person beside me.

It was the security guard from earlier. How did he get here?

”Please follow me. ” He said politely as he aid me up after standing up himself.

I started following him as if compelled by an unknown force.


Wow! So our female protagonist has a spy, sorry spies and we just encountered one. What do you think of the spy?

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